Zabba Designs

Mai Bradley

We feature African Clothing which include African Laces, African Print Attire, Kente, Dashiki and African Wedding apparel, traditional clothes, Ashooke and more. The African clothing and accessory lines we carry are not mass produced, but the African attires are individually made by outstanding designers in West Africa to preserve the uniqueness of these African Outfits.

We offer unique African clothes that are Authentic. This gives credit to the origin of African clothing and also helps promote the economic growth of Africa. Zabba Designs African Clothing are dedicated to providing African Clothes a affordable price. We also provide accessories to go with your African outfit. Our African Clothing are produced in Liberia and Ghana. Because our African clothes are produced in several parts of Africa, you are sure to find a good variety of African clothing in our collection.

Zabba Designs African Clothing store specializes in African Clothes for Men, Women, and Children of all sizes and stature. Our African Clothes consist of high quality design and sewing at great low prices. Our deals are usually one of a kind. We carry hundreds of unique African Clothing in our inventory, this makes certain that we have an African attire for you.

Everything that has the Zabba label exudes not just quality but Sassiness, Sexiness and Style. Live, Love, Laugh, & wear Zabba Designs. Because if you are not having fun……then what’s the point?