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Who knew true Soul Food was plant-based and could taste so good?

This collection of delicious, nutritious gluten-free and non-soy dishes along with a weekly practical, sustainable approach for cooking makes it easier to live vegan. This book explains the role melanin plays in our daily lives and why people of color (melanin dominate) are best supported by a plant-based diet, which can be tailored with the herbs and spices to improve overall health and wellbeing.

This informative health guide explains why many Black women and men have fibroid, prostate and diabetes challenges and what steps can be taken to avoid and/or heal from them. Learn the dangers of chlorine and fluoride and healthy alternatives to eliminating them with various water and filtration systems.

This book details the history of soy and vegetable oils introduced into the American diet and why they should be avoided. The “protein myth” is exposed explaining why meat and cow’s milk is not necessary and the problems they cause. This book contains over 50 tasty, wholesome recipes with stunning color photos and 75 testimonies validating them.