Sir William Jackson Inc.

The Sir William Jackson Website will allow small, medium and large Black Business Entrepreneurs, from anywhere in the world, to have an even playing field on the World Wide Web, on the Sir William Jackson Website, regardless of what country, or where they live in the world. Nevertheless, and in the spirit of fairness to all people, and all Global Business Entrepreneurs, from all racial backgrounds, Sir William will give this business opportunity to everyone to sell their goods and services.

5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Goods and Services on Sir William

  1. Increase your Company Brand Name Recognition
  2. Affordability, plus Price Changes are Easily Made
  3. Instant Analytical knowledge of Your Consumer Response
  4. Adds Credibility, Trust and Reliability to your Brand Message
  5. The Only Advertising Medium You Can Control

The Goal of the Sir William Jackson Mall

The goal of the Sir William Jackson Mall is to become the first global eCommerce website which successfully targets over 39 million African-American Consumers in the United States,who spend $1.2 Trillion Dollars annually on goods and services in the U.S.And, target the over One Billion Black People living on the Sub-Saharan African Continent, where the Sir William Jackson Brand Name is already well known.

Our Business Model strategy is to introduce high-quality American-Made goods and services to the African-American Consumer, who’s purchasing power loyalty to high-quality African-American goods and services, are unmatched in American Consumer History. For example, let us take the 2018 Super-Mega Hit Movie ‘Black Panther’ as a very realistic example of the purchasing power of the African-American Consumer and the Sub-Saharan African Consumer. Which was $605 Million in Black America, and $1.2 Billion World Wide, mostly in Sub-Saharan Africa: http://www.blackenterprise.com/minorities-and-women-take-black-panther-to-7th-highest-grossing-film-record/ Obviously, the demand for high-quality African-American goods and services, both domestically, and in Sub-Saharan Africa, are without question.

The Sir William Jackson Mall will market on a weekly television show (10 million viewers every weekend) that specifically targets the African-American community in America, and for the consumers in Sub-Saharan Africa, we will marketand advertise the Sir William Jackson Website.

The Sir William Jackson Mall (website) is not a review site, blog or social media website, we are an eCommerce website where we list on our Mall Directory the highest quality American Made Goods and Services. On the Sir William Directory your potential consumers will see your Company Website Domain Name, under its appropriate product or service category listing.

When a potential consumer ‘click’s’ the name of your website from the Sir William Directory, they will be directly transferred (linked) to your Website, a location of your choice, or they will be transferred directly to your ‘HOME PAGE.’ There your potential customer will be able to see more detailed information about your goods and/or services for which to choose from. After their review, they can decide to purchase directly from your website, or decide not to purchase. Of course, if they do (and we certainly hope they do) the Sir William Jackson Mall will receive a small agreed upon commission (a percentage (%)), of the product Total Sells Price, from you, for sending our Sir William Jackson customer to your website. We use tracking analysis in the event the potential buyer decides not to purchase immediately, but decides to come back later, a day, a week, a month, etc., to complete the transaction.

The Sir William Jackson Affiliate Network

The Sir William Jackson Website has Affiliate Network Connections with the following global Affiliate Networks, plus we also work with non-Affiliated Independent Retail Websites.