Camu-Camu Pure (Natural Source of Vitamin C) – 6oz Powder

Camu-Camu Pure (Natural Source of Vitamin C) – 6oz Powder

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Camu-Camu Pure is harvested and processed under stringent quality specifications and is non-GMO and gluten free. This complex structure is more recognized by the body and therefore better utilized by the body for improved immune support.*

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Camu-Camu is a berry that grows throughout the Amazon basin in Brazil and Peru. It has the highest concentration of vitamin C in the world. Vitamin C, from an all-natural source is much more effective than synthetically made ascorbic acid because it is a complex molecular structure that provides the vital co-nutrients that are associated with ascorbic acid as it occurs in nature.* 

The Importance of Vitamin C

The vitamin C complex found in nature consists of enzymes, bioflavonoids and scores of other components that are collectively referred to as the P factor. These P factors serve the body in numerous other ways besides antioxidant activity. The P factors support the vascular system.* They make the vessels tougher and more durable.* They improve the integrity of the capillaries.* Vitamin K is another part of the vitamin C complex. Other components of the C complex increase the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.*

Camu-Camu has other naturally occurring phytochemicals that offer additional health benefits. Gallic acid has strong anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It also acts as an antioxidant.

Ellagic acid also found in Camu-Camu. It is believed to offer support from cellular compromise and its positive effects with maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.*

Camu-Camu Pure (6 oz. Powder)

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