In My Opinion

In my opinion #1

By Sir William Jackson

The reason why Black children failed, in American public schools.

It is so very sad, I look at this 1941 picture, and I realize how far we have fallen as a proud people. This picture should be shown to every black child in America to prove we once owned all the businesses in our black neighborhoods. Back then, most black people worked for black people, who manufactured the goods and services that black people used every day. This was prior to the US government insisting on having desegregation in America, insisting on blacks being allowed to go to white schools. Prior to desegregation, blacks owned their own banks, stock market, manufacturing plants, grocery stores, and all other small businesses in their black America neighborhoods, unlike we see today. For example, Greenwood was a black neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was once the most highly prominent concentration of African-American businesses in the United States during the early 20th Century (1921), and it was popularly known as America’s ‘Black Wall Street.’

In case you’re interested here in the new Greenwood: a black business on the Internet today.

In my opinion, desegregation laws in America destroyed ‘real’ black economic power in America, and the above picture proves my point, because I assure you, that car belonged to the parent, of one of those little black boys. So why did the United States Government want desegregation in White American schools? First, in my opinion, we all know that people, from all over the world, send their children to attend white schools in America. US public and private schools offer some of the best education in the world today. So, I completely understand why the US Government wanted all black students to go to white desegregated schools in America, it would be in the black child’s best interest, and in the best interest of the US economy, by creating another productive, tax paying citizen.

The reality of this decision was altogether different. In the early 1940’s, white school teachers, and most black students, did not know how to communicate (talk) effectively with each other, and because they didn’t live in the same neighborhood, they viewed each other with suspension, and eventually they gave up on each other, as a source of value to the world in which they lived. This would not have happened if all the teachers were black, and all the students were black, where complex subjects could be more easily learned from someone who speaks your language, with no misunderstandings in communication. The upside of this theory would have been many more American “Black Wall Streets.” With indigenous ‘organic’ economic growth and development, in all black neighborhoods in the country, thereby creating far less black unemployment, and significantly adding to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the American economy. – Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II 

In my opinion #2

By Sir William Jackson 

‘The Natural Law of Attraction’

All Black People on planet Earth must immediately start practicing the ‘Law of Attraction’ every single day, seven days a week, three hundred sixty-five days a year. And most importantly, the ‘Law of Attraction’ must be taught to every single Black Child, in every single Grade Level, and in Every Single Classroom.  – Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II – 8/8/2017 

“If you see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” – Steve Harvey

“As you think, so shall you be.” The most important seven words that we can learn and master in our lives. It is a ‘GOD’ truth, that you become what you think about all day long. And once you know, that what you think about, is what expands, you start getting really careful about what you think about. You don’t allow your thoughts to be on anything that you don’t want, or that you wouldn’t want to have manifest, or show up in your life. – Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II 

In my opinion #3

By Sir William Jackson

It is time for Black People in Africa to take control, and be responsible for their own future, and the future of All Black People on this planet Earth. – Sir William

With all due respect, please stop begging the G20, or anybody else for help. All it does is force African’s to make decisions that are not in Africa’s best interest, because they owe that country, or group, or non-African political body, who are only interested in their own survival. If African’s want respect in this world, then Africa must stand on its own two feet, and create their own unique African future, just like the rest of the modern world did.

It is a known fact that Africa is the richest continent in the world, when it comes to natural resources, and Africa has some of the most intelligent people on the planet, when given the equal opportunity to show those talents. Therefore, it’s time for African countries to negotiate their deals like all other countries with natural wealth to use at the bargaining table, so that the deal benefits Africans first. In my opinion, Africa Leaders, and the African Union, must follow China’s current example to world domination, but, with one exception.

African Leaders, and African People, must always walk within the LIGHT, and the SPIRIT of GOD Almighty, so that the spirit of righteousness rules Africa, and all its people, as in the days of old, when we understood, that ‘GOD’ is both MALE and FEMALE, something we had forgotten.

So please stop asking other countries to help you, because without the ability to feed, shelter and militarily defend yourself, Africa, and the African People, will not survive in this New World, any basic world history lesson will tell you that. – Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II

In my opinion #4

By Sir William Jackson

E EOkpa, CEO of the OKPA Company

Harvard University Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Can someone help me understand – if 2 heads are better than one, how come 54 African Heads of State are unable to outperform G-7 – but mostly timid? There are more black Africans holding political powers per continent, yet power without influence has left Sub-Saharan Africa the world’s most impoverished region of the world. More than 40yrs after independence for many, their self-destructive government anchored on internal challenges posed by tribal conflicts and leadership that behaves like ‘PIMPs as in Put-In-My-Pocket’ public servants and politicians, things fall apart. If FDR’s notion – that no nation should undermine herself at the expense of others and themselves, who and what will bail the cat for Africa? I await thoughts. – E. E. Okpa

My Answer to Mr. E. E. Okpa’s Question.

I will say this again, and again, and again until people listen to me. All your African Countries are going to be destroyed, one by one, if you do not become ONE COUNTRY. Again, the Continent of Africa must become ONE COUNTRY and that country must be called the REPUBLIC OF AFRICA, or RA, if you prefer to call it that. One finger is not powerful, two fingers are not powerful, three fingers are not powerful, but five fingers can make a fist, and a fist is POWERFUL. How will the destruction happen? The weak African Countries will be destroyed first because they cannot feed themselves, they cannot house themselves, they cannot cloth themselves, and they cannot protect themselves from foreign invasion, who steal their national resources. The powerful African Countries will be destroyed last because they have a military to try and fight, but it won’t matter, because they only represent one last remaining finger on a hand that can no longer become a powerful fist. After that, the Diaspora will weep and tell their children there once was a Black Continent called Africa, but it is gone now. And the reason is because they would not become ONE AFRICAN FAMILY. – Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II (April 29, 2018)


In my opinion #5

By Sir William Jackson

Who Was Muammar Qaddafi?

PART ONE: Who was Mr. Muammar Qaddafi? Well, let me compare him to some politicians in the United States of America. In the State of Alaska, located in the far North-Western part of the USA, all citizens of the State of Alaska have enjoyed for years the practice of sharing in the States Oil Wealth, its Oil Revenues. They are given monthly checks, just because they are citizens of the State of Alaska, and State law requires that all citizens of Alaska share in a percentage of its oil profits. Now, in Northern Africa, in the country of Libya, during the time of their elected leader, Mr. Muammar Qaddafi, who did the very same thing in Libya, as the State of Alaska, in the America. But, Mr. Qaddafi did this on a much, much larger social economic development scale. (Read: part two)

PART TWO: Mr. Qaddafi practiced the opposite of supply-side economics (the economic theory that by lowing taxes on corporations, the government can stimulate investment in industry and thereby raise production, which will, in turn, bring down prices and control inflation). In my opinion, Mr. Qaddafi believed and practiced demand-side economics(demand side economics is all about increasing demand at the consumer level, referred to as Keynesian economics in the United States of America. The idea here is that the quickest way to spur demand is to increase the relative wealth of all the people of the country who want to buy products and services), a form of “trickle-up” economics where increased wealth for the average consumer of the country will ‘trickle up’ to the wealthy. Here, trickle-up economics assumes the general population consumer base, and small businesses, are the real drivers of economic growth. (Read: part three)

PART THREE: How did Mr. Qaddafi do this in Libya? Well, in Libya, Mr. Qaddafi established the following laws, regulations and social security life-line entitlements to help his countrymen:  #1) There was no electricity bill in Qaddafi’s Libya, electricity was free for all its citizens. #2) There was no interest on banks loans in Libya. Banks in Libya were state-owned, and all loans given to all Libyan citizens were at a zero-percentage (0%) interest rate. #3) A home was considered a human right in Libya, Mr. Qaddafi vowed that his parents would not get one unless……. #4) In Libya during the time of Qaddafi, all newlyweds received $60,000 Dinars (US $50,000 dollars) from the Libyan government, to buy their first apartment. #5) Education and Medical treatments were free in Libya, and all children were required to be in school. (Read: part four)

PART FOUR: #6) Before Mr. Qaddafi, only 25% of the Libyan population were able to read and write (literate). When Mr. Qaddafi died, the figure for literacy in Libya stood at 83% percent. #7) Twenty-five percent (25%) of all Libyans had college university degrees. #8) Libyans who took up farming as a career, received farmland, a farming house, equipment, seeds and livestock to kick-start their farms – all for free, under the Qaddafi’s demand-side economic system of governance. #9) If Libyans could not find the education, or medical facilities, they needed in Libya, the Libyan Government funded them to go aboard for it, either in the USA, or in EUROUPE. #10) In Qaddafi’s Libya, if a Libyan purchased a car, the Libyan Government subsidized 50% of the car loan purchase price. (Read: part five)

PART FIVE: #11) In Qaddafi’s Libya, the price of petrol (gasoline for your car or truck) was $0.14 cents per liter. #12) During Qaddafi, the Libyan Government had no external debt and its cash reserves amounted to $150 Billion, at the time of Qaddafi’s death. #13) If a Libyan was unable to get employment after college graduation, the Libyan state government would pay the average salary of his/her profession, as if he or she was employed, and the Libyan government did this until employment was found (this is called unemployment insurance in the United States of America). #14) A portion of all Libyan oil sales was credited directly to the bank accounts of all Libyan citizens, (again, “trickle-up” demand-side economics) #15) A mother who gave birth to a child under Gaddafi, immediately received $5,000US as a child benefit. (Read: part six)

PART SIX: #16) During Qaddafi’s time, in Libya 40 loaves of bread costs $0.15 cents. And lastly, #17) Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project, known as the Great Man-Made River Project, to make water readily available throughout his entire desert country of Libya.  Now, in my opinion, of all the things Mr. Qaddafi did, the most impressive, the one that sticks out to me mostly was his Man-Made Water System (his deep-water-well Aqueduct system) that took water from deep wells in the Sahara Desert and carried it from the desert to Libyan cities using gigantic large aqueduct tunnels providing water from deep water wells underground in the Sahara Desert, that were large enough to produce enough water, to supply all the cities in the country of Libya. (Read: part seven).

PART SEVEN: I want to rebuild this Great Man-Made River Project. Its basic infrastructure is still in tack in Libya. I want to rebuild and extend the aqueduct water project starting from the country of Libya, and extend it all the way down through the middle of Africa, down to the tip of Southern Africa. And all along the way, on both sides of this Man-Made Water Aqueduct, we will create a continuous flow of water, above ground, to create and supply water to newly constructed farmland, large enough to produce organic fruits and vegetables, to supply the growing demand for food and clean bottled water in Africa. And, enough to supply the growing demand for the US Organic Food Industry, and the demand for clean bottled water in the United States of America. Which has an exploding Organic Food, and Clean Bottled Water US consumer base. In fact, the booming U.S. organic industry posted new records in 2015, with total organic product sales hitting a new benchmark of $43.3 billion, up a robust 11 percent from the previous year’s record level and far outstripping the overall food market’s growth rate of 3 percent, according to the Organic Trade Association’s 2016 report. (Read: part eight)

PART EIGHT: I, Sir William Jackson, at the first opportunity, plan to create a business plan to present this deep water well construction project to all those African Governments, along the aqueduct path I have in mind, from Libya to South Africa. Of course, I will need help from those African government elected officials in positions of approving the mega-water-project. There is no question of the millions of permanent, and temporary jobs created for the People of the African Continent, a project of this size would create millions of jobs in the in African and tens of thousands in the United States of America. The world demand for the organic food, is only second to the world demand for fresh clean bottle water. Now in closing, I wish to say. Generally speaking, in the world of business investments, the original founders of a new venture of this size, would generally invest pennies, but end up with millions as a Return On Investment (ROI), on a project of this magnitude. Please send your emails of partnership interest to, Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II., but please, only send inquiries from “Accredited/Qualified Investors” no one else should apply. – Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II