Mall Stores Directory A to B


Accounting Services
Diverse Organization of Firms

Affiliate Marketing Programs (Online)

African Apparel
Aloha Glamour Apparel
Eumelanin Apparel
NASO Apparel
Natural Fit Designs
Africa On My Back (backpacks)
Suakoko Betty (African Apparel)
Coco’Pie Clothing (black children)

Airline (black-owned)
Western Air Bahamas

Art Galleries (Black Owned)
Hammonds House Museum (Atlanta, GA)
Benoit Gallery Indigenous Art (Lafayettte, LA)
MoCADA (Brooklyn, NY)
Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Seattle, WA)
ZuCot Gallery (Atlanta, GA)
Terrance Osborne Art Gallery (New Orleans, LA)
Berj Art Gallery (Labone, Ghana)
Rush Arts Galleries (Philadelphia, PA)
Northwest African American Museum (Seattle, WA)
Woodcuts Gallery & Framing (Nashville, TN)
The William Grant Still Arts Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Annies Art Framing Gallery (Upper Marlboro, MD)
Essie Green Galleries (New York, NY)
The Studio Museum in Harlem (New York, NY)

Amrita Aromatherapy, Inc.

Aromatherapy (foot products)
Foot Nanny

Athlete Entrepreneur
Uninterrupted by LeBron James
Eleven by Venus Williams
V Starr Interiors by Venus William
ELLEVEST by Venus William

Attorney Service
Joey Jackson Law Firm
Martin & Martin LLP
Knight, Morris & Reddick Law Group
The Embry Law Firm
The Griffin Firm, pllc
The Stone Law Office
McPherson Law Offices

Alkaline Water
ION Stabilized Oxygen
DYLN Inspired

Animated Video AD

Black Art
Black Art in America


Asian/Oriental Wall Décor
Oriental-Décor New York

Automotive Dealership
Mills Automotive Group
Sterling Motorcars
RML Automotive

Auto (Car Rentals)
Holiday Autos

Auto Parts
Morris 4×4 Center
Redline Automotive Accessories Corp.
Porter Muffler

Auto Parts (Car Covers)

Auto Parts (Seat Covers/Car Mats)

Ayurveda Experience
Ayurveda Medicine
Transformative Learning PTE LTD


Baby Nursery
Pokkadots & ModernNursery
Project Nursery

Baby Nursery (covers, sheets, towels, swaddles)
Captain Silly Pants, LLC.

Baby Clothes
Darlyng & Company

Baby Clothes (organic)
Wild Dill

Baby Clothing

Baby (Nursery Gifts)
Little Days

Baby (Stroller, Carrier, 360 position)
ERGO Baby Carrier, Inc
Boba Inc

Baby (Stroller, Carrier, 360 position)
ERGO Baby Carrier, Inc
Boba Inc

Baby Shoes
Tippy Tot Shoes

Baby Dippers
Baby Vend Unlimited

Baked Cravings
Justice of the Pies (Chicago, IL)
SweetArt (St. Louis, MO)
Curtis and Cake Company (For Atkinson, WI)
Jera’s Heavenly Sweet (Toledo, OH)
Pietissereie – Pie Tisserie (Oakland, CA)
CamiCakes (Atlanta, GA)
Penthouse Sweets Custom Desserts (Chicago, IL)
Two Dough Girls (Atlanta, GA)

Barbecue Chain
International Smoke

The Barbershop Atlanta Salon

Bed & Breakfast
Arbor View House
Quintessentials (B & B and Spa)
Morehead Manor
Ye Old Manor House
Inn At Dupont South
The Cochrane House

Beauty Products
The Hair Hive
Walker & Company
Beauty Supply Institute
Zandra Beauty

Beauty Salon
Crème Brulee

Bed & Bath
Nature’s Sleep

Bed (Baby Nursey Cribs)
The Project Nursery Shop

Bed (Baby Nursey Modern)

Bed (Kids Bedding Sets)

Beer (Craft Beer & Brewery)
Crowns & Hops

Blk & Bold
Stuyvesant Champagne
Brough Brothers Distillery
Ole’ Orleans Wines
Ellis Island Tea

Beverage (Lemonade)
Me & the Bees

Bicycles (sports/fitness)
Cambria Bicycle Outfitter
ICAN Cycling

Black-Owned Banks
Alamerica Bank (Birmingham, Al)
Citizens Trust Bank (Atlanta, GA)
Citizens Trust Bank (Birmingham, AL)
Citizens Bank (Nashville, TN)
Columbia Savings and Loan (Milwaukee, WI)
City National Bank (Newark, NJ)
Commonwealth National Bank (Mobile, AL)
Industrial Bank (Washington D.C.)
Liberty Bank (New Orleans, LA)
Liberty Bank (Baton Rouge, LA)
Liberty Bank (Kanas City, MO)
Liberty Bank (Chicago, IL)
Liberty Bank (Jackson MS)
Mechanic & Farmers Bank (Durham, NC)
United Bank of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
Carver Federal Savings Bank (New York, NY)
Carver State Bank (Savannah, GA)
Guaranty Trust Bank Limited (UK)
Zenith Bank Ltd (UK)
First Independence Bank (Detroit, MI)
The Harbor Bank (Baltimore, MD)
GN Bank (Chicago, IL)
Unity National Bank (Houston, TX)
FBN Bank (UK)
Broadway Federal Bank (Los Angeles, CA)
OneUnited Bank
The Harbor Bank of Maryland
Citizens Trust Bank (Online Banking)
Black Economic Alliance

Body & Bath
Desert Essence

Bath & Body (Men)

Body Jewelry

Pathway Coach Writing
Fennell Adventures
The Imagination Agency
Michelle Obama
Young Millionaires Series
Fix Your Business
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Make IT RAIN – Areva Martin, Esq.
Edge of Chaos – Dr. Dambisa Moyo
Dead Aid – Dr. Dambisa Moyo
Go Tell It on the Mountain – James Baldwin
No Place to Be Somebody – Charles Gordone
The Color Purple – Alice Walker
Sister Outsider – Audre Lorde
Beloved – Toni Morrison
The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas
Kindred – Octavia E. Butler

Books (Audiobooks)

Books (Black-Owned Bookstores)
Eso Won Bookstore
Loyalty Bookstore
Mejah Books, Inc.
Dare Books
Pyramid Books
Black Dot Cultural Center
Brave + Kind Bookshop
Semicolon Bookstore @ Gallery
AfriWare Books, Co
Brain Lair Books
Wild Fig Books and Coffee
Frugal Bookstore
Detroit Book City
EyeSeeMee African American Children’s Bookstore
The Lit. Bar
Café Con Libros
Harriett’s Bookshop
Hakim’s Book Store
Turning Page Bookshop
Enda’s Booktique
The Dock Bookshop
Harambee Books & Artworks
Positive Vibes Afrikan Literature Books & Art
Books and Crannies

Books (Book Store)
Barnes & Noble
Campus Book Rentals

Bras for Women (mastectomies)
Cheer Blossom Intimates

Urban Ebooks

Coloring Books
Entrepreneurs Color Too

Bus Tour Company
Black Business Bus Tour Florida

Bus Manufacturer
KIIRA Motors Corporation (Uganda)

Commercial Bus Dealership
K. Neal Truck and Bus Center


Buamah Kayla And Kyle (Book App)
Kayla And Kyle App

Fix Your Business

Mobile Barbershop