Tywanna Smith, MBA

Tywanna Smith, MBA


Tywanna Smith, MBA 

Tywanna Smith (born August 17, 1982), née TywannaInmon, is a professional Sports Manager (The Athlete’s NeXus), Best-Selling Author and former professional basketball player. She is the author of Surviving the Lights: A Professional Athlete’s Playbook to Avoiding the Curse.

Tywanna Smith played college basketball for Ole Miss as a starter for four years. She was selected to be captain of the team in the 2003–04 season, her senior year. At the postseason team banquet, she was presented with award for the highest grade-point average. Not surprisingly, her academic achievements, earned her a spot on the 2003 SEC Winter Academic Honor Roll.

On March 4, 2004, in an SEC Tournament game against Alabama, she pulled down 13 rebounds, which is tied for the third best number of rebounds in an SEC Tournament game.

From her college career at the University of Mississippi, Smith moved overseas to play basketball professionally in the Europe. She played for a Dutch team Amazone from 2005-06 and a Spanish team Pabellon-Ourense from 2006-07. Smith also made the Dutch FEB All-Star Gala in 2006.

TywannaSmith gives advice to professional sports players regarding finances, branding, and business. In 2016, she launched The Athlete’s Nexus, a sports marketing and business management business for U.S. and International Pro Athletes, including those in the NBA and NFL.

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Surviving the Lights: A Professional Athlete’s Playbook to Avoiding the Curse

By Tywanna Smith, MBA (Author)

It’s more than a game; It’s more than money; It’s your life!This book will help aspiring professional athletes and their families avoid the curse that, oftentimes, comes with the professional sports culture.Why do so many NFL and NBA athletes struggle to lead productive, successful lives when they retire? Why do they invest in their talent, but not their life? Don’t they know their playing days have an expiration date?The bigger question is: Why don’t college athletes prepare to be professionals like they prepare to be professional athletes? Why do they repeat their predecessors’ mistakes? Isn’t that insanity?

By studying this playbook, aspiring and rookie NBA and NFL athletes will be able to create a blueprint to prepare them to navigate the world of professional sports and successfully transition into the final stage of their lives. This playbook takes a proactive approach in addressing the common issues that plague athletes, enabling them to move forward strategically and with purpose. This is your opportunity to change your thinking so that you can change the game! By reading this book, you will give yourself a better shot at Surviving the Lights!

“Scholars (Schlossberg, Waters, & Goodman, 1995) define transition as any event or non-event that results in changes in relationships, routines, assumptions, and roles. As it relates to sports, many athletes will face this difficult reality once their playing careers conclude. Surviving the Lights provides insights and strategies for athletes to employ to assist them as they exit the playing field to the next stage of life.”
Dr. Jamil Northcutt,
NFL Director of Football Administration

“Tywanna’s book, Surviving the Lights: A Professional Athlete’s Playbook to Avoiding the Curse, is spot on and is the perfect blueprint to assist and guide our young student-athletes through the most exciting, but pressure filled and stressful time in their lives. Awesome job, Tywanna!”
Candy Murray,
Former Vice President of the Moms of Professional Basketball Players (MPBP) organization & Mom of Retired NBA player and current Lakers Assistant Coach Tracy Murray

“When I was drafted into the NBA, I had no idea what to expect. I wish I had this book in college. I am thankful to have had Tywanna as my business manager, but more importantly, as my friend.”
Sonny Weems,
Current NBA and Euro-League All-Star

“At the core of our mission in collegiate athletics is preparing student-athletes for the next phase in life. Tywanna’s message focuses on the same values that we share with young people every day. Having a game plan to tackle the challenges in life is critical to forging a happy and healthy lifestyle.”
Kevin Anderson,
Athletic Director at The University of Maryland

“NFL players, and other professional athletes, should always remember to remain humble and remember that the proper planning of funds, living a well, yet modest lifestyle, and organization of responsibilities will last much longer than splurging and spending aimlessly on things that fade away. Surviving the Lights takes a proactive approach to helping collegiate athletes and their families develop a plan to address those critical success areas.”
Terrance Metcalf,
7-year NFL Veteran and current assistant coach at Pearl River Community College


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