Areva Martin, Esq.

Areva Martin, Esq.


Areva Martin, Esq. 

Known to audiences across the country from her regular appearances on The Dr. Phil Show, Anderson Cooper 360, The Dr. Drew Show, and Good Morning America, and various national news programs from MSNBC to ABC, Areva is an accomplished and multi-award-winning attorney, author and children and women’s rights advocate who has also been featured on the pages of publications including Lawyers USA, Redbook and Ebony Magazines.

As Founding and Managing Partner of Martin & Martin LLP, Areva has been consistently identified as one of LA’s top attorneys including being identified as a Southern California Super Lawyer for 2014 and 2015. Under her leadership, the firm has developed a reputation of excellence for high quality legal representation of a wide-range of clients from Fortune 500 companies to judges, elected officials and individuals.

Areva has tried cases in federal and state court with an exceptional record of success. She has represented clients in complex matters at both mediation and arbitrations recovering millions of dollars for clients.  In addition to her trial experience, Areva has served as a mediator/arbitrator for the Los Angeles Superior Courts where she assisted litigants in reaching resolutions and disposing of a wide range of matters.  She is known for her strategic and effective litigation style.

In addition to her legal work, Areva is a nationally recognized children and women’s rights advocate and autism spokesperson. She is the founder and President of Special Needs Network, Inc., a Los Angeles based non-profit organization created specifically to raise awareness of issues that impact individuals with autism and related disabilities living in underserved and marginalized communities.

Areva has written countless articles for print magazines, newspapers and online sites on topics ranging from workplace disputes to federal laws on disability rights. She previously wrote a regular op-ed column for the Los Angeles Daily Journal on education, civil rights, disability rights, and significant state and California Supreme Court decisions.   Areva shares her story as a mother of an autistic child and her legal expertise in her second book, The Everyday Advocate: Standing Up for Your Child with Autism and Other Special Needs. (Penguin 2010).  What critics call the most comprehensive and compelling book to date addressing the issues of the special needs community and the importance of advocacy in this country, The Everyday Advocate soared to the top of Amazon’s best seller list upon its release.  Her first book, Journey to the Top, is a popular career guide for professional women. ​

She served as the only African-American woman and attorney on the California Legislative Blue-Ribbon Commission on Autism. She was also Chair of the South Los Angeles Autism Regional Task Force for the California Senate Select Committee on Autism and the Co-Chair of the Autism, Diversity and Equity Task Force. Areva graduated with honors from the University of Chicago and Harvard Law School. She is a member of several professional organizations.  A news junkie, Areva is also a runner with a passion for 10k races and half marathons.

Areva Martin, Esq. (2018)

You never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression. In today’s super charged Internet world, people google you even before they meet you in person. They learn a lot of personal things about you and they see your profile picture. So you have to make it count! What does that pic say about you? Does it say you are a confident professional who has a reputation for excellence in a well-defined niche who delivers a consistent high quality product? or Does it say I am confused about who I am and what I have to offer to the world and this picture is designed to make you like me, not respect, hire or make me the professional you want on your team? Your brand, your image, your decision! – Areva Martin, Esq.

Throughout U.S. history, black women have founded businesses, transformed industries, revolutionized television and media and created jobs — often without recognition. Black women are the second fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs, after Latina women. According to the 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, “there are an estimated 1.9 million African-American women-owned firms, employing 376,500 workers and generating $51.4 billion in revenues.” And though their ventures still aren’t being funded as robustly as those of their white male counterparts, black women entrepreneurs are responsible for adding thousands of jobs to the economy. – Areva Martin, Esq.

2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report (click below)



Make It Rain!: How to Use the Media to Revolutionize Your Business & Brand Kindle Edition

By Areva Martin

What if you could get in front of millions of prospects with the avid endorsement of famous influencers–without spending a dime?

It’s happening right in front of you every day. Guest experts on TV, radio, podcasts, blogs, and live streaming are getting local and national exposure for their business and brand that they could never have afforded to reach with ads.

For a decade, Areva Martin has used the media to build a huge platform that expanded the influence and power of her brand exponentially. Media appearances on Dr. Phil, Anderson Cooper 360, The Doctors, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, and more have virtually eliminated the need of a marketing budget for her thriving law firm and non-profit organization, while securing her place as one of America’s most sought after thought leaders.

In Make It Rain! Areva breaks the silence to reveal what insiders know about the power of media appearances to revolutionize a business and brand and get your core message out to the people who need it most. You’ll learn how to:

  • Match your brand to the right audience and media venues
  • Craft pitches producers can’t resist
  • Jump on breaking news shows
  • Pivot and speak in soundbites like the pros
  • Amplify every interview with social media
  • Turn appearances into platform and become a rainmaker

Never before have there been more ways to build a presence that matters. Whether you are the executive of a corporation, the author of an upcoming book, the owner of a rapidly growing small business, or the public face of a local nonprofit or association, if you have a business to build or people you want to help, nothing beats using the media to create the visibility, influence, and power you need. Are you ready to Make It Rain!?



Make It Rain!: How to Use the Media to Revolutionize Your Business & Brand

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My Barnes & Noble Book Review

I thought I would just high-light the most important parts of the book, but when I had finished reading the book, I realized, I had high-lighted the whole book. Therefore, it is not easy trying to write a review for this monumental study on how to use the media to revolutionize your business, or your brand. Therefore, I decided to take just a few diamonds from the book for your consideration, like; Engage or Fail means you must get people motivated to do something after seeing you, or you failed that opportunity. Getting Leverage means turning that 15 minutes of fame into a stepping-stone, and not just an end goal. Likes + Engagement means not only are the people with the most engagement, the most influential, but engagement equals advertising dollars to them. The Right Kind of Engagement means the most engagement comes from good communication between you and your audience or the people in your audience with each other. Calibration means having a community of loyal followers with a high level of engagement will promote your personal brand or products for you.  Too Cool for School means you need your audience to help shape what you say and how you say it. They will help you find your voice and make subtle adjustments to it over the years to keep it fresh and in touch with the times. And obviously, there many more diamonds in this book to help you become a Rain Maker, I know it gave me a lot of new weapons to advance my career. I highly encourage that you to buy the book, and use the tools, that are clearly outlined, and very easy to implement, so that you can benefit from this information and make it rain in your life. – Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II


CNNs Brook Baldwin and Areva Martin, Esq.


Look who got their copy of #MakeItRain that’s some real #girlpower CNN #BrookBaldwin

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This book will revolutionize your view of media engagement with the public, and without question give you the knowledge you need, plus insight to the required special education, training and skills required to put your business, or your brand, on the world stage in a professional way, that will, in my opinion, quickly add profit to your bottom line.

Sir William

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