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Investing in science and research has massive benefits for Africa’s economy-June 16, 2016

Nigeria Wins Bid to Provide Communications Satellite Technology to Belarus for 15years! Nigeria has made history in the global space technology market by becoming the first country in the Sub-Sahara Africa to manage a foreign satelliteChina Great Wall Industries Corporation (CGWIC) has announced Nigerian Communications Satellite(NigComSat) as the winner of a bidding process to provide In-Orbit test (IOT) and carrier Spectrum Monitoring (CSM) services for Belintersat 1, a communications satellite owned by the government of Belarus. The operation will begin on Jan. 16, 2016, the launch date for the satellite in Belarus, and will last for 15 years. According to Vaguard, this makes Nigeria the first African nation to compete at the international stage as a major player in space technology. Besides transponder leasing, NigComSat will be providing broadband services, enterprise solutions, secured communications and solutions over Nigeria and other 35 African countries. 

Nigeria to launch Africa’s 1st Nanosatellite (an artificial satellite with a wet mass between one and ten kg). “We believe before 2030, there will be need for Nigeria to have an International Space Station.” said Prof Seidu Mohammed, the Director-General of National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Nigeria. NASRDA remains the number one space agency in Africa and it has so far launched five satellites, three earth observation satellites and two communication satellites.

Nigeria’s first nanosatellite in Africa

Many thanks to the Ghana Graphic Cooperation for sharing the launch activities of Ghanasat-1 Ghana @All Nations University

We thank God for the successful launch today.. #First Milestone Accomplished” #Next is, The successful rendezvous of the SpaceX cargo carrying GhanaSat-1 to the International Space station(ISS) on Monday #Next To successfully deploy GhanaSat-1 from the ISS…few weeks ahead. You would be updated to watch it live. #Next Get ready to receive first beacon from GhanaSat-1 with our developed amateur ground stations and by all ham radio operators #Then Mission operation continues…(Take pictures of our homeland Ghana, Broadcast Ghana National Anthem from Space and to promote STEM education, Measure radiation effect on satellite microprocessors to contribute to space science research and many others… #Stay tuned to enjoy the next phase of activities…. #Big Thanks to You All….Stay Blessed! #To God be the Glory #Vision in progress.. #ANU-SSTL #Space Science and Technology for Humanity!  The release of Ghanasat-1 into Orbit from the Japan/Kibo Deployment System onboard the International Space Station is scheduled on July 7 at 9:00 am UTC Will soon update the link to watch the Live broadcast from ISS Go Ghana! @ALL nations (ANU-SSTL) Space Science Technology Laboratory Moving Ghana Forward!

Investing in science and research has massive benefits for Africa’s economy-June 16, 2016

Africa: Learn from Tanzania On Electronic Money Transfer – International Telecommunications Union (ITU).  Learn from Tanzania on a vibrant digital financial services system. The system is known as interoperability which enables mobile money subscribers to transfer and receive money from multiple sources including bank accounts safely and cost-effectively. According to ITU, up to July this year 26.8 million mobile money accounts were registered countrywide, out of them 21.9 million were active.

How Africa can close its continent-wide science funding gap-April 12, 2016

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