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Ayurveda, which means “Knowledge…” or “Science of life”, is a 5,000-year old tradition of holistic medicine originating out of Vedic India that utilizes tools catered to the 6 Senses to initiate healing and maintain optimal well-being. These tools include: a constitutional and seasonal based diet; herbs (taste); color therapy (sight); aroma therapy (smell); mantra (sound); asana postures (from Yoga – touch); and meditation (mind). Utilizing the diagnostic tools of Ayurveda, such as inquiry, where I go through a full range of questioning that would include your medical history, observing your physical features to glean information about your constitution, asking about when a certain imbalance (or imbalances) began and looking at how it may correlate with a certain stage of life, to even what type of dreams you have; pulse analysis, for observing how the doshas (humours) are acting on a superficial and deep level of the body & mind; and tongue analysis, which allows us to get a glimpse of what’s happening with the organs.

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William Jackson 3rd
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After apprenticing at Dragon Herbs (2002) while self-studying Chinese Medicine I left for northern California where I began studying Ayurveda at the California College of Ayurveda (Grass Valley) in 2002, graduating in 2005 and giving a lecture on Ayurvedic Medicine at UCLA for their first health fair that same year. In addition to Ayurveda, I also strive to incorporate what I studied from Classical Chinese Medicine, African and S. American Herbology, Western Herbology, and medicinal mushrooms (both in their therapeutic and magico-religious aspects). I also have training in Tibetan Mantra Healing (from the tradition of Yuthok Nyingtik), am certified as a Feng Shui consultant through the American Institute of Feng Shui, have spent years in the natural foods industry learning vitamins, minerals, amino acids, greens, etc, and, lastly, am currently studying to get my certification as a Yoga Instructor (Dancing Shiva) and Root Worker (Starr Casas).

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4336 11th Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90008 Leimert Park 

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William Jackson, 3rd Ayurvedic Health Specialist The Business Owner

William Jackson is a practitioner of Ayurvedic Medicine with a multi-disciplinary approach. He studied Ayurveda at the California College of Ayurveda (2005), the next year he receiving recognition from UCLA as a presenter on Ayurvedic medicine at their first Health Fair (2006). He is a graduate of Dancing Shiva’s Yoga & Ayurveda course (2017), has apprenticed in Chinese Herbology (Dragon Herbs, 2002), and incorporates plants and elements of Chinese herbal medicine, Amazonian, Western, and African systems of healing into his practice as a part of his multidisciplinary approach to healing, wellness, and transformation. Furthermore, this crossroad approach utilizes tools such as Tibetan mantra healing (Yuthok Nyingthik), Feng Shui, and Conjure (African American folk magic) as additional limbs to his practice. His office is in the historic neighborhood of Leimert Park (Los Angeles).

William Jackson, AHS, FSC
Leimert Wellness
4336 11th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Hallway Entrance Leimert Wellness

Office waiting room area For Leimert Wellness

Office waiting room area For Leimert Wellness


Room where Holistic medicine Ayurveda Medical Consultations take place

Room where Holistic medicine Ayurveda Medical Consultations take place


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Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about William Jackson Ayurvedic Health Specialist.

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Cameron W.
Los Angeles, CA
596 friends
4 reviews

William is amazing! He is an expert in Ayurvedic medicine and helped treat an ongoing issue every other doctor could not with western medicine. He is knowledgeable, sympathetic and works quickly to get you as healthy and whole as possible; mind and body! PLEASE give Ayurvedic healing a try and make William your first stop if you’re in the greater L.A. area!

Aaron H.
Los Angeles, CA
460 friends
2 reviews

Mr. Will Jackson and I met at a Wilshire Koreatown Neighborhood Council meeting in which he was appointed the council’s first Homelessness Liaison. By happenstance, I later learnt about the alternative and holistic health services he offers, and contacted him immediately. In fact, I hadn’t yet realized he was the same Will Jackson whom I met previously. Together, and seemingly by some miracle, I was able to turn the page on my sexual assault and addiction. I’ve now regained my sense of self, and a supernatural force within me that united my passions and purpose emerged. Presently, I find myself on the cusp of greatness that far exceeds anything I could’ve imagined. I’m looking forward to sharing these details with all of you very soon. I say all of this so that you may understand Mr. Jackson’s character and the impact he has had on my life.

Shimmie M.
East End, U.S. Virgin Islands
19 friends
13 reviews
4 photos

The initial phone conversation did it for me! William was VERY thorough and articulate as he shared his background in this practice. He even returned the missed phone call within minutes AND it was on a Sunday! I have my consultation with him today and I am more than confident that he will point me in the right direction:) Yelpers, check back in, as I know I will be back with an updated review to talk about my experience!

J G.
Los Angeles, CA
37 friends
129 reviews
2 photos

This is a glowing review, and I feel I should preface it with context: I am a well-known malcontent, a general “hater” if you will. I find fault with much of the realm of medicine and healing of all types, and I’m sure my insurance provider has me flagged as a difficult, skeptical patient in some database.
Will has a broad and rigorous formal education that he brings to bear for clients, and an encyclopedic understanding of the various origins, effects and interactions of healing techniques; but what I find even more astounding is Will’s acute mental clarity. He has an uncanny ability to bring simplicity, light and grounding to any situation. There is no saccharine “tell me some pseudo comforting nonsense that I want to hear,” Will gives measured, practical advice that shines a light on the right path forward, often in the form of the perfect question at the perfect time. Will knows how to challenge and inspire people to reach for a higher way of being. He works incredibly effectively within the constraints of the sobering reality of our human experience, as he says “for the benefit of all sentient beings.” To be in the presence of someone of Will’s caliber has been no less than life altering for me. Will is in my view a gift to our world.

It is no exaggeration to say that I have learned more from William Jackson than anyone else I have ever known, by a wide margin. Eventually we’ll probably see him on the TED stage, but for now it is a true blessing that Will is accessible and local to Los Angeles.

Ilya P.
West Orange, NJ
60 friends
7 reviews
1 photo

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Amazingly knowledgeable and kind practitioner. Working with Will is worth every penny, and then some.