Bikini Luxe – Luxury Swimwear

Bi·ki·ni [bə-ˈkē-nē] Noun ; A piece of clothing in two parts that a woman wears for swimming, or for lying in the sun and that does not cover much of the body.

Luxe [luhks] Noun ; Indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable, and sumptuous living.

In 2014, our Founder Candice Galek saw a need for high quality swimwear, at competitive pricing. She wanted to do more than just sell luxury swimwear, so she combined philanthropy with fashion, and Bikini Luxe was born. We have expanded from local designers to brands from all over the world.


High end luxury and designer bikini sets and one piece swimwear


Escape to a tropical paradise in one of these beautiful resort wear pieces.


Jewelry, bags, shoes and more!


Swim trunks, briefs, and active wear.

Bikini Luxe offers a wide-range of luxury swimwear, resort wear, and accessories that tickle your fancy.