Dr. Dambisa Moyo.

Dr. Dambisa Moyo.

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Dr. Dambisa Moyo is a global economist and author who analyzes the macroeconomy and international affairs. She advises companies, corporate boards, CEOs and Management on investment decisions, capital allocation and risk management. Her work has taken her to more than 70 countries over the last decade, during which time she has developed a unique knowledge on the inherent conflicts facing developed economies, as well as the interaction between politics, international finance and global markets.

In particular, her work examines the interplay of international business and the global economy, while highlighting the key opportunities for investment; capitalizing on her rare ability to translate trends in markets, technology, politics, regulatory matters and economics into their likely impact on global business.

Dambisa Moyo serves on the boards of Barclays Bank, the financial services group, SABMiller, the global brewer, Barrick Gold, the global miner, and Seagate Technology.  She was previously an economist at Goldman Sachs and a consultant to the World Bank in Washington, D.C. She is the author of the New York Times bestsellers Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working and How There is a Better Way for Africa and How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly and the Stark Choices Ahead. Her third book was Winner Take All: China’s Race for Resources and What it Means for the World. 

Dambisa is a contributing editor to CNBC, the business and finance news network. Her writing regularly appears in economic and finance-related publications such as the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. She completed a PhD in economics at Oxford University and holds a Masters degree from Harvard University. She completed an undergraduate degree in chemistry and an MBA in finance at American University in Washington, D.C.  She is an avid tennis fan and has run numerous half marathons and marathons.


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Awards and Honors:

  • Ambrosetti Forum, Participant
  • Atlantic Council, Member
  • Bilderberg, Participant
  • Bretton Woods Committee, Member
  • Evening Standard: London’s Most Influential People
  • Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women Summit, Participant
  • FT/McKinsey Judge, Best Business Book of the Year
  • Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute and WorldPost: World’s Most Influential Thought Leader
  • Global Drucker Forum, Participant
  • Handelsblatt: 25 Most Influential Economists
  • Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award (named for Nobel Prize winner & recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom, Friedrich Hayek)
  • Milken Institute Global Conference, Participant
  • Munich Security Conference, Participant
  • Oprah Winfrey “O” Power List
  • TED Global 2013, Speaker
  • TED Global 2016, Speaker
  • Thinkers50 : Thinker of the Month
  • Time Magazine: 100 Most Influential People
  • S. Federal Reserve Jackson Hole Conference, Participant
  • Whitman Lecture at the Peterson Institute
  • World Economic Forum, Global Imbalances Committee Member
  • World Economic Forum (Davos) Young Global Leader

Dr. Dambisa Moyo Keynote Speech at ICD Canada

Delivering the keynote speech @ICDCanadasource:(amazon.com)source:(amazon.com)

A generation after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the world is once again on the edge of chaos. Demonstrations have broken out from Belgium to Brazil led by angry citizens demanding a greater say in their political and economic future, better education, heathcare and living standards. The bottom line of this outrage is the same; people are demanding their governments do more to improve their lives faster, something which policymakers are unable to deliver under conditions of anaemic growth. Rising income inequality and a stagnant economy are threats to both the developed and the developing world, and leaders can no longer afford to ignore this gathering storm.

In Edge of Chaos, Dambisa Moyo sets out the new political and economic challenges facing the world, and the specific, radical solutions needed to resolve these issues and reignite global growth. Dambisa enumerates the four headwinds of demographics, inequality, commodity scarcity and technological innovation that are driving social and economic unrest, and argues for a fundamental retooling of democratic capitalism to address current problems and deliver better outcomes in the future. In the twenty-first century, a crisis in one country can quickly become our own, and fragile economies produce a fragile international community. Edge of Chaos is a warning for advanced and emerging nations alike: we must reverse the dramatic erosion in growth, or face the consequences of a fragmented and unstable global future.


Edge of Chaos: Why Democracy is Failing and How to Fix It

Edge of Chaos will be published globally on April 24, 2018. Pre-order your copy today at source:(dambisamoyo.com) 

Edge of Chaos offers a radical menu of ten (10) ways to improve democracy: making it better able to address the range of headwinds that the global economy faces (including technology and the prospects of a jobless underclass, demographic shifts, gapping income inequality, an unsustainable debt burden, natural resource scarcity and declining productivity) and deliver more economic growth and prosperit

Economist, Dr. Dambisa Moyo,


Edge of Chaos: Why Democracy Is Failing to Deliver Economic Growth–and How to Fix It


My Barnes & Noble Book Review

Dr. Dambisa Moyo points out many critical issues, in her book, “Edge of Chaos.” Here I shine my spotlight on just a few of them: *“Political myopia is the central obstacle on the path of growth in advanced economies”. *Governments will always opt for short-term quick fixes that have the tendency to undermine long-term growth.” *“Advanced economies without a strong middle-class, will not have long-term sustained inclusive economic growth, and will, in fact, have rapid economic decline.” *“Who should govern a society? How should governors be selected? What powers should a government have and to what end should they be wielded? *“Who should vote? And under what criteria should voters be chosen?” Obviously, there are just too many thought-provoking issues to state here, you must read her book to understand the wisdom she shines upon the world.

Nevertheless, the book details the devastating economic storms, bearing down on the world, because of the worlds global failure to achieve sustained, inclusive growth, with a strong middle-class structure, that constantly creates business opportunity and innovation, which would, in her opinion, defiantly prevent the rampant political turmoil that we see spreading across the globe. I must admit, I admire her step-by-step economic principles that will help guide the world to a brighter future. But, it will only work if the world makes the necessary changes she outlines in the book. And what are the odds of that happening? She does not have the political power to force the world to save its self. The UN does not have the power to force the world to save its self. And if the worlds most advanced economies do not heed her warning, the world may not survive this new “economic crash” this category-6 headwind” with sustained winds of 175+ mph winds with enough force to cause the complete political and economic destruction of many advanced economies and make the financial instability of the 2008 market crash seem like child’s play.  – Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II – 8/25/2018

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