The Opportunity

‘The Jackson Mall’ was designed and created so that all neighborhood e-tailing businesses in the United States can have another Internet location to market their products and services to the American Public. The Opportunity was created so that local businessmen and women, of all racial backgrounds, can have an ‘even-playing-field’ to market their products and services on the worldwide web. The Mall will specifically target the African-American consumer market, which had a purchasing power of $1.2 trillion dollars in 2018, according to the U.S. government. Source:(fortune.com).

Why Sell in The Jackson Mall?

  1. First, there is increased Brand Name Recognition
  2. Affordability, low percentage (%) commission payout.
  3. Google analytical consumer response (real-time)
  4. Credibility, Trust and Reliability
  5. You Control Advertising Medium (terms/conditions apply)

The Goal of The Jackson Mall

The goal of the Jackson Mall is to provide an alternative high-quality, state-of-the-art, e-tailing marketplace (e-commerce website) where customers can find products and services that are in high demand, but still sell at a fair price. The Mall was NOT created to compete with more powerful website technology companies like: Amazon.com, Walmart, Target, or even Jet.com. The Mall was designed to give the small, and medium size, e-tailing entrepreneurs a national Internet venue to compete from. The goal is to be the ‘go-to’ marketplace for consumers looking to compare price, and quality, on the Internet.

How Affiliate Relationships Work

Your e-tailing website name will be listed on the Jackson Mall ‘Directory List,’ under the category that best describes your product and service. For example; if you sell medicine for dogs and cats, your website name would be listed under the category ‘Pet Pharmacy.’ Therefore, your market will see your company website domain name, under its appropriate category listing. When a consumer ‘click’s’ your website name, from the mall ‘Directory List,’ they will be directly transferred, or linked, to your URL website address, a location of your choice, on your website, or they will be transferred directly to your Internet e-tailing HOME PAGE location.

At your HOME PAGE location (or the landing page of your choice), your customer will be able to read, and see in more detail, information about all your products and services. After completion of their review, the customer can purchase directly from your website, or they can decide not to purchase. If the customer decides to purchase, and we certainly hope they do,the Jackson Mall, will receive a small commission, a percentage (%),of the total sells price, from you, the seller.

The commission is compensation for sending the customer to your e-tailing website.To help track e-tailing customer activity sent to you, the Jackson Mall uses Google tracking software,in the event the potential buyer decides not to purchase on that day, but decides to come back at a later date;it could be a day, a week, or a month later, to complete the transaction, therefore, the Jackson Mall uses tracking software to assist in the process.

The Affiliate Network

Affiliate Agreements:

The Jackson Mall has affiliate agreements with these three affiliate networks:


Independent Agreements:

The Jackson Mall has Independent Non-affiliated e-tailing agreements that may, or may not, be similar in their terms and conditions to the affiliated agreements with Commission Junction (cj), ShareASale, or Rakuten.