The Opportunity

When I started the Jackson Mall ecommerce website, the Sir William Jackson Corporation paid for all Jackson Mall operating costs and expenses. Now, The Jackson Mall must generate enough income (on its own) to purchase and sell its ‘own’ products and services, and this income must also be used to pay for all the Jackson Mall operating costs and expenses, including all website advertising, expansion and global market growth, and it does this by selling its own lines of products on the Jackson Mall website. I want to tell the world about The Jackson Mall, the largest U.S. black-owned and operated ecommerce website. Created to bring racial justice, equality and Opportunity to the Internet.

The Jackson Mall will go a long way in eliminating systemic barriers that exists for communities of color on the Internet, because the Mall’s focus is on economic equality. Again, The Jackson Mall business model does not charge the black owned and operated businesses that sell on the website. They are listed here for free. Strategically, this business model is commonly referred to as a ‘loss leader’ business model. The strategy is designed to increase the number of black businesses who wish to sell on The Jackson Mall because there are ‘zero’ setup costs, and ‘zero’ commissions to pay.

The Jackson Mall’s objective, and because of the large number of black owned and operated businesses on the website, is to increase the percentage of black consumers who visit and purchase from The Jackson Mall. This black consumer traffic should continue to increase, and increase and increase, because of the large variety of black owned and operated products and services available on The Jackson Mall. This win-win business strategy helps these black Online businesses earn a good living for their business, and for their employees, in addition to helping black consumers in America create independent economic opportunities for themselves, and their children.

Lastly, and to be fair to all races, The Jackson Mall is, and always will be, an equal opportunity ecommerce website for all races, and not just for black minorities in America. The Jackson Mall does list, and will always continue to list, non-minority websites who wish to sell to its targeted black consumer market. In order to accomplish this The Jackson Mall has ‘Affiliate Agreements’ and/or ‘Independent Agreements’ that allow non-minority owned websites to sell on The Jackson Mall, for a small negotiated percentage of the sale.

I thank you for your precious time in reading The Opportunity, and I certainly look forward to doing business with you, and if not today, in the very near future. Thanks again, and I hope you a profitable day.

“Veni, Vidi, Vici”
On the great stage of life,

Sir William D. Jackson, II

The Affiliate Network

Affiliate Agreements:

The Jackson Mall has affiliate agreements with these three affiliate networks:


Independent Agreements:

The Jackson Mall has Independent Non-affiliated e-tailing agreements that may, or may not, be similar in their terms and conditions to the affiliated agreements with Commission Junction (cj), ShareASale, or Rakuten.