PAMP Suisse Fortuna Veriscan Gold Bar

PAMP Suisse Fortuna Veriscan Gold Bar


Gold bars have existed for as long as mankind has been trading precious metals as part of an economic structure. Throughout history, gold bullion has served as a store of value and protection against economic disasters. It’s no different today. With sizes from one gram up to several kilos, Gold Bullion is easily within reach of everyone. The PAMP Suisse Fortuna Veriscan Gold Bar is one of the first in the modern world to embellish the appearance and design of a gold bar.

Fortuna was a Roman goddess representing fortune, and personified luck in early Roman religion. The luck she would bring could be bad or good, and there was no way of knowing. In most depictions, Fortuna is featured wearing a blindfold, although some depictions show her with a veil over her face. In Romany mythology Fortuna is the daughter of Jupiter, King of the Gods. Jupiter and Fortuna were both believed to be signs of bounty for humans.

For her part, Fortuna’s bounty earned her the moniker “Copia” in Latin. Today, that name lives on in the term “cornucopia.” Often featured in Western civilization as a bounty of food, the cornucopia on Fortuna is depicted on the PAMP Suisse gold bar as a source of bountiful wealth. On the obverse side of each bar is the depiction of Fortuna. Featured with a blindfold over her eyes, her outstretched hands collected a bounty of riches flowing forth from the cornucopia that sits atop her head. The reverse side of each bar bears engravings of the corporate logo, weight, metal content, purity level, and the individual serial number used to verify the bar’s identity. The assayer’s mark is also engraved on the bar. ProduitsArtistiquesMetauxPrecieux, or artistic precious metals products, is the full name of PAMP Suisse. The independent refinery was founded in Ticino, Switzerland in 1977. Today, PAMP Suisse gold bars are widely considered the most popular gold bullion product in the world and are recognized for their design and value. During its brief history, the refinery has earned a reputation as one of the finest in the world.

Since its establishment, this state-of-the-art refinery produced precious metal bullion of the highest quality. PAMP Suisse was also the first to incorporate the newest holographic features against bullion counterfeiting. This digital fingerprint is registered in the PAMP Suisse database and can be accessed anytime to confirm the bar’s authenticity. PAMP’s proprietary Veriscan technology uses the microscopic topography of each gold bar to help identify the bars during authentication. Once purchased, you can scan the QR code on your bar’s packaging to authenticate it with PAMP Suisse