The story of the name “Sir William” started organically years ago, when I started selling my inexpensive, high quality smartphones to Sub-Saharan African Countries. And as I recall, back then, the countries I am referring to are Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya, and of course today, there are many more countries that have been added to this list.

Again, as I recall, it was my individual African buyers of my smartphones who started using the term “Sir” William, and I am referring to regular people, living in Sub-Saharan Africa, who did not know each other, and who lived in many different African countries.

Of course, there were many African business people, also from different African countries, who began using the term “Sir William” in their response to my email correspondence regarding their purchases of my smartphones for their local and/or regional consumer base.

At first, I just ignored the use of the term “Sir William,” but not wanting to be disrespectful to my current, and future buyers, and since these buyers began using the term without my suggestion, or any request on my part, and the “Sir William” name was being used by so many varied and different people in Sub-Saharan Africa that I did business with, I finally decided to accept the “Sir William” title.

Not everybody was happy about it. Once on LinkedIn, a person who I did not know, ask me if the Queen of England gave me the ‘Sir William’ title, and I said no, but jokingly I said another Queen from Europe gave me the ‘Sir William’ title. Boy, was that a mistake, this person immediately wrote me back and demanded to know what Queen of a European country give me a ‘Sir’ title.

I then realized at that point, even if some people on LinkedIn joke about stuff all the time, some people take what you say seriously. So, I decided to never make that joke again on LinkedIn, or anywhere else. It seems some people can’t take a joke.

Nevertheless, I still use the title ‘Sir William’ because I am a Leader of Industry, in a position of authority, on the World Wide Web, the Internet. And according to Google, and the Webster Dictionary, the ‘Sir’ title is used as a polite, or very respectful way of addressing a man in a leadership position, like myself.

Therefore, I use the “Sir William” title professionally, first out of respect for its African origins, where it is used by so many people, when they address me. And since, the origination of the name “Sir William” started on the Continent of Africa, I proudly wear it as a badge of pride, worldwide.

– Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II