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*Sir William Jackson, Inc. is not responsible for any problems associated with anyone, or any company accepting the below business investment or job opportunities. Your decision to accept an offer here, is at your own risk. If you are successful, due to this information, you are advised to please donate One Percent (1%) of your Yearly Income and/or Net Profit, to the African Union (AU) for a period of three (3) years. – Sir William Jackson

Knowledge and Education

Private Equity Investment in Africa’s Education: Building Skilled Labor

Education in Africa. Photo credit: Flickr

African Virtual University: Transforming Africa into a Global Knowledge Hub

The African Virtual University (AVU) has established the largest distance and eLearning network in over 27 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, and produced more than 40,000 graduates. It hosts 219 open educational modules ranging from mathematics and science, teacher education, and ICT skills –available free of charge in English, French and Portuguese. The AVU’s interactive portal is accessed beyond Africa in 142 countries with a majority from Brazil and the United States. AVU continues to gain international recognition by increasing access to quality education for thousands of Africans. It was awarded the top prize for Best Emerging Initiative by over 4,000 people in the first OpenCourseWare (OCW) People’s Choice Awards. Created in 1997, to increase African students’ access to quality education through the use of ICT, AVU moved its base to Kenya and became a pan-African intergovernmental organization in 2003.

The enterprising poor, in huge numbers, are voting with their feet. They are sacrificing their meager earnings to put their wards into low-cost private schools. Omega Schools has responded with an innovative Pay-As-You-Learn™ model – a chain of low cost private schools with specialized curriculum, assessment, technology and management modules that are benefiting the poor and empowering aspirations of low income families and their communities.  Founded by Ken & Lisa Donkoh, and James Tooley in 2008, and backed by Pearson’s Affordable Learning Fund, Omega Schools is a social enterprise on a mission to deliver quality education at the lowest cost on a grand scale. The model has proven to be extremely attractive to parents, enabling its schools to be full within 10 days of opening. Currently the chain has 38 schools educating over 20,000 students and seeking to double that number in a year.

Pearson to invest in low-cost private education in Africa and Asia

Africa’s growth sparks controversial rise of private secondary schools – Gems education company expanding in Africa to meet demand, but concern grows that high fees may exacerbate inequality