Dr. HarnetBokrezion (PhD)

Dr. HarnetBokrezion (PhD)

Dr. HarnetBokrezion (PhD)

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This is just a quick message to let you know: We are ready to rock at the African Business BootCamp 2018 in London – just days away! (New York City coming up after that!) I am super excited, and we have more people attending than ever before!

So, if you want to start an African business… Or invest in Africa…. If you have ever wondered how to get this all started… Or what African business you could run while still being based in the UK… …then you have to be there!

I will provide unique solutions you would LOVE to hear… but also show you how to get started fast, how to cut risk in Africa, and even get something off the ground on a shoestring budget. ….and so much more…!

Register your seat here: source:(lnkd.in) I’ll see you in a few days! Warm regards Dr. Harnet – Your Trainersource:(youtube.com)

LoA interviews Dr. HarnetBokrezion, founder of Africa Business Jumpstart


Top 10 African businesses that will make quick millionaires in 2017 & beyond

Dear Africa BusinessJumpstarters Often it is not so much external circumstances that hold us back in life… But our beliefs and misconceptions about why we cannot have or achieve something we want…. Even in the African business space, there are some false deep rooted beliefs that make their round as mainstream ‘facts’ among us in the Diaspora. And so we continue our life as we always have… And that African business dream of ours? That African business dream….we put on the back burner. Let’s change that together! I have created a short video and an invitation to a LIVE WEBINAR which I will be holding this Sunday titled: “How To Start A Profitable African Business FAST Even If You Are Based Abroad Or You Are Operating On A Shoestring Budget” Register here: source:(lnkd.in) It’s time we are staring African businesses….as a vehicle to our own fulfillment and Africa’s prosperity.  ​​​​​​​Let’s keep marching together for success in Africa! Warm regards, Dr. Harnet source:(lnkd.in)source:(amazon.com)

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