Largest Black-owned
Airline in Bahamas
San Andros Internal
Airport, Bahamas
Scheduled Flights


White Collar Defense
Regulatory Enforcement
Government Investigations
Labor Union Arbitration
Criminal Defense
Federal Crime Defense
Personal Injury
Civil Litigations
Administrative Law
Trade Marks
Digital Brands

Your African Clothing Store

OH, MY GOODNESS. This is my first order and now I’m in love with Dupsie’s. I was very impressed with the quality of the material. I have tried on several African outfits in several stores and found it to be a bit of cheap material and quality. The value here at Dupsie’s is unbelievable for what you are receiving. I would have paid a higher price elsewhere just for one skirt, but I got the entire skirt set for less than purchasing it at another African shop. I ordered a bigger size because that was what I was used to getting in the other stores. I ordered a 16 because I thought it would run small, but it doesn’t, so I must get the skirt altered. Other than that, “DUPSIE’S” you will be receiving more orders from me. It’s even more beautiful in person!
– Happy Customer

Bo Jackson
Signature Foods
(A Private Label Gourmet Brand)

“I became a food connoisseur at the tender age of 5, while watching my mother cook for my nine sibling’s day in and day out! Over the years, I acquired a passion for preparing great tasting food in the kitchen; now that I am out of the world of sports that is what I do best. I want everyone who enjoys cooking as much as I do to experience the quality of Bo Jackson Signature Foods.”
– Vincent “Bo” Jackson

$14.95 EA

As part of a World Wide Global campaign to prove that Sir William Jackson’s Perfume Imitation Oils are the most authentic comparable versions to those world-famous originals, we have decided to sell our full 1/3-ounce bottles of Women’s Perfume and Men’s Cologne Oils for the astonishingly low price of only $14.95 for each bottle. We guarantee our perfume oils will last all day, from morning to evening, or we will give you your money back, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, from all the compliments you get.

shopDisney Store

And More


Online Fashion Retailer
Trend-led Clothing
and Accessories
Fantastic Prices
Unique Styles
Top Notch

Sir William Jackson’s Hawaiian
Men’s Shirts & Women’s Dresses

These Hawaiian Creations have been manufactured, and wholesaled, in Hawaii since 1987. Their outstanding quality of material has won them many awards! The beautiful men’s tropical flower shirts give a perfect accent and elegant impression to any event. The aloha shirt feels soft and smooth, making it comfortable to wear. The lady’s dresses have tropical flower prints that gives the perfect impression. The aloha dresses are rayon poplin provided with a silky-smooth texture.

Men’s Shirts
Open collar
Matching left chest pocket
Coconut buttons

Lady’s Dresses
Zipper on the back
Slit on both sides
[Length of Slit] Size S-M: 14inch
[Length of Slit] Size XL-3XL: 15inch
[Materials] 100% Rayon

“Beyond Urban”
A Sophisticated
Collection of Fashion
Forward Apparel
and Streetwear for
Curvy Women

South Bay Gold

South Bay Gold
Trusted by Everyone

Gold and Silver Bullion
Gold and Diamonds
Rare Coins / Estate
Buying and Selling
Custom Designed
Luxury Watches

Stuyvesant Champagne

“World’s Lowest Prescription Medication Prices. No more shopping around at major drug stores.”

1. Safety– Medications dispensed only by fully licensed pharmacists.
2. Quality– Genuine brand/generic products shipped in original manufacturer’s packaging.
3. Security– Secure SSL online ordering, and privacy assured.
4. Delivery– Delivered within 30 days or we ship a free replacement. USA only.
5. Accountability– Return the product within 30 days. No questions asked.

Sunday Hendrickson.com

Divine Art Director At Large
Worlds #1 Online
Interior Stylist

International Art Director
Interior Stylist and Designer
Magical Transformations
Of Interiors and Gardens
See before-and-after results
Elegant Styling of Houses,
Seaside Bungalows and
High-In Beverly Hills Homes

OC Jets

Private Jet Charter

Welcome aboard OC Jets! Fly on one of our Private Charters experience the skies in unparalleled luxury.

During the Flight

Luxury is redefined on each OC Jets flight. We spare no effort to ensure that every detail is tended is tended to, and your passengers experience a voyage like no other!



Walmart Blockbuster Movies

Beauty Supply
Getting you in the business
without the guesswork
Educational Institution
Beauty Retailing
Online Courses
Resource Materials
Consulting and more
We take the Guessing Out
We level the Playing Field
We offer Many Options
We promise you get all
Information for Your Store
Our pride is Your Success

GUAP Coin Cryptocurrency

Global Financial Identity
For African Diaspora
A Mission to repair
Enhance, and strengthen
The core value systems
Of Black & Brown
People using

Competitive Plans
Coverage to 100 countries
Family Plan
4 lines w/Unlimited 4G Data
Unlimited Talk
Unlimited Worldwide Texting
Unlimited Data
Figgers F3 Smartphone
Save More, Do More
Unlimited Data Versus
Verizon, AT&T and Sprint
Switching is Easy
Bring Your Own Phone
Save On Your Monthly Bill
Do Business Anywhere


Skills Training
Future of Work
Barriers to Work
Access to Capital
Supplier Diversity
Affordable Housing
Home Ownership
Wage Equity
Wage Disclosure
Living Wage
Wealth Building
Retirement Savings

Black CPA and
Financial Services

Connecting Black-Owned CPA’s
DOF Networking and Mentoring
Legislative & Executive Branches
State, Local & Federal Government
Niche Market Opportunities
Empower, Educate and Advocate
The Accounting Profession to
Ensure Innovation and Mentorship
Members Share Best Practices
Keep Abreast of Evolving Niche
Marketing Opportunities in Tax,
Accounting and Financial Services
DOF Collaborate in Member Portal
Nationwide for Business Opportunities
Mentorship and Peer Guidance
Up-to-date Technical and Management
Nationwide State-of-the-Art Services
Essential to Providing Professional Quality
25 years of DOF Training and Networking
Trunkey Learning CPA/Financial Services
Plus U.S. Federal Contracting Bootcamp
For Questions & Information click below

The Meta-Center Chicago
Over40 years of Metaphysical
Teaching& Understanding

Women’s Health
(click women’s health)

Men’s Health
(click men’s health)

Water Systems
(click water systems)

(click monatomics)

Magnetic Healing
(click magnetic healing)

Low Energy
(click low energy)

Immune Support
(click immune support)

Diode E.M.F. Protection
(click diode e.m.f. protection)

The Great Dr. Delbert Blair and the Meta-Center Chicago has awakened hundreds of thousands of people from around the world with their message. And because of Dr. Blair we can all raise to our highest vibration internally and continue to express our highest thoughts externally.

Green Man Gaming

An eCommerce store and community platform offering millions of gamers  a single destination for all things gaming. With customers in 195 countries, the store stocks a wide catalogue of multi-platform digital games.


Smith Multimedia Company
Television and Motion Pictures
Subsidiary Companies
Overbrook Entertainment
Red Table Talk Enterprises
Westbrook Studios
Westbrook Media
Good Goods


Original content produced
with a collaborating brand
Access to the best talent
in the game
Direct communications
with the fans
Real world interactions and
programs with athletes
Unique Uninterrupted apparel
that empowers everyone to
be More Than
Conversations and storytelling
heard world over

Berkey Light
Water Filter System

Eliminate Fluoride From
Home Tap Water
Home Alkaline Water
Home Bottled Water

The Tickets You Want,
When You Want Them

All Live Event Tickets on Sale Now!
Huge selection of tickets for Concerts,
Sports, and Theater events available.
Safe, Secure and Easy Ordering.

TicketNetwork powers the secondary ticketing market, by hosting a leading online exchange for tickets to concerts, sports, and theater events around the globe. Our innovative technology solutions, including the TicketNetwork® Point-of-Sale (POS), empower both ticket buyers and sellers. With a comprehensive selection of more than $5.5 billion in real-time ticket inventory, TicketNetwork’s extensive marketplace provides much sought-after event tickets.

Our signature retail website, TicketNetwork.com is both Payment Card Industry (PCI) and EVSSL-certified, ranking it among the top secure sites for event tickets in the secondary market.

BabyBrain Intelligence
Development Tools

1) Newborn Babies have 25% of Adult Brain Size.
2) Children Age 3 Develop 250,000 Brain Cell Connections Every Second.
3) Babies Age 5 Have 90% of Adult Brain Size.
4) What Children Experience by Age 5 Determines Their Brain Intelligence

Mellody Hobson



PopCom Vending Machine
Of the Future

*PopCom software uses
data at the Point of Sale
to understand customers
engaging with products
*Get demographic analysis
face and emotion recognition
*Customer Data such as Age,
and Gender and Location
*Customer Conversion Rate
Calculation & Ad Retargeting

Randy Jackson

Unify Health Labs

Dr. Claud Anderson
Black Economist
Corporation of

National Plan To
Empower Black
America and How
To Finance It
How to Pool Resources
Produce, Distribute,
Consume and Create
Goods and Wealth in
The Neighborhood

Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food

Natural Vegetation Cell Food
African Bio-Mineral Therapy
Identify the Causes of Disease
Cleanse/Nourish the Entire Body
Herbs that Reverse Pathogens
Adhere to Nutritional Guidelines
Herbal Compounds + Nutritional
Changes Gives the Body A Proper
Environment for Optimal Health


The Hundred Seven

*Positively Promoting Historically Black Colleges & Universities
*Online Searchable Database Listing Every Academic Degree Program offered by Every HBCUs
*Read Inspiring Stories about The Power, History and Impact Of Historically Black Colleges And Universities

Fraternities & Sororities

Greek-letter Organizations (GLOs)
Referred to as “Greek Life”
Alpha Phi Alpha
Kappa Alpha Psi
Omega Psi Phi
Phi Beta Sigma

Alpha Kappa Alpha
Delta Sigma Theta
Zeta Phi Beta
Sigma Gamma Rho


Leimert Wellness
4336 11th Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90008

William Jackson, AHS, FSC
The tools I use include a constitutional and seasonal based diet herbs (taste) color therapy (sight) aroma therapy (smell) mantra (sound) asana postures (Yoga – touch) meditation (mind)


The Opportunity

The Jackson Mall is a black minority owned and operated ecommerce website with over 10 million products and services listed for sale on the Internet. These products and services are offered by over four thousand (and growing) black-owned and operated businesses that sell on The Jackson Mall. The Jackson Mall list theses black owned and operated businesses for ‘Free.’ The Jackson Mall does not charge them a percentage, or a commission, of any kind, so they get to ‘keep all their profits.’ The Mall Opportunity was created so that all local black businessmen and women, from every neighborhood in America, could have an ‘even-playing-field’ to market their products and services on the World Wide Web. The Jackson Mall will specifically target the black consumer market in America, a large niche market with a 44 million Black Population, and $1 Trillion in Buying Power according to a 2020 Nielson Analytical Document, please click here to see it: (https://www.statista.com/statistics/183489/population-of-the-us-by-ethnicity-since-2000/ ) and here: https://newsone.com/3901998/black-buying-power-by-numbers-history-making/ As you can clearly see, from these statistics, The Jackson Mall’s target market is based on a sound benchmark strategy of segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Mall Directory


Accounting Services
Diverse Organization of Firms

Affiliate Marketing Programs (Online)

African Apparel
Aloha Glamour Apparel
Eumelanin Apparel
NASO Apparel
Natural Fit Designs
Africa On My Back (backpacks)
Suakoko Betty (African Apparel)
Coco’Pie Clothing (black children)

Airline (black-owned)
Western Air Bahamas

Art Galleries (Black Owned)
Hammonds House Museum (Atlanta, GA)
Benoit Gallery Indigenous Art (Lafayettte, LA)
MoCADA (Brooklyn, NY)
Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Seattle, WA)
ZuCot Gallery (Atlanta, GA)
Terrance Osborne Art Gallery (New Orleans, LA)
Berj Art Gallery (Labone, Ghana)
Rush Arts Galleries (Philadelphia, PA)
Northwest African American Museum (Seattle, WA)
Woodcuts Gallery & Framing (Nashville, TN)
The William Grant Still Arts Center (Los Angeles, CA)
Annies Art Framing Gallery (Upper Marlboro, MD)
Essie Green Galleries (New York, NY)
The Studio Museum in Harlem (New York, NY)

Amrita Aromatherapy, Inc.

Aromatherapy (foot products)
Foot Nanny

Athlete Entrepreneur
Uninterrupted by LeBron James
Eleven by Venus Williams
V Starr Interiors by Venus William
ELLEVEST by Venus William

Attorney Service
Joey Jackson Law Firm
Martin & Martin LLP
Knight, Morris & Reddick Law Group
The Embry Law Firm
The Griffin Firm, pllc
The Stone Law Office
McPherson Law Offices

Alkaline Water
ION Stabilized Oxygen
DYLN Inspired

Animated Video AD

Black Art
Black Art in America


Asian/Oriental Wall Décor
Oriental-Décor New York

Automotive Dealership
Mills Automotive Group
Sterling Motorcars
RML Automotive

Auto (Car Rentals)
Holiday Autos

Auto Parts
Morris 4×4 Center
Redline Automotive Accessories Corp.
Porter Muffler

Auto Parts (Car Covers)

Auto Parts (Seat Covers/Car Mats)

Ayurveda Experience
Ayurveda Medicine
Transformative Learning PTE LTD


Baby Nursery
Pokkadots & ModernNursery
Project Nursery

Baby Nursery (covers, sheets, towels, swaddles)
Captain Silly Pants, LLC.

Baby Clothes
Darlyng & Company

Baby Clothes (organic)
Wild Dill

Baby Clothing

Baby (Nursery Gifts)
Little Days

Baby (Stroller, Carrier, 360 position)
ERGO Baby Carrier, Inc
Boba Inc

Baby (Stroller, Carrier, 360 position)
ERGO Baby Carrier, Inc
Boba Inc

Baby Shoes
Tippy Tot Shoes

Baby Dippers
Baby Vend Unlimited

Baked Cravings
Justice of the Pies (Chicago, IL)
SweetArt (St. Louis, MO)
Curtis and Cake Company (For Atkinson, WI)
Jera’s Heavenly Sweet (Toledo, OH)
Pietissereie – Pie Tisserie (Oakland, CA)
CamiCakes (Atlanta, GA)
Penthouse Sweets Custom Desserts (Chicago, IL)
Two Dough Girls (Atlanta, GA)

Barbecue Chain
International Smoke

The Barbershop Atlanta Salon

Bed & Breakfast
Arbor View House
Quintessentials (B & B and Spa)
Morehead Manor
Ye Old Manor House
Inn At Dupont South
The Cochrane House

Beauty Products
The Hair Hive
Walker & Company
Beauty Supply Institute
Zandra Beauty

Beauty Salon
Crème Brulee

Bed & Bath
Nature’s Sleep

Bed (Baby Nursey Cribs)
The Project Nursery Shop

Bed (Baby Nursey Modern)

Bed (Kids Bedding Sets)

Beer (Craft Beer & Brewery)
Crowns & Hops

Blk & Bold
Stuyvesant Champagne
Brough Brothers Distillery
Ole’ Orleans Wines
Ellis Island Tea

Beverage (Lemonade)
Me & the Bees

Bicycles (sports/fitness)
Cambria Bicycle Outfitter
ICAN Cycling

Black-Owned Banks
Alamerica Bank (Birmingham, Al)
Citizens Trust Bank (Atlanta, GA)
Citizens Trust Bank (Birmingham, AL)
Citizens Bank (Nashville, TN)
Columbia Savings and Loan (Milwaukee, WI)
City National Bank (Newark, NJ)
Commonwealth National Bank (Mobile, AL)
Industrial Bank (Washington D.C.)
Liberty Bank (New Orleans, LA)
Liberty Bank (Baton Rouge, LA)
Liberty Bank (Kanas City, MO)
Liberty Bank (Chicago, IL)
Liberty Bank (Jackson MS)
Mechanic & Farmers Bank (Durham, NC)
United Bank of Philadelphia (Philadelphia, PA)
Carver Federal Savings Bank (New York, NY)
Carver State Bank (Savannah, GA)
Guaranty Trust Bank Limited (UK)
Zenith Bank Ltd (UK)
First Independence Bank (Detroit, MI)
The Harbor Bank (Baltimore, MD)
GN Bank (Chicago, IL)
Unity National Bank (Houston, TX)
FBN Bank (UK)
Broadway Federal Bank (Los Angeles, CA)
OneUnited Bank
The Harbor Bank of Maryland
Citizens Trust Bank (Online Banking)
Black Economic Alliance

Body & Bath
Desert Essence

Bath & Body (Men)

Body Jewelry

Pathway Coach Writing
Fennell Adventures
The Imagination Agency
Michelle Obama
Young Millionaires Series
Fix Your Business
Ta-Nehisi Coates
Make IT RAIN – Areva Martin, Esq.
Edge of Chaos – Dr. Dambisa Moyo
Dead Aid – Dr. Dambisa Moyo
Go Tell It on the Mountain – James Baldwin
No Place to Be Somebody – Charles Gordone
The Color Purple – Alice Walker
Sister Outsider – Audre Lorde
Beloved – Toni Morrison
The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas
Kindred – Octavia E. Butler

Books (Audiobooks)

Books (Black-Owned Bookstores)
Eso Won Bookstore
Loyalty Bookstore
Mejah Books, Inc.
Dare Books
Pyramid Books
Black Dot Cultural Center
Brave + Kind Bookshop
Semicolon Bookstore @ Gallery
AfriWare Books, Co
Brain Lair Books
Wild Fig Books and Coffee
Frugal Bookstore
Detroit Book City
EyeSeeMee African American Children’s Bookstore
The Lit. Bar
Café Con Libros
Harriett’s Bookshop
Hakim’s Book Store
Turning Page Bookshop
Enda’s Booktique
The Dock Bookshop
Harambee Books & Artworks
Positive Vibes Afrikan Literature Books & Art
Books and Crannies

Books (Book Store)
Barnes & Noble
Campus Book Rentals

Bras for Women (mastectomies)
Cheer Blossom Intimates

Urban Ebooks

Coloring Books
Entrepreneurs Color Too

Bus Tour Company
Black Business Bus Tour Florida

Bus Manufacturer
KIIRA Motors Corporation (Uganda)

Commercial Bus Dealership
K. Neal Truck and Bus Center


Buamah Kayla And Kyle (Book App)
Kayla And Kyle App

Fix Your Business

Mobile Barbershop


Cable TV
Entertainment Studios Allen Media Broadcasting
Steve Harvey

Posh Candle Company
Love Notes Fragrances

Car Dealership
Mills Automotive Group
Sterling Motorcars

Car Manufacturer
Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing
KIIRA Motors Corporation (Uganda)

Cars & Trucks
racechip US

Church (African-American)
Watch Impact Network

Cellphone Accessories (All models)
Quality Cell Phone Cases

Cellphone Accessories (grips)

Cellphone Service

Cellphone Wireless Services
Tello Wireless

Prepaid Cellphone Minutes
Tesix Wireless

Cellphone Charger Technology
Terraoak Inc

Stuyvesant Champagne (Black Champagne Co.)

Chess Sets
The Chess Store, Inc.

The Furlough Cheesecake

Children Shoes
Just Shoes for Kids

Chocolate and Candies
Chocolates and Candies
Ethel M Chocolates (preservative-free)

Children (Games & Toys)

Coffee Shops (Black-Owned)
Red Bay Coffee – Oakland, CA
Coffy Café.com – Washington, DC
URBAN GRIND – Atlanta, Georgia
Amalagam Comics & Coffeehouse – Philadelphia, PA
Red Bay Coffee – San Francisco, CA
HOT & COOL CAFÉ – Los Angeles, CA
Sip and Savor – Chicago, Illinois
Backatown Coffe Parlour – New Orleans, LA
Urban Vintage – Brooklyn, NY

Russell’s Gourmet Coffee
Not So Urban Coffee & Roastery
INI Sips Premium Coffee & Tea
Signature Blends by Kim Fields
Peter’s Brew Jamaican Gourmet Coffee
BLK & Bold Specialty Beverage
RickHouse Gourmet Coffee & Tea Co.
Red Bay Coffee
Historic Noir Coffee Group
2 Bros Coffee Company
Boon Boona Coffee
Sailor’s Brew Coffee
Dope Coffee
Chicago French Press

Coffee Sleeve
Java Sok

Collectibles (Super-Hero Statues)
Iron Studios

Colleges & Universities
Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs)
Alabama A&M University
Alabama State University
Albany State University
Alcorn State University
Allen University
American Baptist College
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Arkansas Baptist College
Barber-Scotia College**
Benedict College
Bennett College
Bethune-Cookman University
Birmingham-Easonian Baptist Bible College*
Bishop State Community College
Bluefield State College
Bowie State University
Carver College *
Central State University
Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science *
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania
Claflin University
Clark Atlanta University
Clinton College
Coahoma Community College
Concordia College, Alabama (closed 2018)
Coppin State University
Delaware State University
Denmark Technical College
Dillard University
University of the District of Columbia
Edward Waters College
Elizabeth City State University
Fayetteville State University
Fisk University
Florida A&M University
Florida Memorial University
Fort Valley State University
Gadsden State Community College (Valley Street campus)
Grambling State University
Hampton University
Harris-Stowe State University
Hinds Community College at Utica
Hood Theological *
Howard University
Huston-Tillotson University
Interdenominational Theological Center
J. F. Drake State Technical College
Jackson State University
Jarvis Christian College
Johnson C. Smith University
Johnson C Smith Theological Seminary *
Kentucky State University
Knoxville College **
Lane College
Langston University
Lawson State Community College
LeMoyne-Owen College
Lewis College of Business (closed 2013)
The Lincoln University
Lincoln University
Livingstone College
University of Maryland Eastern Shore
Meharry Medical College
Miles College
Miles School of Law *
Mississippi Valley State University
Morehouse College
Morehouse School of Medicine
Morgan State University
Morris Brown College **
Morris College
Norfolk State University
North Carolina A&T State University
North Carolina Central University
Oakwood University
Paine College
Paul Quinn College
Payne Theological *
Philander Smith College
Prairie View A&M University
Rust College
Saint Paul’s College (closed 2013)
Savannah State University
Selma University
Shaw University
Shelton State Community College– C A Fredd Campus
Shorter College 
Simmons College of Kentucky 
South Carolina State University
Southern University at New Orleans
Southern University at Shreveport
Southern University and A&M College
Southwestern Christian College
Spelman College
St. Augustine’s University
St. Philip’s College
Stillman College
Talladega College
Tennessee State University
Texas College
Texas Southern University
Tougaloo College
H. Councill Trenholm State Community College
Tuskegee University
University of the Virgin Islands
Virginia State University
Virginia Union University
Virginia University of Lynchburg
Voorhees College
West Virginia State University
Wilberforce University
Wiley College
Winston-Salem State University
Xavier University of Louisiana

Computer Electronics (Gaming PC Hardware)

Computer Electronics (Security Software)
Fast Technology Limited

Computer Training (Linux)
The Linux Foundation

Computer Software

Computer Software (Anti-Virus protection)

Danielle Pierce
National Standard Abstract
Bowa Construction
C.D. Moody Construction
Shaquille O’Neal
H.J. Russel & Co.
McKissack & McKissack
The Peebles Corporation
The AKoin Ecosystem

Cologne for Men
Jackson & Jackson Cologne Oils

Comic Books
Ta-Nehisi Coates

Yves Rocher US & CA
Besame Cosmetics
The Crayon Case
Pat McGrath Labs
Uoma Beauty
AJ Crimson Beauty
Danessa MYricks Beauty
Mented Cosmetics

Cosmetics (All-Natural Facial Oil)
Sulina Shop

Cosmetics (Ayurveda)
Transformative Learning PTE LTD

Cosmetics (Organic)
Be Natural Organics
Gabriel Cosmetics
Antonym Cosmetics

Touch By An Angel Beauty School & Salon

Clothing & Apparel (Men/Women Winter Clothing)

Clothing (Baby Clothing)
Boba Inc

Clothing (Children)
Paper Cape
Sass-E Todds
HBCU Pride & Joy

Clothing (Durable Organic Play Clothes for Kids)

Clothing (Outdoor Men/Women)

Clothing (Sports Apparel)
Rally House

Clothing (Sports Apparel All Brands)

Clothing (Women Cowgirl Clothing)
Cowgirl Kim

Clothing (Women Muslim Dresses)
EastEssence: Kilam Inc.

Clothing (Women Plus Size)
Curve Girl Inc.

Clothing (Women)
Poetic Justice
Goodnight Macaroon

Clothing (Men)
Men’s USA
Robert Graham

Clothing (Men’s Tuxedos)
Tuxedo Closeouts

Clothing (Men & Women)

Clothing (Urban Fashion)

Clothing Men (Designer)
Taft Clothing Inc.
Tayion Fashion Suits

Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip
Richard Pryor: Live on the Sunset Strip (film)
Richard Pryor: Live in Concert (film)

Corporate Housing (furnished housing)
Corporate Housing by Owner

Coffer Cups
Ohh She Did That

Crystal Plus (crystal trophies)
Crystal Plus, Inc.

The AKoin Ecosystem


Dance Theatre Of Harlem
Dallas Black Dance Theatre
Chicago Multi-Cultural Dance School

Dating Websites
Black People Meet
Black Cupid
Caribbean Cupid
Kenyan Cupid
South African Cupid
Black Women Seek White Men
Just Black Singles
Our Time
Silver Singles

Delivery Service (food)
Black and Mobile (the culture delivered)


CamiCakes (cupcakes)
The Black Cake Company
Symphony Potato Chips

Brough Brothers (Black Distillery)

Dolls (African Design)
Queens of Africa Dolls
Kay Customz

Debt & Tax Negotiation
CuraDebt Debt & Tax Counseling

Debt Relief (Taxes, Business, Personal)
CuraDebt Debt & Tax Counseling


Designer Menswear (Black-Owned)
Pyer Moss
Martine ROSE
Public School NYC
Daily Paper

Baby Vend Unlimited
Bifties Gifts
Laykay Designs

Diabetes Checking Device
Figg Health

Digital Technology Services
World Wide Technology

Distributor (food supplies)
The Anderson-DuBose Company

Diaspora Professional Networking

Urban Online Business Directory



Ebony Magazine (lifestyle)
Ebony Magazine

PowerNomic Corporation of America

Black Economics
PowerNomic Corporation of America
Black Economic Alliance

Education Classes
The Linux Foundation
Diverse Organization of Firms

Education Classes (Online Business)
Rich Girl Collective
Side Hustle Pro

Education Classes (Relaxation)

e-Commerce Marketing App
Black Business Boom

Event Tickets (All Major Events)

Electronic Games
Battlefield4 MMOGA

Emergency Food Supplies
American Family Safety

Westbrook Inc
Tyler Perry Studios
BET+ and Tyler Perry
The String Queens
Entertainment Studios – Allen Media Broadcasting
Steve Harvey

Entertainment (TV Networks)
AMG (Allen Media Group)
Uninterrupted by LeBron James

Total Gym

Essential Oils
Guru Nanda LLC

Eye Glasses

Eyeglasses (Prescription Eyeglasses)
eyekepper global inc

Environment Protection (home)

Small Business Entrepreneur


Black-owned Farms
Black Farmers Association
National Black Farmers Association
United Community Centers
Swanson Family Farm
Mill Creek Farm
Burnell Farms

Foot Aromatherapy (foot products)
Foot Nanny

Fashion and Clothing
Todd Patrick Designs
SWJ Hawaiian Gift Shop
Sophisticated Curves (Plus Size Fashion)
BeachCandy Swimwear
Aloha Glamour Apparel
Eumelanin Apparel
Coco’s Wardrobe
Gregory Sylvia
Hope for Flowers
The Sixes

Fashion African Clothing (Male/Female)
The Folklore

Fashion (Baby & Kids)
Just Shoes for Kids

Fashion (Men)

Fashion (Women & Teen)
Shop Priceless

Fashion (Women Cowgirl Western Wear)
Cowgirl Kim

Fashion (women’s lingerie)
Lavinia Lingerie Inc.

Fashion (women’s swimsuits)
BeachCandy Swimwear

Fashion (Women’s Jumpsuits)
Gregory Sylvia
Black Girl Powerhouse (Apparel)
Coco’s Wardrobe

Fashion (Women’s Plus Size Fashion)
Poetic Justice
Curve Girl Inc.

Westbrook Inc
Tyler Perry Studios
BET+ and Tyler Perry
Entertainment Studios – Allen Media Broadcasting
Steve Harvey

Black Economic Alliance
Shea Moisture Fund
Vraiment Financial
Kedra A. Flowers, CPA, PC
Accounting With Folasade
Mobility Capital Finance
Diverse Organization of Firms

Black Economic Alliance
CuraDebt Debt & Tax Counseling
Carousel Checks
Diverse Organization of Firms

Financial (Forex)

Financial (Loans)
PAGA Network

Financial Credit Improvement Services
Credit Assistance Network, Inc.

Financial Services
Black Economic Alliance
Diverse Organization of Firms

Fine Linens (Luxurious Bedding)
Fig Linens

Flash Cards
Darlyng & Company
Urban Intellectuals

Flower Delivery Service
Roses Only USA

Flower Delivery
Gifting Inc

Gifting Inc
Flower Explosion
Kremp Florist

Fly Fishing Flies & Gear
RiverBum Inc

Oh Nuts
Vital Choice-The World’s Finest Wild Seafood & Organic Fare
Bo Jackson Signature Foods
The Dinner Daily, Inc
Escobar Atlanta
Woodruff’ Café & Pie Shop
Mr. 3’s Crab Pot
Sweets in a Jar LLC
Baked Cravings
Southern Culture Foods

Food / Trail Mix (custom made)

Food Delivery/German (food box)
International Web Concepts Inc.

Food Delivery (Subscription Services)

Food Delivery Services
Personal Chef To Go, Inc.
Jet Fuel Meals
Black and Mobile (the culture delivered)

Food (Chocolate Foods)
Sephra LP

Food (Fresh Food Home Delivery)
Home Chef

Food (Superfood)

Food (Vegan/Natural Foods)

Food Box (Subscription)

Food Supplies (Distributor)
The Anderson-DuBose Company

Food Service (Restaurants)
Thompson Hospitality

Fraternities (Black Colleges & Universities)
Alpha Phi Alpha
Kappa Alpha Psi
Omega Psi Phi
Phi Beta Sigma

Fruit (Gift Basket, Home Delivery)
Hale Groves

Freight Broker
NR Swanks Freight Brokerage

Freight Trucking Company
JSU Global Enterprises
October Fourth Logistics

Smart Furniture
Eternity Modern
Laykay Designs

Furniture (Amish)
Amish Furniture

Furniture (Patio Furniture)

Futon Pillow and Mattress
The Futon Shop

Pro-Sports Franchise
Sounders FC


Game (Online Interactive)
Guild Wars 2

Gaming Robotic Technology
Reach Robotics

Games (Boosting Services)
AIAJ Technologies LLC. DBA Leprestore

Games (Modded & Custom Controller)
Evil Controllers

Games (Online Video Games)
Green Man Gaming

Games & Toys
Just Us Junkie Store
Board Game Brothas
Entrepreneur Board Game
Rhyme Antics
Me Too Chronicles

Games (Chess, Backgammon, etc.)

Games (Chess for beginners)
The Chess Store, Inc.

Gaming PC Hardware

Gifting Inc
Bifties Gifts

Gift Wrap

Gifts (Baskets)
Canterberry Gifts

Gifts (Baby Toys)
The Aspen Brands – Baby Aspen

Gifts (personal gifts)
APEL Worldwide dba ArtTownGifts.com

Gifts (shot glasses)
Stuck In Glass

Gifts (Wedding Flowers)

Global Business Community Network

Gold & Silver
South Bay Gold

Russell Stover Chocolates
Vital Choice Wild Seafood & Organics
Hale Groves
Sephra LP

Gourmet (German Food Box)
International Web Concepts Inc.

Gourmet (popcorn)
Gary Poppins

Gourmet Food

GPS Tracker
GPS Tracker (Lost or Stolen Item)

Grants for Black Owned Businesses
FedEx Small Business Grants
Business Grants.Org
Small Business Administration

Shea Moisture Fund

Greeting Cards
Culture Greetings

Grocery Store
Forty Acres Fresh Market


Hotels (black-owned)
Henderson Beach Resort
La Creole Beach Hotel & Spa
Spice Island Beach Resort
The Ivy Hotel
Wanderstay Hotels
La Maison Michelle
Primate Lodge (Uganda)
iKhaya Lodge (South Africa)

Hangover Remedies
Toast! Supplements Inc

The Swag Shop
Touch By An Angel Beauty School & Salon

Hair Bows
Gabby Bows

Hair Care
Moisture Love
The Hair Hive
Arcani Coil Care
DIVA BY CINDY Hair Products
Koils By Nature

Hair Color
Mysteek Naturals

Hair and Skin Care
OYIN handmade
Mello Hair
My Cara Baby Natural Skin & Hair
Pur Bella Naturals
Hug My Hair
I Love Afro
Naturally Made For You
Body Butter Lady
TLC Naturals
Wonder Curl
Naturalicious Natural Hair Products
NaturAll Club
Cassandre Beccai
Uncle Funkys Daughter
SDOT Beauty (All Natural)
Beard Oils Organics
Taliah Waajid Healthy Hair & Body
OBIA Naturals
Design Essentials
Karen’ Body Beautiful
Koils by Nature
My Honey Child
Qhemet Biologics (ancestral hair care)
Curls Dynasty
By Aaron Wallace
Camille Rose
Big Hair
Itiba Nature Earth Beauty
Morning Dew Hair
Ruth & Maes
Alikay Naturals
Wonder Curl

Hair Care
Melanin Haircare
Pattern Beauty
Rucker Roots
Camille Rose

Hair Care Template (Men)
The Cut Buddy

Hair Shaving Products (Men)
Alpha Club 4 Men

Zaaf Collection
Gregory Sylvia
Adele Dejak
Christopher Augmon
Meme Bete
86 & Norman

Hats (Men’s hats)
Wear Brims (men’s hats)

HDTV Indoor Antenna

Head Wraps & bands (female)
The Wrap Life


Healing Crystals & Bracelets
zen jewelz by Zen Jen

HealthCare Professional

Healthy & Organic Lifestyle Food
Full Circle Farms
Unify Health Labs
Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food

Health Management
4D Healthware

Health (Diabetes Checking Device)
Figg Health

Health (Dental Plans)

Health (Natural Luxury Deodorant)

Health (Yoga Lifestyle)

Healthy Skin Care
Walker & Company

Holistic, Healthy Pet Foods & Supplements

Metaphysical Healthy Healing Products
Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Water Systems
Magnetic Healing
Low Energy
Immune Support
Diode E.M.F. Protection
Universal Herbs Inc
Ora’s Amazing Herbal

Hemp Medical Oil
Holmes Organics
King Kanine

Hollywood Memorabilia

Home Lighting

Home Decor

Home Rentals (Corporate Lease/Rental)
Corporate Housing by Owner

Hotels (Travel)
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels
Palace Resorts
Luxor Linens, LLC
Avani Hotels & Resorts
Marco Polo Hotels
Blue Bay Resorts

Home (Emergency Family Supplies)

Home Décor’
Antique Farm House
Oriental-Decor New York
Decor Steals

Home Security
Wyze Cam
Nest Hello Video Door Phone Sub Station
Ring Door View Cam (Satin Nickel)
Arlo Video Doorbell

Home Sewing
Home Sewing Depot

Home & Garden
Buddha Groove
Antique Farm House
Java Sok
ArtificialPlantsAndTrees /PremiereAdirondackChairs
Lumigado LLC
Costway CA
Classic Accessories
Amish Furniture
Fig Linens

Home & Garden (Memory Foam Mattress)
Nature’s Sleep

Human Resource Services
World Wide Technology

Human Resources (IT Staffing Agency)
Diversant (IT Staffing)

Hygiene (feminine)
The Honey Pot
Femi Secrets
Clean & Cue Panty Wash
Nene FemHealth
Ruby Love
Femly Box

Resort Hotels (Black Owned)
Salamander Resort & Spa


Ice Skating Dresses (Apparel & Skating Dresses)

Immune System Boosting

Incorporate Your Business
CorpNet, Incorporated

CompAndSave.com Inc.

Ink & Toner Cartridges Supplies

Insurance (Dental)

Insurance (Travel Insurance)

Black Economic Alliance
Black Wall Streeter Consultation Services
Black Business Investment Fund (BBIF)
Ariel Investments

IT Human Resources (IT Staffing Agency)
Diversant (IT Staffing)


Jeep (Parts and Accessories)
Morris 4×4 Center

Jet Magazine (lifestyle)
Jet Magazine

Sewit Sium
Billie Hilliard
Eumelanin Apparel and Jewelry
Gregory Sylvia
Adele Dejak
Christopher Augmon
Pictures On Gold
US Jewelry Factory
PalmBeach Jewelry
Mateo New York

Jewelry (Hand Made)
Bonito Jewelry

Jewelry (Luxury Watches)
Invicta Stores



Vending Kiosk Technology


laundromat Company
Clean My Laundry
The Laundry Cafe

Leadership (Women)

CorpNet® Incorporation Services
Self-Counsel Press
airSlate Legal Forms, Inc.

Lifestyle Magazine

Limousine Party Bus
GOGO Party Bus

Lip Sticks
The Lip Bar

Loans & Money


Magazine (lifestyle)
Jet Magazine
Ebony Magazine

Baby Vend Unlimited

eReleases (Press Release Distribution)

Marketing Business Platform
Black Business Boom

Marketing (e-Commerce)
3DCart Shopping Cart Software

Marketing (Pinterest & Instagram)

Marketing (Social Media Management)

Marketing Service
Think Zilla Consuling
Ashleigh Warren
TMI Worldwide
Kool Kel Marketing



Mattress (eLuxury Mattress and Pads)

Mattress (Hybrid Mattresses)
Nature’s Sleep

Mattress (Memory Foam)

Mattress (Online Mattress Company)
Crave Mattress

Marriage License Technology
WebWed Mobile

Carnivore Club

Meat (grass feed)
Crowd Cow

Meat (High Quality)
Bo Jackson Signature Foods

Media Firm (Black Owned)
Urban One Inc

Media (affordable streaming media recording)
Applian Technologies Inc.

Meditation is Easy

Men’s Designer Clothing
Tayion Fashion Suits

Men’s Watches
Gregory Sylvia

Mobile Virtual Network Operator
Tesix Wireless

Walmart Blockbuster Movies

Moving & Storage Company
E.E. WARD (moving & storage)

Multimedia Firm
Black Enterprise
Westbrook Inc
Tyler Perry Studios
BET+ and Tyler Perry
The String Queens
Entertainment Studios – Allen Media Broadcasting
Steve Harvey
Spring Hill Company

The String Queens

Music Lessons
ArtistWorks, Inc

Car Manufacturer
Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing

Online Media Firm


Snob Nails Industry

Nail Salons (black owned)
Marche’ Rue Dix (Brooklyn)
Free Edge Beauty Studio (Brooklyn)
Z Luxury Nails (West Hartford, CT)
Nails by Keda (Cleveland, OH)
The Nail Tailor (San Pedro, CA)
Dera Ebele’s Nail Boutique (Franklin Square, NY)
Shic Hair, Nail & Beauty Bar (Brooklyn, NY)
Palms Nail Bar (Arlington, TX)
Shine Nails Chicago + Microblading (Chicago, IL)
A Polished Work Nail Spa Lounge (Chicago, IL)
Studio 7 – The Salon & Spa (Baltimore, MD)
Ms. Glitter Nail Lounge and Spa (Oakland, CA)
Powder Beauty Co. (Los Angeles, CA)
Blessed By Beedy Nails (New Orleans, LA)
Cher-Mere Day Spa (Ontario, Canada)
Beautiful Sisters Nail Spa (Chicago, IL)
Simply Panache Nail Bar & Pedi Spa (Hampton, VA)
Nail by Tiara – The Nail Artist (Atlanta, GA)
Divine Desingz Nails (Jacksonville, GA)
Colour Riot Nails (London, UK)

Nail Technology
Touch By An Angel Beauty School & Salon

Natural Skin & Hair Products
Just Natural Products LLC

Oh Nuts

Nutritional Supplements
Vibrant Health


Office Products

Office Supplies (Discount Prices)
Bulk Office Supplies

Organic (home, office, family)
Sleep & Beyond
Organic Aromas

Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery Service
Farm Fresh To You
Full Circle

Organic (Raw, Organic foods)
Gangster Vegan Organics
PRANA – Organic & Vegan
Herbal Goodness

Organic Health Products
Zandra Beauty
My Organic Zone


Party Bus
GOGO Party Bus

Perfume for Women
Jackson & Jackson Perfume Oils

Pet Dog Clothing, Harnesses and Vests
Dogline Inc

Pet Insurance

Pet (Dogs/Cats-Top Breeds, Care and Insurance)

Pet Security Products

Pet Supply (Dogs) Anything & Everything

Pet Supplies
Pet Pro Supply Co

Pet Training (Dogs, Housebreaking)

Pet Pharmacy (Dogs & Cats)
Homeo Animal
Total Pet SupplyTotal Pet Supply

Wayne Pharmaceuticals

Pharmacy Medical Drugs (low costs products)
Canadian Prescription Drugs

Plants – Buy Online (Lawns, Trees, Flowers)

Plumbing Company
DAZ Plumbing

Photography (backdrops)

Photography (Curated Products)

Photography (shot box)

Shadd Pianos

Potato Chips
Symphony Potato Chips

Private Jet Charter
OC Jets Private Jet Service

Fennell Adventures
Pathway Coach Writing
The Imagination Agency

Public Speaking Coach
Quinn Conyers

Puzzle Huddle



Reading Glasses & Computer Glasses
eyekepper global inc

Real Estate
Coalition Properties Group
The AKoin Ecosystem
Danielle Pierce
National Standard Abstract
Bowa Construction
C.D. Moody Construction
Shaquille O’Neal
H.J. Russel & Co.
McKissack & McKissack
The Peebles Corporation
Beauty Supply Institute

Watch Impact Network

Rental Cars
Holiday Autos

Restaurants (Black-owned)
Birmingham, AL
Yo’ Mama’s Restaurant
Carter’s Seafood
Green Acres Cafe
Rodney Scott’s BBQ
Z’s Restaurant

Anchorage, AK
Roscoe’s Catfish & Barbeque
Chicken Shack
Davon’s Place House of Soul
Boom Ba Laddy’s

Phoenix, AZ
Lo-Lo’s Chicken and Waffles

Chandler, AZ
West Alley BBQ & Smokehouse
Hot Pot Caribbean Cuisine

Laveen, AZ
Charlie Mae’s Soul Food

Mesa, AZ
Knuckle Sandwiches
Aroma Mocha Coffee

Phoenix, AZ
Taste My City
Jupiter Rings Wings & More
Harold’s Chicken Shack
Ocho Rios Jerk Spot
Ethio African Spices
Concierge Bistro
GOJO Ethiopian Restaurant
Sweet Magnolia Smokehouse
The Larder + The Delta
Cool Vybz Jamaican Restaurant
Valley Wings
Island Sensation Cuisine
Desert Island Eatery
Trapp Haus BBQ
The Bread Fruit Restaurant

Scottsdale, AZ

Tempe, AZ
Burger Rush
Word of Mouth Grill
Caribbean Queen

Youngtown, AZ
Rags Real Chicken & Waffles

Marianna, AR
Jones Bar-B-B-Que Diner

San Francisco, Alameda County
Alameda, CA
Dayo Plates
Johnathan Sandwich House

Antioch, CA
Freddy B’ BBQ
Southern Express

Berkeley, CA
A Girl Named Pinky
Anthony’s Cookies
Cali Allery
Everett and Jones BBQ
Healing Kitchen
Kaffa Ethiopian
Layers by Xanthe
Nabolom Bakery

Campbell, CA
Back A Yard Caribbean Grill

Concord, CA
Big Country Kitchen
Concord Tap House
Pure Juice & Smoothie Lounge
Splash Boba Tea

Daly City, CA
Keith’s Chicken & Waffles
Red’s House

Emeryville, CA
A Pleased Palate
Crumble & Whisk
Minnie Bell’s Soul Food Movement
Rob Ben’s
Touch of Soul

Fremont, CA
Carmen & Family BBQ
Haleluya Ethiopian Gourmet

Hayward, CA
Carmen & Family BBQ
Family House of Fish & Poultry
Golden Safari Restaurant
Hippies Brew
Just Potato Salad
Reuschelle’s Cheesecakes

Healdsburg, CA
Bodkin Wines

Hercules, CA
Honey Bee Cakes

Menlo Park, CA
Back A Yard
Fenn Coffee

Mountain View, CA
The Cookout Food Truck

Napa, CA
Brown Estate

Oakland, CA
Addis Ethiopian Restaurant
alaMar Oakland
Aunt Mary’s Cafe
BABS Catering
Blue Nile Restaurant
Café Colucci
Café Romanat
Chef Smelly
De Vaughn’s Cajun Kitchen
Enssaro Ethiopian Restaurant
Everett and Jones
Full Belly Bakery
Gregory’s Gourmet Desserts
Chef Michele
Hella Nuts
Home of Chicken and Waffles
Horn Barbecue
James & The Giant Cupcake
Kopia Delices
Lena’s Soul Food Cafe
Little Giant Ice Cream
Chef Leilani
Malibu Burgers
Mela Bistro
MexiQ Now
Mobb Kitchen
Monifa Dayo
Oeste Oakland Bar & Cafe
The Pleasure Principle
Red Bay Coffee
Red Sea Oakland
Rush Bowls Oakland
Ruth’s Buka
Smokin Woods BBQ
Sobre Mesa Oakland
TENI East Kitchen
Red Door Catering
Two Chicks in the Mix
Chef Kenneth Wynn Catering
Yahshi Bakes

Palo Alto, CA
Coconuts Caribbean Restaurant

Richmond, CA
Snapper Sea Food

San Francisco, CA
Anthony’s Cookies
Bayview Bistro
Bella Trattoria
Burke and Black
EKO Kitchen SF
Flavas Jamaican Grill
Frisco Fried
Hazel Southern Bar & Kitchen
International Smoke
Local Kitchen
Nia Soul Foods
Nombe San Francisco
Peaches Patties – Jamaican
Radio Africa & Kitchen
Sunset Cantina
Taqueria Los Mayas
Tastebuds San Francisco
Two Jack’s Nik’s Place
Ungrafted San Francisco
Yes Pudding
Z Zoul Café – Sudanese Cafe
Queen’s Louisiana Po-Boy Cafe
Amawele’s South African Kitchen
Old Skook Cafe
Hazel Southern Bar & Kitchen

Richmond, CA
Bella Trattoria
Taqueria Los Mayas
EKO Kitchen
International Smoke
Local Kitchen
Voodoo Love Creole Cuisine

San Leandro, CA
Pinx Catering

San Jose, CA
BACKAYARD Caribbean Grill
DeeLee Cakes
Gojo Ethiopian Restaurant
Kategna Ethiopian Restaurant
LeYou Ethiopian
MUDAI Ethiopian Restaurant

San Rafael, CA

San Ramon, CA
Clementine’s Restaurant

Santa Rosa, CA
Cafe Frida Gallery
The Red Rose Catering

Vallejo, CA
Gracie’s BBQ
Hummingbird Bakery & Dessert Bar
Noonie’s Place
Ruthies Caribbean Kitchen

Los Angeles County
Atwater Village, CA
Chicken N Chips

Baldwin Hills / Crenshaw, CA
Mel’s Fish Shack
Hotville Chicken
Post & Beam Los Angeles
Southern Girl Desserts

Bellflower, CA
2nd Healthy Eatery
Nest Breakfast Joint

Carson, CA
Darrow’s New Orleans Grill
Fresh & Meaty Burgers
My Father’s Barbeque

Carthay, CA
Annie’s Soul Delicious
Lalibela Ethiopian
Messob Ethiopian Restaurant
Rosalind’s Ethiopian Cuisine

Central-Alameda, CA
27th Street Bakery Shop

Compton, CA
Billionaire Burger Boys
Fishbone Seafood

Culver City, CA

Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Abeautifulife Jamaican cafe
Boketto Cold Brew
Poppy and Rose

Exposition Park, CA
South LA Cafe

Fairfax, CA
Bludso’s Bar & Que

Gardena, CA
Matthews Home Style Cooking/
Mr. Fries Man
OH My Burger
Yo-Way Eatery

Glendale, CA
Big Chicken

Gramercy Park, CA
Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen

Hawthorne, CA
Donna’s Home Caribbean Restaurant
Mo Better Burgers South Bay

Hyde Park, CA
Grilled Fraiche 
Red Flavor Table

Inglewood, CA
Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles
Bayou Grille
Cobblers, Cakes and Kream
Comfort LA
Dulan’s Soul Food Kitchen
GWEN’S Specialty Cakes
Jamz Creamery
Little Belize Restaurant
Ms. B’s M&M Soul Food
Mingles Tea Bar
Rusty Pot Cafe
Sammiche Shoppe
The Serving Spoon
Sweet Red Peach

Jefferson Park, CA
Chef Marilyn’s
Harold & Belle’s

Leimert Park, CA
Delicious Southern Cuisine
Earle’s Restaurant
Swift LA

Long Beach, CA
Roscoe’s Chicken N Waffles
The Boujie Crab
Derricks on Atlantic
Georgia’s Restaurant
Soul Food

Los Feliz, CA
D’S Original Take Out Grill

Manchester Square, CA
M’ Dears Bakery & Bistro

Marina Del Rey / Playa Vista, CA
Café Buna Maria Del Rey
Café Ruisseau
Sky’s Gourmet Tacos

Mid-City, CA
Natraliart Jamaican Restaurant
Simply D’Licious

Mid-Wilshire, CA
Flavors from Afar
Pips on La Brea
Sky’s Gourmet Tacos

Palmdale / Lancaster, CA

San Fernando Valley, CA
BlaqHaus NoHo Restaurant
JamaFo Express Jamaican Food
Kings Deli
Lou, The French On The Block
The Memphis Grill
Mom’s Haus Louisiana Cuisine
My Fish Stop
One876 Caribbean Restaurant
Sweet Blessings

San Gabriel Valley, CA
Bonnie B’s Smokin Barbecue Heaven
The Gourmet Cobbler Factory
GS Café and Ethiopian Cuisine
Perry’s Joint

View Park-Windsor Hills, CA
Find Your Hilltop
Simply wholesome

West Adams, CA
The Kobbler King
Who’s Hungry Caribbean Catering

West L.A., CA
Jackfruit Cafe

NOLA Voodoo Tavern
Whitter Cafe
Cora Fay’s Cafe
Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
African Grill and Bar
Africana Restaurant & Cafe
The Blazing Chicken Shack
Bonefish Grill
Four by Brother Luck
Island Delight Authentic Jamaican Cuisine
Jessie’s Smokin NOLA
Le French Bakery & Cafe
Lil’ Howard’s Barbecue
Luck Dumping
Mesob Ethiopian Restaurant
Pomodoro’s Deli
Jazz-funk Connection
Uchenna Ethiopian Restaurant
Williams Soul Food, LLC

The Art of Yum
Woody’s Wings
Sandras Next Generation
B&B Wings and Things
Surf vs Turf
Reid’s BBQ
Taste of Soul Restaurant
Jerk Pit Café & Catering
B-Natural Cafe
American Soul Kitchen & Bar
Berkins on Oak
BOOB Wings and Rice Bar
Ricky D’s Rib Shack
Anthony’s Jamaican Restaurant
Dilly’s Cafe
Scott’s Jamaican Bakery
Soulbaila Vibes
Something Good
Craig’s Soul Food
Hot Rod Cafe
Grill 2
Rum & Tequilla Fusion
Berkins Blend Cafe
Lalibela Ethiopian Restaurant & Bar
KOOL Breeze Jamerican Cuisine Restaurant
Westville Seafood
Wing Madness
The Green Room Restaurant & Bar
Kingston Kafe
The Cara-Bean
Rooster’s Chicken & Waffles
Sun Splash Jamaican Restaurant

L & G Southern Soul Food

Clive’s Cafe
800 Degrees Woodfired Kitchen
Awash Ethiopian Restaurant
B & M Market
Balloo Restaurant
Bar ONE Restaurant & Lounge
Blvd Bae’s
Bon Gout BBQ
C Bon Bakery
Cote’ Gourmet
Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen
Groovin Bean
Hammond’s Bakery
Honey Uninhibited
KC Healthy Cooking Cuisine
Lamoys Living Foods
Lil Green House Grill
Love It or Like It Cafe
Manjay Restaurant
Moji African Restaurant
Perry Wings Plus Caribbean
Reggae Beets Jamaican
Shuckin Jivin Chicken & Seafood
Sukis Seafood & Grill
Swan Bevy
Tacos vs Burritos
The Squeeze Juice Bar
Victory Restaurant & Lounge
House of Mac

Sarasota, Florida
Shut EM Down
Motion Sweets
Mixed Fillings Pie Shop
Pink Salt Restaurant & Wine Bar
Irie Diner Caribbean
Mr. Potato Spread
Jax Bread Co
Jenkins Quality Barbecue

Orlando, Florida
Shantell’s Just Until
Island Thyme Caribbean Grille
Dajen Eats Cafe
1000 Degrees Pizza
Selam Ethiopian & Eritrean Cuisine
Something Fishy Seafood Restaurant
Soul Food Fantasy
Addicted Tasty Crabs
Sister Honey’s
Nikkis Place Family

St. Petersburg, Florida
7th and Grove
Al’s Bar-B-Que
The Hall
Ladies of the Sea & Soul
Island Crew Restaurant
Kay’s Kitchen
Chief’s Creole Cafe

St. Augustine, Florida
Crescent Beach Bar & Grill
Leroy’s Cafe

Fort Myers, Florida
Fibrre Burger
Fly Foods LLC
Jonesez BBQ

Coco Beach, Florida
Downtown Diner
Friendly’s Subs & More
Jerk Falvas Jamaican Restaurant
Loyd Have Mercy
Mo-Bay Grill Cuisine
Pebbles Catering & Event Design
Soul Hibachi Chicken-Steak-Shrimp
Wings & Things Too!

Boca Raton, Florida
Trindy Gourmet
Troy’s Barbeque
McCray’s Backyard Bar-B-Q & Seafood
Le Bistro 2.0
Queen of Sheeba Ethiopian Restaurant

Marco Island, Florida
Bistro Soleil French Cuisine & Seafood

Atlanta, GA
Anna’s BBQ Restaurant
BOOGALOU Restaurant Lounge
The bqe Restaurant Lounge
Daddy D’z The BBQ Joint
Dat Fire Jerk Chicken
Escobar Restaurant & Tapas
Fin & Feather’s Restaurant
Foxx Original Jamaican Restaurant
Frost Bistro & Bar
Grass VBQ Joint
Harold’s Chicken & Ice Bar
Helen’s Hot Chicken
Hive Buckhead
JamRock Jamaican Style
Ketz Kitchen Coastal Carolina Cuisine
Krab Queenz Seafood Restaurant
le petit marche’
Nancy Pizza
Parlor Den
Paschal’s Restaurant & Event Space
Pin & Proper
Plant Based Pizzeria
Restaurant Ten Bar & Grill
Richard’s Southern Fried Hot Chicken
Slim & Husky’s Pizza
Tom, Dick & Hank
The Wing Bar

Southwest Atlanta, GA
A1 Soulfood
bella Restaurant
Big Daddy’s Southern Cuisine
Garden Parc
Gocha’s Breakfast Bar
Jamrock Jerk Restaurant
JJ’s Rib Shack
Life Bistro
Local Green Atlanta
Milk & Honey Restaurant
Mr. Everything Cafe
PUNCHO’S Late-Nite Fry Trap
Slim & Husky’s Pizza
Yasin’s Homestyle Seafood

College Park/Hapeville/
East Point/Forest Park &
Ellenwood, GA
Big Daddy’s Dish
The Corner Grille
Hattie Marie’s Barbecue
Kingston Grill
Lov’n It Live
Pit Boss BBQ
Salads by Martha
MILK & Honey Cafe
Sammy Cheezecake
Supreme Fish Delight
Tom, Dick & Hank
Tropical Cuisine Atlanta
Virgil’s Gullah Kitchen & Bar
Yasin’s Homestyle Seafood

Conyers/Stonecrest &
Lithonia, GA
Coaxum’s Low Country Cuisine
Fletcher’s Restaurant
NANA’S Chicken-N-Waffles
Nancy’s Pizzeria
This Is It Bar-B-Q & Seafood

Cobb County, GA 
Cafe Social House
Capers Restaurant & Bar
Chris’ Caribbean Bistro
The Eating Spot
Fit Foodies Bistro
Frank’s Cajun and Soul Kitchen
Harold’s Chicken & Marietta Ice Bar
The Manna House Cafe
Rodney’s Jamaican Soul Food
This Is It Bar-B-Q & Seafood
Wingz on Wheelz Marietta
Yasin’s Homestyle Seafood

Fairburn & Palmetto, GA
Casablanca Burger Co.
The Chat & Chew
Moreau’s Oven
Sliders Burger Joint
THAT Burger Spot!

DeKalb County, GA 
Apple Butter Bakery
Big Daddy’s Southern Cuisine
Desta Ethiopian Kitchen
Diaspora Kitchen Creole Soul Food
Fletcher’s Restaurant
Fresh Treats Gourmet Bistro
Ghion Cultural Hall – Atlanta
Mr. Everything Cafe
Pi-Bytes – Pizza & Cheese Cakes
Purple Corkscrew
ROC SOUTH Cuisine & cocktail
Shyran’s Showcase
Sweet Potato Cafe
Sweet Thang’s Carnival Eats
Tastee Spoon
This Is It Bar-B-Q & Seafood
Trend Urban Cafe
Who’s Got Soul Southern Cafe

North Fulton, GA
Big Oak Tavern
Chef Rob’s Cafe

Gwinnett, GA
Edee’s Place Bar-B-Que
EpiCurean Cafe
Escovitchez Legendary Island Cuisine
Husker’s Cafe
Jay’s Caribbean Cuisine
Kingston30 Jamaican Restaurant
Kingsway Restaurant & Bar
Moe’s Soulfood Kitchen
Nawlins Praline Candy
Off the Hook Fish & Shrimp
Ovations Caribbean Grill
Ti-Chi Southern Cuisine
Who’ Got Soul Southern Café
The Wing Suite

Oahu, HI
Aloha Sub of Wahiawa
Elisabeth Kitchen
Ethiopian Love
Fat Cheeks Hawaii
Fresh Over Flesh
Garibaldi’s Pizza
JamRock Lounge Caribbean Fusion Cuisine
KYE TeaHouse
Le Crepe Cafe
Local Joe
Maya’s Tapas & Wine
Smokin’ Wings & Southern Things of Hawaii
The Kajun Connection LLC
Waffle and Berry

Maui, HI
Kihei Caffe
Sale Pepe Pizzeria
Sol Brothers BBQ

Kauai, HI
D*Green’s BBQ
NOM Kauai
Slow Island Food & Beverage Co.

Hawaii Island, HI
Rebel Kitchen

Brown Shuga Soul Food

Chicago, IL
14 Parish Restaurant & Rhum Bar
Banis Beets
Base Hit BBQ Grill Masters
Batter & Berries
https://wwBear Down Barbecue & Catering Co.
BigCity CheeseSteaks
BR Steakhouse
Caribbean Jerk Palace
Chicago’s Home of Chicken & Waffles
Crazy Bird Chicken
Dan’s Soul Food and Cafe
Doughboy’s Chicago
Eleven-Eleven Chicago
EMECHE’ Cakery & Cafe
Flammin Restaurant
Flippin Flavors
Friistyle Chicago
The Frontier Chicago
Garifuna Flava Restaurant
The Good Life Soul Food Cafe
Home of the Hoagy
Ina Mae Tavern
Ja’ Grill
Jerk Taco Man Caribbean BBQ
JJ Fish & Chicken
Josephine’s Southern Cooking
Kilwins Chicago – Hyde Park
Lexington Betty SmokeHouse
Mabe’s Deli
Mae’s Que House
MIKKEY’S Retro Grill
Mr. Brown’s Lounge
Phlavz Bar & Grille
Q’s Tips & Wings BBQ
Shawn Michelle’s Homemade Ice Cream
Slice of Bronzeville
Some Like It Black
Soule’ Chicago
The Soul Shack
Sweet Maple Cafe
Taste 222 Chicago
Taylor’s Taco
The Full Slab Chicago
Turkey Chop Gourmet Grill
Two Fish Crab Shack
Uncle Remus Saucy Fried Chicken
Urban Grill Chicago
Virtue Restaurant & Bar
Windy City Ribs & Whiskey

Chicago’s North Side, IL
Urban Grill Chicago
Lizzy J Catering
Batter & Berries
Taylor’s Tacos Catering
Ina Mae Tavern
The Frontier
Mr. Brown’s Lounge
Taste 222 Chicago
Crazy Bird Chicken
Eleven-Eleven Chicago
Soule’ Chicago
TurkeyChop Gourmet Grill
Uncle Remus Saucy Fried Chicken
Windy City Ribs & Whiskey
Emeche Cakery & Cafe
Chicago’s Chicken & Waffles
Some Like It Black
Bronzeville Wingz
Slice of Bronzeville
Two Fish Crab Shack
Friistyle Chicago
The Soul Shack
Virtue Restaurant & Bar
Kilwins Chicago – Hyde Park
MIKKEY’S Retro Grill
Bear Down Barbecue & Catering
Hidden Manna Cafe
Mae’s Que House
Golden Gloves Cuisine
BigCity CheeseSteaks
Pink Panini Soups & Salads
Home of the Hoagy
Banis Beets

Chef Oya’s The Trap
Chef Tia & Co.
Exotic on The Run
Garrett’s Smokehouse Barbeque
Jamaican Breeze
Kalakutah Grills
Krab Kingz Seafood
Major Restaurant Ethiopian Dining
Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles
Off The Hook Fish & More
Pull Up Grill & BBQ
R&R Extreme Wings
Smoove’s Indy
Sweeties GT
The Missing Brick

Autry Veterans BBQ & Catering
Rodney’s Jamaican Jerk & BBQ
Vivian’s Soul Food
Willie Ray’s Q Shack
Lola’s Fine Kitchen
Palm’s Caribbean Cuisine
G.G.’s Chicken & Waffles

Jones BBQ– Kansas City
Niecie’s Restaurant
Urban Café – KC
Soiree Steak & Oyster House
REDROCK Canyon Grill
The Rockhill Grille
Charlie D’s Seafood & Chicken
The Burger Stand Restaurant

Back Deck BBQ
The Black Italian
Boujie Biscuit
Bredon’s Catch 23
Chef’s Cut Pizzeria
Chicken King of Louisville
Dasha Barbours Southern Bistro
Funmi’s Cafe
Galan’s Meat Market & Deli
Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago
Louisville Smokers BBQ
Lucy Mae’s Food Mart & Kitchen
Mamas Kitchen
NAPA River Grill
Pizza Bar
POLLO a gourmet chicken joint
Queen of Sheba
Seafood Lady
Six Forks Burger Co
Soul Food Dinning LLC
Soulful Choices
Ziba’s Bistro
Sabor Latino

New Orleans, LA
Willie Mae’s
Café SBISA – Est.1899
Café Dauphine
Vyoone’s Restaurant
Neyow’s Creole Cafe
Backatown ‘A Coffee Parlout’
The Half Shell On The Bayou
The Munch Factory
Barrow’ Catfish
Twisted Waffles
Chef Gone MAD
We Dat’s Chicken & Shrimp
Ma Momma’s House of Cornbread, Chicken & Waffles
Beaucoup Eats
Meals from The Heart Cafe
Best Life Pharmacy and Restaurant
14 Parishes Jamaican Restaurant
Tanjarine Kitchen
Addis Nola
Heard Dat Kitchen
FRITAI Haitian Street Food
Johnny’s Jamaican Grill
PEEWEE’S Crabcakes
Carre’ Restaurant and Bar
Bayou Bistro Louisiana Cuisine
Fire Food & Spirits

Black Betty’ Bistro
Magnus on Water

Blue Waters Caribbean & Seafood Grill
Crab Boss Florida Style Seafood
Drink Spizzy
Swahili Village
The Shell Shack Seafood
Trinity Grill & Bar
Lefty’s Barbecue
Milk & Honey Cafe
MIYA Lounge

Greater Boston, MA
Bistro 781
Bytes At University Park Café
Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant
French Press Bakery & Cafe
Highland Creole Cuisine
Neighborhood Kitchen
Oggi Gourmet
Petsi Pies
Pikliz International Kitchen
Puritan & Company
Rhythm ‘N Wraps
Sunrise Cuisine
The Coast Cafe
The Little Crepe Cafe
Tipping Cow Ice Cream
Devonish Kitchen Delivery
P&R Jamaican Restaurant
Larry J’s BBQ Cafe

Allston, MA
Rock City Pizza

Dorchester, MA
Antonio’s Pizzeria
M&M Barbecue
Murl’s Kitchen – Jamaican Restaurant
Oasis Restaurant – Caribbean Restaurant
Taste of Eden Jamerican Restaurant
Wingz and Tingz

Downtown, MA
Savvor Boston Lounge

East Boston, MA
Tawakal Halal Cafe

Hyde Park, MA
Wingz and Tingz
ZaZ Restaurant

Jamaica Plain, MA
The Blue Nile Ethiopian Cuisine
Ethiopian Cafe
Jamaica Mi Hungry

Mattapan, MA
Blue Mountain Jamaican Restaurant
Café Juice Up
Caribbean Flavors Boston
Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant

Roslindale, MA
Obosa Foods

Roxbury, MA
Soleil Boston
Suya Joint All African Cuisine
Top Mix Bar & Kitchen

South End, MA
Daryl’s Corner Bar & Kitchen
Lucy Ethiopian Cafe
MIDA Boston
Slade’s Bar & Grill

Sweet Potato Sensations
Savannah Blue
Flood’s Bar & Grille
Yoshi Hibachi Grille
Mr. Corned Beef Deli
Beans & Cornbread
Good Times On The Ave
Ivy Kitchen & Cocktails
The Narrow Way Café & Shop
Noodles In Madison Heights
Soup Dive
44 Burrito
CJ’s Upper Deck
The Candied Yam
Forty Acres Soul Kitchen
Dime Store
Le Culture Cafe
BERT’S Entertainment Complex
Spoonfulls Great Soulfood
The Soul Food Shawarma Bistro
MS E-Vee’s Soul Food
DeAngelo’s 313 Soul Cafe
Baker’s Keyboard Lounge
Midwest Grille
Irie Kitchen
Table No. 2 Restaurant
Crab House
Linden Grill
Minnie’s Rhythm Cafe
Jay Birds Rotisserie & Grill
Fusion Flare Kitchen & Cocktails/
BBQ Central Detroit

Breaking Bread – Minneapolis
Angelea’s Soul Food Kitchen
Golden Thyme Coffee on Selby
Handsome Hog
Milton’s Vittles, Vino, and Beer
Pimento Jamaican Kitchen
Soul Bowl
Revival Restaurants
Breakfast Bar
2 Scoops Eatery
Bole Ethiopian Cuisine
RCK Soul Food
You’ve Been Souled
Gold Room Restaurant
Thigh Times Birdhouse
Tommies Pizza
You’ve Been Souled
B’beri Desserts
Breaking Bread Café & Catering
Cheese Cake Funk

Country Fisherman
Heavenly Sweetz Custom Cakes
Mama Nature’s Juice Bar
Sherria’s Chicken Coop 2Go
Zoe’s Restaurant
Eddie & Rubye’s Snack Bar
Ms. Audrey’s Southern Kitchen & Catering
Nana J’s Soul Kitchen

The Marquee Restaurant & Lounge
Ofure Palace
Krab Kingz
C. Jenkins Company
Emmanuel’s Family Restaurant
Lefty’s Fried Rice
Shell City Crab Shack
Bus Loop burgers To-Go
Crawling Crab
Addis Ethiopian Catering
Gates BBQ
King’s Table Restaurant
AAA Fish House
Bigboyz Burgers and More
C&K St. Louis Barbecue
Cheesecakes by Rish
DE Palm Tree Jamaican Cuisine
The Fattened Cafe
Gourmet Soul Restaurant & Catering
Gulf Shores Restaurant
Healthy Habits Nutrition
Holeshotz Bar & Grill
Joe-Jo’s Fish & Chicken
La Patisserie Chouquette
Ms. Piggies’ Smokehouse
My Just Desserts Alton, LLC
Oasis Grill
Spiced Just Right!
Steve’s Hot Dogs St. Louis


The Best Burger in Omaha
Big Mama’s Kitchen & Catering
B’s Bones & Sauce
Caribbean Delights
Dipped & Draped
Emery’s Café Southern Cuisine
Granny Weavs Catering
Huskerland Popcorn
Krab Kingz Seafood
Lutfi’s Fried Fish
Mary Ellen’s – Food for the Soul
O’leaver’s Kitchen
Sapphire Grill
Smoking Jay’s BBQ
Soular Power Plate
Still Poppin Gourmet Popcorn
Stur 22 Lounge

Braud’s Funnel Cake Cafe
Philly Freeze-Me
Nigerian Food
Chef Natalie Young
BirdCage Restaurant
Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles
Phat Snackz
YourWay Breakfast + Lunch
BIG Chicken
Big Jerk Caribbean
Big Mamas – Wing & Things
The Cereal Killerz Kitchen
EllaEm’s Soul Food
Gritz Cafe
Call Me Cake
Down2Earth Plant Base Cuisine
O.G. Lola’s Vegan Filipino Soul Food

New Hampshire
Soel Sistas
Southern Girl Desserts
Boogalows Island BBQ
Clyde’s Cupcakes
Cup of Joe Coffee Bar
Greenleaf Restaurant
Madear’s – Southern Eatery
Ooo La La Creative Cakes, LLC
The Hop Knot
Yahso Jamaican Grille
New England Sweetwater Farm & Distillery

New Jersey
Black Swan Espresso
Blueberry Cafe

Bloomfield, NJ
Café Mobaynj

Carlstadt, NJ
Caribbean Delicacies

City of Orange, NJ
Reddz Grill & Bistro
Sarrah’s Café Trinbago

East Orange, NJ
Soul Food Factory

Hackensack, NJ
GAB EATS “Eats By Gab”
Grandma’s Kitchen Real Caribbean Food
Jerk’D Modern Caribbean Kitchen
Paula’s Soul Food
14 Parish Kitchen

Jersey City, NJ
The GRIND Coffee Shop
Jerkin Chicken Real Jamacian Jerk

Maplewood, NJ
Harry’s Daughter
Carolyn’s Soul Foods
Palmer’s Sweetery & Cafe
Cornbread Farm to Soul
HLS Juice Bar & Grill

Montclair, NJ
Montclair Diner
Saveur Creole Restaurant
MESOB Restaurant
Clean Juice
Montclair Brewery

Morristown, NJ
Sandi’s Cooking with Love & Soul

Netcong, NJ
Eagle Mini Diner Jamaican & American Cuisine

Newark, NJ
Vonda’s Kitchen
BlackSwan Espresso
Blueberry Café Juicebar & Vegan Grille
The Lazy Leaf Café & Bistro
The Weekend Spot Restaurant
Marcus B&P
The Houses of Soul

Paterson, NJ
Rontairey Soul Food Restaurant
The Halaal Corner

Rahway, NJ
Cook’s Kitchen

Teaneck, NJ
Coffee & Cornbread
Greenhouse Juices & Cafe

Warren, NJ
4 Brothers Breakfasts

West Orange, NJ
Harper’s Cafe
How Delish HD
Some Good Food

New Mexico
Fifty/Fifty Coffee House & Pub
A Taste of the Caribbean
Andre’s Royal Touch
Big Boss Hotlinks
K’Lynn’s Southern & Cajun Fusion
Frank’s Famous Chicken & Waffles
Talking Drums African & Caribbean Grill
Rowley Farmhouse Ales
Revolution Bakery
Big Papa’s BBQ and More
Biscuit Boy
Corner Kitchen
Freezie Fresh Rolled Ice Cream
Honeymoon Brewery
Stargazer Pure Tea Kombucha
The Sugarbom
Uncle T’s Sangwiches & Stews

New York
Brooklyn, NY
Bed-Stuy Fish Fry
Brooklyn Lobster
Black Nile Seafood & Soul Food
Brown Butter NYC
The Council
Cheryl’s Global Soul
The Crabby Shack
Cuts & Slices
Daddy Green Pizza
Greedi Kitchen
Happy Cork
Joloff  Restaurant
The Paris Dakar
Rustik Tavern
Sally’s Bar & Restaurant
Shipwreck Seafood Boutique
Spudz French Fry Shop
Zaca Cafe
The Armory
The Soul Spot Restaurant
Bunna Ethiopia
Collective Fare
Buka New York
Mac Shack Menu
Sisters Brooklyn
Soco – Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, NY
Wray’s Caribbean & Seafood
The Bergen Brooklyn
Essence Bar & Restaurant
Brooklyn Suya
Ital Kitchen Brooklyn
Lakou Café – The Haitian American
Gloria’s Caribbean Cuisine
Peppa’s Jerk Chicken
Savvy Bistro & Bar
Sweet Brooklyn Bar & Grill
The Crabby Shack
Amarachi Lounge
Mangoseed Restaurant & Bar
Sip Unwine
Imani Kitchen & Bar
Bati Ethiopian Kitchen
Le Succulent
Negril Brooklyn
MO’s Original
& Sons New York
Zanmi New York
Cheryl’s Global Soul
333 Lounge
Breukelen Rub Spice Company
Essence Bar
Eve’s Lounge
La Caye
Mangoseed & Zurilee Restaurant

Manhattan, NY
Belle Harlem
Boulevard Bistro NY
Chocolat Harlem
Cove Lounge
Harlem Hops
Home Sweet Harlem
Lee Lee’s Rugelach
Lloyd’s Carrot Cake
Lolo’s Seafood Shack
Maison Harlem
Millie Peartree
Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread too
Sisters Caribbean Cuisine Harlem
Its Teranga – African Super Food
The Edge Harlem
Tsion Cafe
Omar’s Kitchen
Las’ Lap New York
Cheeky Sandwiches
Divine Flavored Catering
Massawa NYC
Brooklyn Chop House
Berber Street Food
Urban Vegan Kitchen
Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant
B Squared Harlem
Ponty Bistro Harlem
Renaissance Harlem
Reverence New York
Ruby’s Vintage Harlem
Seasoned Vegan

New York, NY
Bleachers Sports Bar & Grill
Blvd Bistro in Harlem
Blujeen in Harlem
Ashford & Simpson’s Sugar Bar
Blossom Restaurant in Chelsea
Chocolat Restaurant Lounge in Harlem
Cove Lounge in Harlem
The Edge Café in Harlem
Home Sweet Harlem in Harlem
Lolo’s Seafood Shack in Harlem
Londel’s Restaurant in Harlem
Melba’s in Harlem
Mikey Likes It Ice Cream
Minton’s in Harlem
Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too
Queen of Sheba in Hell’s Kitchen
Red Rooster and Ginny’s Supper Club
Sweet Chick in Lower East Side
Sydney’s Sweets Custom Cake Studio

Bronx, NY
Lloyd’s Carrot Cake
Beatstro – The Hip Hop Restaurant
Bricks & Hops

Queens, NY
Queens Bully
Milk & Pull
Dunns River Caribbean Restaurant
Henrica’s Restaurant & Lounge

Staten Island, NY
TRI Lounge & Cafe

North Carolina
Saltbox Seafood Joint
Abugida Ethiopian Café & Restaurant
Anntony’s Caribbean Cafe
Cuzzo’s Cuisine
It’s Popping Gourmet Kettle Korn
Leah and Louise
LuLu’s Maryland Style Chicken & Seafood
Mama Gee’s
Mr. 3’s Crab Pot
Mr. Charles Chicken & Fish
Original Chicken ‘n Ribs
Stats Restaurant & Bar
The Yolk Cafe
Wrap ‘N’ Roll
Detour Coffeebar
Nick & Mike Bar and Grill
Queen’s Coffee Bar
Nana Morrison’s Soul Food
Soul Central Southern Home Cooking
RED at 28th
Caribbean Hut
Two Scoops

Eastern, North Carolina
Babann’s Southern Fried Chicken
Café De Belton
Sweet Grandma Grill
Island Tease Cuisine

Triad, Carolina
Cam’s Coffee Company
Carolina’s Vineyards & Hops
Forsyth Seafood Market & Cafe
Taste of the Triad
Sweet Potatoes & Restaurant
Stephanie’s Restaurant
Funderburk’s Soul Food
Occasions 11
Taste of Ethiopia
Hickory Tree Turkey BBQ
Dame’s Chicken & Waffles

Triangle, Carolina
The Fish House Seafood Market
Plumpeez New York Style Deli
Pure Juicery Bar
Mama Dip’s
The Chicken Hut Durham
Beyu Caffe
Big C Waffles
Boricua Soul
Chez Moi Bakery
Jamaica Jamaica Caribbean
Nolia Coffee
Nzingas Kitchen Cajun & Southern Cuisine
Saltbox Seafood Joint
Skewers Bar & Grill
Shrimp and Pasta’s Dankery
True Flavors Diner
Zweli – Zimbabwean & South African Cuisine
Morehead Manor Bed & Breakfast
Bestow Baked Goods
Boss of Vegan
Jamaica Jerk Masters
Jonathan’s Sports Lounge & Grill
Kandy Apples by K
Premier & Cakes
The Chocolate Boutique
Oak City Fish and Chips
ORO Restaurant
Sweet Tea & Cornbread Grill & Eatery
NAFKOT Ethiopian Restaurant
Virgil’s Jamaica
Proverbs Bakery

West North, Carolina
Tiger Bay Cafe
Dreadlife Kitchen Caribbean Soul Food

North Dakota
A&E Liberian Restaurant
Adibon African Fusion Cuisine
African International Restaurant
Boppa’s Bagels
Madina Cuisine
Rugsan East African Cuisine
Suna’s Egyptian Eatery

Beckham’s B&M BBQ
Brown’ Corner Restaurant
Cathy’s Gourmet Ice Cream
Dream Cafe
Fawaky Burst Juice Bar
Floods Urban Seafood Lounge
Fresh & Meaty Burgers
The Fresh Fix of Heights
iRie Jamaican Kitchen
The Rib Cage Smokehouse Bar & Grill
Sam Sylk’s Chicken and Fish
The Sauce Boiling Seafood Express
Sauce The City Cleveland
Southern Café Cleveland
Subcity Restaurant
The Sweet Fix Bakery
Zoma Cleveland
Battiste & Dupree Cajun Grill
Choukouya Resto-Bar
Dreamz Cafe
Heights Soul Food & Grill
KCC – Kelly Catering Co
The Sauce Boiling Seafood Express
Squash the Beef Catering
Swerve Grille
The Vegan Doughnut Company

Tulsa, OK
Big Daddy’s BBQ
Mack’s Wings
Oklahoma Style Bar-B-Que
Sweet Lisa’s Café
Waffle that
Wanda J’s Next Generation Restaurant
Elmer’s BBQ

Oklahoma City, OK
Big Fella’s BBQ
Chef Curry To Go
Chef Prince’s Catering
Cornish Smokehouse
Eye Candi Cupcakes
Crey Sweater – OKC
La Baguette Restaurant
Seafood Connect
Smoked Out BBQ
Wing Supreme – OKC
Black Bear Diner
Big Boy’s Bar-b-que Express
Butter n’ Love Bakery
Cafe420 The Alkaline Plant-Based Stop
Cajun King
Callahans Chicago Dogs.
Catfish Bayou
Chestand’s Family Bar-B-Que Catering
Clean Juice Classen Curve
Culture Coffee
Fat Sosa’s
George’s Happy Hog Barbeque
Ice Event Center & Grill
King’s BBQ
Memphis Magic BBQ
Ozell’s Grill on Wheelz
Polar Donuts
Seafood Connect – Caterer
Smoked Out BBQ
Taste of Soul Egg Roll

Edmond, OK
Cajun Catfish & PO-Boys
Texlahoma Barbeque
The Hive Eatery

Midwest City, OK
Brielle’s Cajun & Creole Dining
Cajun Catfish & PO-Boys
TEZ WINGZ Made Fresh
Seasoned Cafe MWC

Del City, OK
Cajun Catfish & PO-Boys

Moore, OK
Ray’s BBQ
L & J Liquor

Norman, OK
Ray’s BBQ
The Brown’s Kitchen OKC

Philly’s Scratch Kitchen

Bethany, OK
Not Cho Cheesecake
Good Times & Great Vibes
Black Walnut
Brielle’s Cajun & Creole Dining
Cajun Catfish & PO-Boys
Chef Curry To Go
Cornish Smokehouse in OKC
Ray’s BBQ
Signature Bakery
Smoked Out BBQ
Texlahoma Barbeque
TEZ WINGZ Made Fresh
The Hive Eatery
Wanda J’s Next Generation

Portland, Oregon
Abbey Creek Vineyard
Abyssinian Kitchen
Amalfi’s Restaurant
Atlas Pizza
Bellagios Pizza
The Big Elephant Kitchen
Blue Room Bar
Cason’s Fine Meats
Clinton’s Kitchen
Daddy D’s Southern Style BBQ
Dirty Lettuce
Enat Kitchen
Ezell’s Famous Chicken
Feed the Mass
Fort Bayou BBQ
Goldies BBQ
GW Caribbean Smoked BBQ
Hero’s American Cafe
Ingrid’s Good Street Food & Paleo Grill
Ja’Das Soulful Eatz
Jamaican Homestyle
Jelana’s Bake Shop
Joe Brown’s Carmel Corn
Killer Burger
Mathilde’s Kitchen
Mingle Lounge
Miss’ipi Chef
Queen of Sheba
Rose and Lincoln
Rush Bowls
Safari Restaurant
Selena’s Custom Kitchen
Sengatera Ethiopian Restaurant
Southern Kitchen
Spice of Africa
Union Burger
V’ Soul Food Shack
Zoe Ann’s Cheesecakes
The Oregon Public House
Jamaican Homestyle Cuisine

Angry Deekin Ribs
Baby Buns Restaurant
Booker’s Restaurant & Bar
Butter’s Souvl Food
The Cloud Cups Company
Country Cookin1
Reggae Reggae Vibes
South Jazz Kitchen & Bar
Wins Coffee Bar
Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse
Bower Cafe
Rose Petals Cafe
Stripp’d Juice
Turp’s Kitchen
Milk Sugar Cakes
Pretzel Workz
Jamaican Jerk Hut
Flambo Caribbean Restaurant
Franny Lou’s Porch
Blazin Flavorz
UMMI DEES Burger Bistro
Nile Vegan Cafe
Zaneyah’s Delights
Aunt Berta’s Kitchen
Corinne’s Place
Flying Crust Pizza & Wings
Back Alley Barbeque
Nafisa’s Kitchen
Haverford Grill & Soul
Star Fusion Express Restaurant

Rhode Island
10 Rocks Tapas Bar & Restaurant
Bake Eat Love 
Baker Street Cafe, Providence 
Bangin’ Wings
Black Beans
Brooklyn Coffee, Tea & Guest House,
Bugg’D Out BBQ
The Burrito Bowl
Cakes by Eboni
D’s Spot
Deddeh’s Kitchen
Distinguish Catering 
Fork’n  Sammich
Four/29 Brunch and Supper Club 
Glorious West African Restaurant
The Glow Café & Juice Bar
High Grade Seafood
Humming Bird
Island House Restaurant
Ja Patty
Kinfolk’s Award-Winning BBQ
Mindful Maia
Pan A Day Take Away
Petit Bakery
Quaintly Farm Rhode Island
Sarcastic Sweets
White Dog Distilling
Village Restaurant
Livin Sweet
The Glow Café & Juice Bar
Garden of Eve Restaurant

South Carolina
Big Mikes soul Food
Clarendon Cuisine
Rodney Scott’s BBQ
Bertha’s Kitchen
True BBQ
Calabash Caribbean Grill
Railroad BBQ
A Peace of Soul Vegan Kitchen
Kiki’s Chicken and Waffles
The Reizod Vegan Experience
The Tropical Cafe
Mason Lobster Roll
Hannibal’s Soul Kitchen
Nigels Good Food
Food for the Southern Soul
Nana’s Seafood & Soul
Heavenly Spoon
Blackenese Soul Food Hibachi
My Three Sons of Charleston
LoLA Low Country Louisiana Seafood Kitchen
Just Stuff It! Catering Company
Swank Desserts
Simply Seafood Market
Rommy’s Cuisine
Gillie’s Seafood
ChuckTown Seafood Cafe
VIBEZ Restaurant & Lounge

South Dakota
Swamp Daddy’s Cajun Kitchen
Hagere Ethiopian Restaurant

Prince’s Hot Chicken
Alcenia’s Restaurant
Arnold’s Bar-B-Que & Grill
Cozy Corner BBQ
Curry N Jerk Authentic Caribbean Cuisine
Dr. Bean’s Coffee and Tea
Sweet Magnolia Gelato Co.
Tailor’s Union
The Bar-B-Q Shop
The Chef Tam’s Underground Cafe
DeeO’s Seafood
The Kitchen Restaurant on Jackson
Mardi Gras Memphis Restaurant & Bar
Payne’s Bar-B-Que
Riko’s Kickin Chicken
Slice Of Soul Pizza Lounge
StickEm FoodTruck
Ball Hoggerz BBQ
Pop’s Hot Tamales
Smackers – Memphis
Bala’s Bistro African & American Cuisine
Eggxactly Breakfast & Deli
ElectroLyfe Juice Bar
KC’s Southern Style Rice
Muggin Coffee House
Smooth Living – Health Food Restaurant
Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken
The Wing Guru
Wrapzody Gourment Wrapz
A Square Meal on Wheels
A&J’s Catfish Station
A&R Bar-B-Que
All Star Hot Wings, LLC
Big Bill’s Bar-Be-Que
Daisy’s Restaurant
East Memphis Pizza & Subs
Gracie’s Kitchen – Soul Food
Hillboyz Mobile Concessions
Jaybear Bake Shop
K3 Studio Cafe
Mahogany Memphis Restaurant
Mike’s Hot Wings & Such
Mot & Ed’s Southern Eatery
Ms. B’ Sub Shop
Phase 1 Salads By Design
Printer’s Alley Bar & Grill
PRIVE Fine-Dining Restaurant
Southern Hands – Home Style Cooking
The Wing Factory of Memphis

Houston, Texas
Cedar Creek Bar & Grill
Craft Burger
Dream Wings
EaDeaux’s Cajun Cocina
Gatlin’s BBQ
Mico’s Hot Chicken
Onion Creek Cafe
Throughgood Coffee
Alfreda’s Soul Food Cafe
Café 4212
Cream Burger
Crumbville, TX
Cupcake Kitchen Houston
Davis St. at Hermann Park
Houston This Is It Soul Food
Le Chateau Bistro & Lounge
Ray Jay’s Feel Good Food
Reggae Hut Cafe
Turkey Leg Hut
The Breakfast Klub
Korny Vibes
Phil & Derek’s Restaurant & Jazz
Taste Bar + Kitchen
Cool Runnings Jamaican Grill
Mikki’s Cafe
Soul Food by Catherine
Sugar’s Cajun Cuisine & Bar
Trill Taco
Neyows Creole Cafe
Taste of Nigeria
Burns Original BBQ
Esther’s Cajun Café & Soulfood
The Greasy Spoon
SouthernQ BBQ
Wafflez N Creamz
Craft Burger
Davis Street
Golden Krust
Houston Sauce Co
Ray’ Real Pit BBQ Shack
Reggae Hut
The Breakfast Klub
Sweets by Belen
Brook Place
Burns Original BBQ
Cool Runnings Jamaican Grill
Cynthia’s Kitchen
Fainmous BBQ
Gatlin’s BBQ
Granny Dee’s Kitchen
Golden Krust
Island Flavorz
Krab Queenz
Krab Kingz Seafood
OMG Famous Barbeque
Ray’s BBQ Shack
Reggae Hut
This Is It Soul Food
Triple J’ Smokehouse

North Dallas, Texas
Avery’s Savory Popcorn
Burger IM
Carver 150
Cherry’s Seafood and More
Cinnaholic Crockett Row
Cookie Society
Da Munchies
Daddy Mac’s Chicken
Damian’s Cajun Soul Café
Hall’s Honey Fried Chicken
Invasion Restaurant
Ms. Mary’s Southern Kitchen
Off the Bone Barbecue
Plain Ole Salsa Company
Sankofa Kitchen
Shells and Tails 2 Geaux
Smokey John’s Bar-B-Que
The Island Spot
Val’s Cheesecakes

Dallas, Texas
In the Cut Cafe
PANGEA Restaurant & Bar
Southern Classic Daiquiri Factory
SHOALS Sound & Service
INVASION Restaurant
The Queen of Sheba Restaurant
Afrika Fusion Restaurant & Bar
Krab Kingz 7
Shells and Tails 2 Geaux
Off the Bone Barbeque
Teriyaki Madness
The Island Spot
Crazy Brothers Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
Seafood on The Run
Ms. Mary’s Southern Kitchen
Savorite Southern Cuisine
Damian’s Cajun Soul Cafe
Smokey D’z BBQ
Whats That Seasoning
Tasty’s Chicken
Lo-Lo’s Chicken & Waffles
Vinetti’s of Addison

Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant
Diversion A Social Eatery
11hauz – Authentic Jamaican Food
Mahider Ethiopian Restaurant
Lovee’s Cakes
Sheer Ambrosia Gourmet Bakery
Casual Cuisine Caters
Miss Essie’s BBQ
Spice Kitchen Incubator
Zahara – From Morroco With Love
Noor Restaurant – Somali
Somali Restaurant
African Spice Kitchen
BENJI’S Bar-B-Que Shack
Dawgz N’ Leenks
Eddy’s Magic Spoon
Horn of Africa
icy mountain
Jamaica’s Kitchen
James Gourmet – Sweet Potato Pies
Munchies SLC
Makaya Caters
Namash Swahili Cuisine
Seabird Bar

Kismayo Kitchen
Zafa Wines
Jamaican Supreme
Global Village Cuisine

Mango Mangeaux
Bubba-N-Franks Smokehouse BBQ
Gourmet Burger Bistro
Martin’s Soul Food & Catering
Whole-ly Rollers Bakery
Regular Chef
Chef Dro
Chef Wimbo

Fairfax County, VA
Austin Grill
Caribbean Corner
Caribbean Plate
Crepes & Karak Cafe
CupCakes & Beyond
Enatye Ethiopian Restaurant
Grace’s Pastries
Mclean Pizza & Subs
Meaza Ethiopian Cuisine
The Pie Gourmet

Richmond, VA
Bellos Lounge & Restaurant
Big Herm’s Catering
Brewer’s Cafe
Brewer’s Waffles
Croaker’s Spot
Garfield’s Catering
Inner City Blues – Carolina BBQ
Ma Michele’s Cafe
Jackie’s On Laburnum
Ms. Bees Juice Bar
Maple Bourbon
Nomad Deli & Catering Co.
Original Ronnie’s BBQ
Pig and Brew
Soul N’ Vinegar
Soul Taco
Spoon Bread Bistro
Southern Kitchen Restaurant
Sugar’s Crab Shack
The Dessert Diva
Urban Hang Suite Social Cafe

Alexandria, VA
Cameron Cafe
Augie’s Mussel House on the Patio
Haute Dogs and Fries Restaurant
Hen Quarter
The Rub Chicken & Beer

Chesapeake, VA
Alkalicious Juice Bar
Crave Bakery & Coffee Bar
Cutlass Grille Jamaican Cuisine
Sweet Kream Bakery
The Dog House

Hampton, VA
Bowmans Soul in the Wall
Cherry-O To Go
CJ & J Island Cafe
Got Fish? Seafood
Lv’s Restaurant
Mango Mangeaux – A Simply Panache Bistro
Pinkfish Seafood Bistro
Polly’s Soul Food
Chef Rainey – The Upper Room
Ward’s Soul Food Kitchen
Wilkes Bar-B-Q Company

Newport News, VA
JT’s Bar & Grill
Juicing Life Bar
Meal One Breakfast & Bruch Bar

Norfolk, VA
350 Grace
Croaker’s Spot – The Soul of Seafood
Jikoni Cafe
Lilly’s Corner – A State of Africa
Lil Momma’s Soul Kitchen
My Mamma’s Kitchen
Norfolk Smoothie
Our Peoples Soulful Seafood
Soul of the Sea
Truth Soulfood Restaurant and Lounge

Portsmouth, VA
JEM’S “Take A Plate”
Petite Sweets
Roger Brown’s Restaurant & Sports Bar

Suffolk, VA
A Taste of Jamaica
Sugar Mama’s Bakeshoppe
The General Public
The Pink Box

Virginia Beach, VA
Crabby Cali’s
Culture Coffee & Tea Bar
Desmond’s Island Soul Grill
J&K Style Grill
Mesob Café
Montego Island Grill
Seasoned Rite Soul Food
Twin Tiger Ice Cream

Williamsburg, VA
Southern Pancake & Waffle House

Yorktown, VA
One Girl Goods

Washington State
Seattle, WA
Adey Abeba Ethiopian Restaurant
Agelgil Ethiopian Restaurant
Ahadu Ethiopian Restaurant
Amy’s Café Seattle
Angel City Deli
Bana Ethiopian and Eritrean Restaurant
City Teriyaki
Café Selam
Catfish Corner Express
Central Café and Juice Bar
Chef Cafe
Corte Fino Mexican Cuisine
Drae’s Lake Route
East African Imports
Emma’s BBQ
Ezell’s Famous Chicken
Fat’s Chicken & Waffles
Geo’s Cuban Bar & Grill
Heaven Sent Fried Chicken
Island Soul Rum Bar & Soul Shack
Jebena Café Inspired Ethiopian Cuisine
Jerk Shack
Jones Original Barbeque
Kezira Ethiopian Cuisine
Lil Red Jamaican BBQ & Soul Cuisine
Lucinda Grain Bar
Marjorie Restaurant
Meskel Ethiopian Restaurant
Mety’s Events
Momona Café and Restaurant
Pam’s Kitchen
Pot Pie Factory
Quick Pack
Ras Dashen Ethiopian
Safari Njema Restaurant
Salare Restaurant
Scoop Du Jour Ice Cream
Simply Soulful Cafe
The Barbeque Pit
The Comfort Zone Soul Food
The Original Phillys
The Sugah Shack
Wing Stop
Yusra and Sabah Restaurant Halal
Zobel Ethiopian Cuisine

Auburn, WA

Bellevue, WA
Ezell’s Famous Chicken
Wing Stop

Bothell, WA
Carolina Smoke BBQ Restaurant

Duvall, WA
Longevity Foods

Edmonds, WA
Ezell’s Famous Chicken

Everett, WA
Grandma’s in da Kitchen
Heaven Sent Fried Chicken

Federal Way, WA
A&M Jamaican Bag Juice and Beef Patty
Ezell’s Famous Chicken

Kent, WA
Althas Cajun Spices
Ezell’s Famous Chicken
KJ’s Cakery Bakery
Naija Buka
Wing Stop

Kirkland, WA
Pinckney Cookie Cafe

Lakewood, WA
Wing Stop

Lynnwood, WA
Ezell’s Famous Chicken
Zuri’s Donutz

Port Ludlow, WA
Sugar Hill Candy

Puyallup, WA
Wing Stop

Renton, WA
Boon Boona Coffee
Ezell’s Famous Chicken

Tacoma, WA
Campfire Coffee Company
Ezell’s Famous Chicken
Garden’s Gourmet Salads
HamHock Jones Soul Shack
Olive Branch Café
Southern Kitchen
Uncle Thurms Finger Licken Ribs & Chicken
Wing Stop

Tukwila, WA
Juba Restaurant & Cafe
Wing Stop

Vashon Island, WA

Woodinville, WA
Ezell’s Famous Chicken
Metier Brewing
Seattle Cinnamon Roll Co.

West Virginia

The 4th Quarter Sport Bar and Grill
Alem Ethiopian Village
Arlanderz Soul Food
Ashley’s Bar-B-Que & Soul Food
Big Daddy’s BBQ and Soul Food
Bougie Berries
Bud’s Bar & Grille
Buffalo Boss
Coaches – Soul Food
Coffee Makes You Black
Confectionately Yours
Daddy’s Soul Food & Grille
Deli 1614
Funky Fresh Spring Rolls
Garden House – Subs & Sandwiches Shop
Garfields’s 502
Goody Gourmets
Heavens Table BBQ
Irie Palace – Caribbean
Island Jam – Caribbean
Jewels Caribbean Restaurant & Bar
Love’s Lounge – Soul Food
Nino’s Southern Sides
On The Bayou
Pat’s Rib Place
Pepperpot Catering
Pop’s BBQ
Red Snapper Fish Company
Sauce and Spice – Pizza
Stella J’s Soul Food – Southern Soul Food
Terri Lynn’s Soul Food Express
Third Street Tavern – Burgers, Bar & Barcade
Tony’s BBQ Unlimited
Uppa Yard – Caribbean
Yummy Bones Barbeque


Washington, D. C.
Ben’s Chili Bowl
Ben’s Next Door
Bin 1301 Wine Bar
Bukom Cafe
The Carolina Kitchen
DC Conscious & Cafe
Horace and Dickies
Khepra’s Raw Food Juice Bar
Oohh’s & Aahh’s
The Park at 14th
Pimento Grill
Ruby Scoops Ice Cream & Sweets
Sankofa Video Books & Cafe
Takoma Station
Twins Jazz

Restaurant and Bar
Chocolat Harlem

Resort Hotels (black-owned)
Villa La Maison Michelle
Henderson Beach Resort
Spice Island Beach Resort

Rideshare Company
TryPrides (black rideshare company)

Robotic Technology
Reach Robotics

Rolfing Services
Bob Alonzi (Advanced Rolfing Services)


Bar Soap

School Supplies
Discount School Supply

Self-Help Information
Self-Counsel Press

Home Sewing Depot

Sightseeing Tours

Smart Home

Smart Phone & Cell Phone Services (U.S. & International)

Shopping Deals (All Family Members)

Social Media Management
Social Web Suite

Software & Tech (Black Owned)
World Wide Technology
Rapier Solutions Inc
Global Commerce and Services

Shoes Women Classic Design
Brother Velies
Aminah Abdul Jillil

Shoes (German Slippers)

Shoes (Girls and Boys)
Just Shoes for Kids

Shoes (Trendy Sneakers)
Aber Shoes

Shoes (Women Classic Designs)
Jeneba Barrie Nude Footwear (Apparel)

Shoes for Women & Men (stylish and casual)
Tiosebon shoes

Skin Care
Touch By An Angel Beauty School & Salon
Moisture LoveCajose Natural
Elle Johnson
Koils By Nature

Skin Care (baby)
Darlyng & Company

Skincare (Organic Anti-Aging Skincare)
My Organic Zone

Smartphones (Photography)

Small Business Entrepreneur

Smokeless Stove Technology
Terraoak Inc

Soap Products
The Soap Shop
Nubian Heritage
Naked Bar Soap
Garners Garden
Eco Daisy
Shea Moisture
The True Products

Social Media Platform
Nu Network
PS Remember

Social Professional Networking

Sororities (Black Colleges & Universities)
Alpha Kappa Alpha
Delta Sigma Theta
Zeta Phi Beta
Sigma Gamma Rho

Spa (black-owned)
Salamander Resort & Spa
Spa at the Ivy
The Mansion at Noble Lane
Essential Body Bar
Touch of London Spa

Sports Management Agency
Steinberg Sports & Entertainment

Sports (Fantasy Sports)
Pro Football Focus

Sports Apparel Clothing (All Brands)

Sports (TV Networks)

Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods (fishing Reels)

Sporting Goods (outdoor clothing)
The Peak Ski and Sports

Sporting Goods (Scuba Diving Gear)
House of Scuba

Pro-Sports Franchise
Sounders FC

Pro-Sports Equipment
Steelo Sports

Buddha Groove
Iron Studios

Streaming Videos (record)

Storage Company
E.E. WARD (moving & storage)

Subscription Boxes
Black Butterfly Beautiful
TuTu Royal
Brown Toy Box
Ujamaa Box
Home Made Luxe
Dapper Black Box
Just Like Me Book Box

Abaco Polarized
Westward Leaning

Superfood Smoothie


Tarot and Oracle Decks
Jessi Jumanji
The Afro-Goddess Connection
African American Tarot
The Hoodoo Tarot
The Sibyls Oraculum (oracle of the black doves of Africa)

Vraiment Financial
Kedra A. Flowers, CPA, PC
Diverse Organization of Firms

Adjourn TeaHouse
Hands of Sage
Teas With Meaning
Bea’s Wellness Teas
True Serenity Tea
Jayida Che Herbal Tea Spot
Orange Street Storehouse
Tea Please
Elle’s Elixirs
Lady Rose Specialty Teas
BrickHouse Gourmet Coffee & Tea Co.
Bunka Tea
MoreFya Herbal Teas
Cup Of Te’
Brooklyn Tea
Ivy’ Tea Company
INI Sip – Coffee & Tea
Just Add Honey
Steep & Sip Teas
BLK & Bold Specialty Beverage
The Tea Spot
Adagio Teas
Art of Tea
California Tea House
Culinary Teas
The TeaBook
Ellis Island Tea

Tea Gifts

Textiles (African Design)
Bole Road Textiles

Tickets (sports, concerts, movies)

Training Courses
The Linux Foundation

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels
Anantara Resorts
Berjaya Hotels
Swiss BelHotel International
On Location Tours

Travel Agency
Rodgers Travel Inc.

Truck Freight Shipping
JSU Global Enterprises
October Fourth Logistics

Commercial Truck Dealership
K. Neal Truck and Bus Center

KYW Boutique

Tuxedo Closeouts

Tooth Brush
Tooth Brush (new technology)


Toy Dolls
Toys Like Me
Trinity Designs Inc
Queens of Africa Dolls
Kay Customz

Digital Technology Services
World Wide Technology


Jackson & Jackson Unisex Perfume and Cologne Oils


Trip.com (Global)

Vacation Booking
Noirbnb (The World is Yours)
Rodgers Travel Inc.

Vegetarian Foods
Gangster Vegan Organics
Partake Foods

Vegan Restaurants (Black-Owned)

Bessemer, AL -vegan
Good Health to Be Hail

Birmingham, AL -vegan
Tas Tea Drink Well

Huntsville, AL -vegan
Eat the Veggie

Montgomery, AL -vegan
Plant Bae

Phoenix, AZ -vegan
Indulge Irresponsibly Vegan Bakery
Trash Panda Vegan Truck

Little Rock, AZ -vegan
MeMe’s Twisted Potato

San Francisco/Oakland, CA – vegan
Souley Vegan
Cookies N Things
Fasika California
Veg On The Edge
Planet Vegan Burgers
Tower Blendz
Malibu Burgers
Super Juiced Oakland
Green Taste Vegan Goods
Healing Kitchen Afro-Vegan
The Plant Café Organic
Slides + Sides Eatery

Los Angeles, CA -vegan
Baba’ Vegan Café South Los Angeles
Baby Love Sweetery
Café Ruisseau
Coco Luv Vegan Cookies
Earle’s Restaurant
Flora Donna’s Cakes
GS Café and Ethiopian Cuisine
Happy Ice LA
Hot and Cool Cafe
Jackfruit Café – Vegan
JamaFo Jamaican Food Xpress
Kick Ass Vegan
Lettuce Feast Online
Modern Tea Room
Munchies Vegan Diner
My Daddy’s Recipes by Chef Kia
Plate Of Hue by Chefan
Simply Wholesome
Swift LA
The V Tree Hollywood
Thrive Doughnuts
Vurger Guyz
Jackfruit Cafe

San Diego, CA -vegan
Flavors of East Africa
GIHON San Diego
The Vegan Lion
Maya’s Cookies
More Life Liquid
Reason 4 Seasonings
Second Nature
Spoiled Vegans Cafe
Smack’n Guamanian Grill
Spacebar Internet Cafe

Boulder, CO -vegan

Colorado Springs, CO -vegan
Island Delight
Authentic Ethiopian in Colorado Springs

Denver, CO -vegan
Black Spice: Vegan Soul Cuisine
Coffee at The Point
G – Ethiopian/Eriterian Restaurant
Konjo Ethiopian Food
Pescky Kitchen
Tealees Tea Denver
Walia Creamery
Whittier Cafe

Fort Collins, CO -vegan
Raska Sauce International Cuisine

Lafayette, CO -vegan
Ras Kassa’s

Bridgeport, CT -vegan
JR’s Meatless Cuisine
Shandals Vegetarian Cafe

Hartford, CT -vegan
Jamaican Kitchen
Lion’s Den Vegetarian Restaurant

New Haven, CT -vegan
Ninth Square Caribbean Style

Wilmington, DE -vegan

Bradenton, FL -vegan
Happy Soul Goodies

Delray Beach, FL -vegan
The New Vegan
Vegetarian Restaurant by Hakin

Fort Lauderdale, FL -vegan
BurgerHive – Food truck
Vegan Fine Foods
Vegan On The Go

Fort Myers, FL -vegan

Jacksonville, FL -vegan
Grenville Kitchen
Kravegan Where Food is Love
TeaPosh Naturals

Orlando, FL -vegan
Berry Vegan Cupcakes
BuKu Vegan
Burgers & Booch
CheChe’s Vegan
DaJen Eats
The Bearded Vegan Shop

Miami, FL -vegan
Vegetarian Restaurant by HaKin

Tallahassee, FL -vegan
HempLade Vegan Cafe
Vegan Vybz

St. Petersburg, FL -vegan
Rays Vegan Soul Plant based

Eatonville, FL -vegan
DaJen Eats

Atlanta, GA -vegan
Blackest Berry Vegan Bakery
Go Vegan Grill
Healthful Essence
Life Bistro Vegan Fine Dining
Lov’n It Live
Plant Based Pizzeria
Slutty Vegan Atlanta
Soul Vegetarian
Tassili’s Raw Reality

East Point, GA -vegan
Lov’n It Live

Honolulu, HI -vegan
Ethiopian Love
Fresh over Flesh

Alton, IL -vegan

Chicago, IL -vegan
Majani Soulful Vegan Cuisine
Can’t Believe It’s Not Meat
Chicago Style Vegan
Conscious Plates
Chicago Vegetarian Restaurant
Cheesie Vegan
Plant Based Junkie
Ste Martaen

Indianapolis, IN -vegan
Brewer Bakes
Free Juices Indy
Mama P’s Bakery & Cafe
Mrs. Murry’s Naturals
Smoove’s Indy
The Alkaline Electric Goddess
The Food Architect Indy

Lexington, KY -vegan
Not Your Ordinary Vegan Cafe
Taco Queen Catering

Louisville, KY -vegan
Abyssinia Ethiopian Cuisine
Funmi’s Café Modern Nigerian
Queen of Sheba Louisville

Richmond, KY -vegan
So Sundaze Vegan

Baton Rouge, LA -vegan
Vegan Friendly Foods

New Orleans, LA -vegan
Meals from The Heart Cafe
Sweet Vegan Soul food

Baltimore, MD -vegan
The Land of Kush
The Vegan’s Choice
Elife Vegan Restaurant

Boston, MA -vegan
Coco Verde Vegan
Oasis Vegan Veggie
Rhythm ‘N Wraps
Discover Vegans
Haley House Boston

Worcester, MA -vegan

Detroit, MI -vegan
Trap Kitchen Vegan
Bert’s Market Place
Pop Culture Vegan Cafe
The Kitchen
Dilla’s Delights
Sisters on a Roll
Detroit Vegan Soul

Grand Rapids, MI -vegan
Malamiah Juice Bar & Eatery
Forty Acres Soul Kitchen
Daddy’s Dough Cookies
GoJo Ethiopian Cuisine
Irie Kitchen
Daddy Pete’s BBQ
Mosby’s Popcorn
Speak Vegan

Kakamazoo, MI -vegan
Electric Plate Vegan

Minneapolis, MN -vegan
Soul Bowl

St. Louis, MO -vegan
Sweet Art

Lincoln, NE -vegan
JuJu’s Vegan Cajun and Creole Cuisine

Las Vegas, NV -vegan
Vintage Vegan Diner
Philly Freeze Me
Peterson’s Pantry
POTs Las Vegas
Simply Pure Vegan Cafe

New Jersey
Danville, NJ -vegan
Mo’Pweeze Bakery

Maplewood, NJ -vegan
HSL Juice Bar & Grill

New Brunswick, NJ -vegan

Newark, NJ -vegan
Aqua Phit Water & Juice Bar
Blueberry Café Juice Bar & Vegan Grill
The Zucchini Bar

Princeton, NJ -vegan
Arlee’s Raw Blends

Teaneck, NJ -vegan
Coffee & Cornbread

Trenton, NJ -vegan
Arlee’s Raw Blends
Health Is Wealth Vegetarian Vegan

Woodbridge, NJ -vegan
Want A Smoothie

Vineland, NJ -vegan
Vegans Are Us

New York
New York City, NY -vegan
A Live Kitchen
Breukelen Coffee House
Bunna Cafe
CM Café Moca
Café Rue Dix
Greedi Kitchen
Next Stop Vegan
Ras Plant Based
Seasoned Vegan
Sol Sips Vegan Bevs
Sugar Hill Creamery
Sunlife Health Herbal
Green Vegan Monsta
TRI Lounge & Cafe
Uptown Veg Harlem
Urban Vegan Kitchen
Urban Dessert Lab
X The Vegan
Sol Sips To-Go
Sunshine Vegan Eats

North Carolina

Cleveland, OH -vegan
Squash the Beef
The Vegan Doughnut Company
Eat Vegan VYBEZ
Mobite Products

Columbus, OH -vegan
& Juice Co.
Can’t Believe It’s Vegan
The Lifestyle Cafe
The Nile Vegan
The Meat Is Silent

Oklahoma City, OK -vegan
Clean Juice

Portland, OR -vegan
Abbey Creek Vineyard
Abyssinian Kitchen
Bole Ethiopian Restaurant
Enat Kitchen Ethiopian Cuisine
EPIF Vegan
Fat Cupcake
Hana’s PDX
Kiss Coffee
Miss’ipi Chefs
The Big Elephant Kitchen
Oregon Public House
Queen of Sheba
Dirty Lettuce
Fuel Cafe
Marrakesh Portland Restaurant
Sengatera Ethiopian Restaurant
Spice of Africa

Philadelphia, PA -vegan
Veganish Philly
Spirit First Foods
Holistic Health Cafe
The F.U.N. Kitchen

Pittsburgh, PA -vegan
9 Cafe
Kilimanjaro Kitchen

Rhode Island
Pawtucket, RI -vegan
JA Patty

South Carolina
Charleston, SC -vegan
Vibrant Alkaline Vegan Meals

Columbia, SC -vegan
A Peace of Soul

Memphis, TN -vegan
Café Eclectic
Mellow Mushroom
Speed Vegan
Wrapzody Gourmet Wrapz
Two Vegan Sistas

Nashville, TN -vegan
The Southern V

Chattanooga, TN -vegan
Plant Power Cafe

Austin, TX -vegan
The Black Vegan Company
Eat Baby Greens
Habesha Austin
Kowon Bakery
Luv Fats Ice Cream
Sassy’s Vegetarian Soul Food
Wasota Vegan Paradise
The Vegan Beggar’s Kitchen

Dallas, TX -vegan
Eat Soul Good
Peace Love & Eatz
Vegan Vibrationz
Vegan Food House
Recipe Oak Cliff
Sankofa Kitchen
TLC Vegan Kitchen
V-Eats Modern Vegan
FineApple Vegan
Shoals Sound & Service
Your Vegan Meals

North Dallas, TX -vegan

El Paso, TX -vegan
The Queen’s Table

Fort Worth, TX -vegan
Cinnaholic Crockett Row

Grand Prairie, TX -vegan
ITSO Vegan

Houston, TX -vegan
Abbie’s Plant Based Cuisine
Green Seed Vegan
Soul Food Vegan
Vegside Market
Herban Frequency
Houston Sauce Company
RayJay’s Feel Good Food
Soul Food Vegan

San Antonio, TX -vegan
Eat Binge Kitchen
Southern Roots Vegan Bakery

Arlington, TX -vegan

Mansfield, TX -vegan
Drink Manna Juice

Garland, TX -vegan
TLC Vegan Kitchen

Spring, TX -vegan
Wisdom Bakery and Cafe

Norfolk, VA -vegan
All Vegan Jikoni Cafe

Seattle, WA -vegan
Brown Sugar Baking Company
Plum Bistro Seattle

Duvall, WA -vegan
Longevity Foods

Washington, D. C.
Washington D.C. -vegan
Khepras Raw Food Juice Bar
I Love NuVegan
Sweet Sosumbs Jamaican Vegan

Vegetation Cell Food
Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food

Vending Machine Technology


Venture Capital
Serena Ventures
Authentic Ventures
Impact America Fund
645 Ventures
Backstage Capital
Harlem Capital
Precursor VenturesKICVENTURES
FairView Capital Partners, Inc
Bronze VC
Diversecity Ventures
Vista Equity Partners
Reach Capital
Base Venture
Reinventure Capital
Syncom Venture Partners

Video Downloader
Applian LLC

Video Games (Black Developers)
B’Bop and Friends 3D World Game
Myles & Ayesha
For The Culture
Swim Sanity
Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

Video Game & Super Hero Accessories
Geek Alliance LLC

Vintage (African-American)
BLK MKT Vintage

Vision (Eyeglasses & Sunglasses)


Youngblood Worldwide
Talley & Twine
Enbois Originals
Seventeenth Watches
Benson Watch
Springbreak Watches (SPGBK)
VITAE London
Gregory Sylvia

Watches (Men)
Invicta Stores

Water Alkaline

Water (Alkaline Water)
ION Stabilized Oxygen

Water Filter (Fluoride Water Filter)
Berkey Water Filter
Pure Water Freedom

Water Purifier Systems
IsoPure Water

Web Hosting
HostNed Web Hosting

Wine (Organic Wine)
Revel Wine

Alexandrie Cellars
Cellars Wine Club
Ole’ Orleans Wines
Rideau Vineyard
Abbey Creek Vineyard
Brown Estate
Charles Wine Company
Indigene’ Cellars
Taste Collection Cellars
Theopolis Vineyards
Maison Noir Wines
MYX Fusions Premium Moscato & Sangria
P. Harrell Wines

Wine (honey wine)
Bee D’Vine

Wine, Gin, Whisky, Cognac

Wine Store Online
Wine On Sale
Brown Estate



Magnolia Yoga Studio, New Orleans, LA.
Embrace Yoga DC, Washington, D.C.
Colors of Yoga, Raleigh, NC
Meeyogi, Tampa, FL
BYC Yoga26, Columbia, MD
Spiritual Essence Yoga & Wellness Center
PIES Fitness Yoga Studio
Urban Asanas
Nikky Scott Inc Yoga Noir Project
Your Inner Yogi
Anybody Yoga Memphis
Yoga Love Oakland
Heal Haus
Level 3 Yoga
Sankofa Yoga Center
BK Yoga Club, Brooklyn, NY
Anasa Yoga, Oakland, CA
Magnolia Yoga Studio
Anasa Oakland Yoga Health Community
More & More I AM Yoga Studio

Yoga & Meditation
The Lotus Institute
Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
Michelle Johnson
Afro Flow Yoga
Energy 4 Life Wellness Coach Training
Black Yoga Teachers Alliance
Y.O.G.A. for YOUTH
Yoga Skills Kemetic Yoga
Naropa University

Yoga Clothing
Yoga Clothing for You
Yogamasti limited



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