Automotive Manufacturing Investments


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Dr. Innocent Ifediso Chukwuma, founder of Innosonmoters, Lago Nigeria, Africa.

It is hard to think of getting a car from another manufacturing company because Nigerians have realized that when it comes to automobiles, Innoson Motors has set a golden standard for quality and reliability you could practically trust.  For close to a decade, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company has provided the domestic market in Nigeria a car that is efficient, practical, economical, adorable looking and of course a whole lot of fun to drive. As the first indigenous vehicle manufacturing company in Africa, Innoson has been leading the way and climbing the chart not just in Nigeria alone but in Africa simultaneously.

Nigerians go all out for safety first because as vehicles become more and more advanced, the question of safety is becoming increasingly common and here at Innoson we take issues of safety very serious which makes our vehicles avoid a vehicular collision. Below are some of the reasons why people go all out to purchase an Innoson car.

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Watch this video and you will be amazed at what the continent has been able to achieve when it comes to automobile manufacturing, happy viewing.