Dr. Richard King, M.D.

Dr. Richard King, M.D.

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Dr. King the Rediscoverer of Melanin in Black People

Dr. Richard D. King
(November 19, 1946 – December 16, 2013) was a psychiatrist and a proponent of the Melanin Harmon. Dr. King was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1946 to Camille and Louis King. He was the eldest of five children and was primarily raised in the Watts district of Los Angeles, California while studying biology at Whittier College in Southern California. Upon graduating from Whittier, Dr. King enrolled into the University of California at San Francisco and began studying for a medical degree, which he earned in 1972. While in medical school, Dr. King did an internship in Psychiatry and Child Psychiatry at the Los Angeles county-USD Medical Center and begin his community work in black neighborhoods throughout California. Dr. King was a psychiatrist, historian, and melanin/pineal gland scholar.  He was a visionary and highly sought-after lecturer whose many published works included his books. In 1990, Dr. King published “African Origins of Biological Psychiatry.” Four years later, Dr. King published this second book, Melanin: A Key to Freedom, which is currently in its seventh printing. And in 2005 co-authored the book “Why Darkness Matters: The Power of Melanin in the Brain.” 

African Origin of Biological Psychiatry

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Melanin: A Key To Freedom

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Why Darkness Matters

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Dr. Richard King stated in his book:

Melanin: A Key to Freedom

A Study of ancient African history reveals an early African definition of the human Melanin System as a whole body Black Melanin System that serves as the eye of the soul to produce inner vision, true spiritual consciousness, creative genius, beatific vision, to become Godlike, and to have conversation with the immortals (Ancestors).

The single purpose of ancient African education was to provide knowledge and development of the will of the student that allowed salvation (freedom) of the soul from the fetters (chains) of the physical body (George G. M. James, Stolen Legacy).
Please consider this study of Melanin to be but an introduction, one grain of sand on one beach of knowledge that is composed of many different sandy shorelines that all border on the same vast ocean of “Melanin Mediated Life”. A future proper consideration of the subject of Melanin will address the major broad sub sections of the “Melanin Life Ocean” in the forms of;

(1) Cosmic Melanin (Melanin Complex Organic Molecules in Interstellar Gas Clouds in Galaxy Central Disc Regions),

(2) Planetary Melanin,

(3) Plant Kingdom Melanin (Chlorophyll Photo Pigment Equivalents), and

(4) Animal Kingdom Melanin.

Accordingly. This overview is focused upon just one of these four major Melanin sub sections. Animal Kingdom Melanin, particularly within the Species Homo Sapien, adolescent neophyte Humanity. Special reference is given to the epigenetic evolutionary potential within Humanity, to become an adult, “Son of Light, Christ,” “Melanin ascended Transformation,” or “Homo Maximus” stage of Intelligent/Perfect/Unity with Light, Adult, Master Adult, Adept, Angelic Immortal Humanity.
The mindset of the student is critical to all work performed by him and her in their process of unfolding scientific observations. Every step of the scientific method is profoundly colored or better yet unconsciously projected onto the formulation of the initial question or hypothesis to he examined.

Observation of various facets of the hypothesis, measurement of observed facets, analysis of facets of measurement derived data, and the formulation of a final hypothesis that attempts to explain patterns of measured relationships observed between various facets of a question under observation. It is a given that in the pursuit of each step of the scientific method the process of human concentration of attention is indeed an intense process that draws upon many levels of the human experience of consciousness.

Sadly, the majority of the levels of consciousness so utilized are unconscious to some scientists and their public audience. The Study of Melanin in the human form and throughout nature is a precious key that will unlock the chains of mental slavery that presently imprison the minds of African people throughout the world.

The Number 666

The chemical makeup of Melanin is a Carbon Atom with six sides. It is six electrons, six protons and six neutrons, so its chemistry makeup is 666. Which means, the basic chemical makeup of all life is 666.

A Carbon Atom is Six-Sided

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And apparently, according to historical findings, the scholars of old Ancient Egypt already new the significance of 666. When we study the writings left to us by ancient scholars in Egypt it becomes obvious they understood and studied the science of Melanin and its chemical makeup and deliberately left written knowledge on this information on ancient statues found in burial sites, such as the one below. 

Rising from a Six-sided Carbon Atom

A Child with Ancestral Protection Behind

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Also, in Dr. Richard Kings opinion;

Dr. Richard King, continued his opinions regarding the purity of Melanin having the effect of increasing someone’s mental abilities, especially among the recently freed African-American slaves, who were now free to study books and develop their scientific knowledge in their chosen fields of higher education. Please note that ninety-five percent (95%) of all the Black Inventors on the below list of famous black inventors in the 1800’s were new to freedom, due to the abolishment of slavery. Nevertheless, because of slave conditions, and the purity of their mothers Melanin, plus the high concentrated of melanin in her milk, these scientists all had high levels of Melanin in their bodies.

It is also the opinion of Dr. Richard King, that after slavery, and the U.S. Black Population began to assimilate into White mainstream America, the purity of Melanin in the Black Population begins to drop significantly due to the high levels of process food, smoking, alcohol, prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs and poor living conditions (mainly polluted environments).

Still, even with all these adverse conditions that caused the lowering of Melanin levels in the Black Population, their Melanin level was still higher than the rest of the U.S. Population, and this was due to the black melanin color of their skin.

A List of Black Inventors with High Melanin Level

Activity According to Dr. Richard D. King, M.D.

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