Zabba Designs
African Fashion Store

Zabba Designs was launched in 2008 by Mai Bradley base on her love for every and anything African and her belief that it is every women’s right to look and feel glamorous and elegant regardless of body shape and size. She offers women a collection that makes them look and feel their best. Zabba Designs specializes in merging two very different cultures to create an explosion of unique style and color. Zabba designs combines the colorful and self-expressive approach of the life of the people in West Africa, with the contemporary forms of the western world, thus creating a very expressive style that simultaneously embodies the bravery of being yourself and the values of tradition. Based in Monrovia, Liberia and Miami, Florida, Zabba Designs prides itself on being able to create pieces that are stylish and exciting

The Opportunity

The Sir William Jackson eCommerce Website was created so that Black Entrepreneurs (Business Owners), anywhere in the world would be able to market their goods and services to our Primary Niche Market, the African-American Consumer in the United States, a population of over 39 Million Black People, or 14% of the total U.S. population, with a government estimated purchasing power of over $1.2 Trillion Dollars in the year 2018. ( ). The Secondary Niche Market for the Sir William Jackson Website is the Sub-Saharan African Continent, where there are 1.3 Billion African Consumers. The African Continent has the youngest population in the world, with a median age of just over 19.5 years, according to the United Nations. To learn how to place your website on the Sir William JacksonMall, please click the ‘READ MORE’ button below.

Your African Clothing Store

OH, MY GOODNESS. This is my first order and now I’m in love with Dupsie’s. I was very impressed with the quality of the material. I have tried on several African outfits in several stores and found it to be a bit of cheap material and quality. The value here at Dupsie’s is unbelievable for what you are receiving. I would have paid a higher price elsewhere just for one skirt, but I got the entire skirt set for less than purchasing it at another African shop. I ordered a bigger size because that was what I was used to getting in the other stores. I ordered a 16 because I thought it would run small, but it doesn’t, so I must get the skirt altered. Other than that, “DUPSIE’S” you will be receiving more orders from me. It’s even more beautiful in person!
– Happy Customer

Meditation in plain simple English: For beginners, intermediate and advanced Students, and all courses are FREE of charge

Welcome to Meditation Is – the site that is providing in-depth, and free knowledge of meditation to all since 2005. Yes, we have been online for a very long time. There is no slang, no esoteric terms, no ‘complicated’ language, and in very plain simple English. Here Meditation is simplified. We start from an absolute beginner’s perspective on meditation and then we slowly transition to the next intermediate stage, and later-on to the more advanced techniques. All though this website has been created from the point of view of absolute beginners, even the more advanced meditation users will also find it very useful as they continue to learn.

ONLY $14.95 EACH

As part of a World Wide Global campaign to prove that Sir William Jackson’s Perfume Imitation Oils are the most authentic comparable versions to those world-famous originals, we have decided to sell our full 1/3-ounce bottles of Women’s Perfume and Men’s Cologne Oils for the astonishingly low price of only $14.95 for each bottle. We guarantee our perfume oils will last all day, from morning to evening, or we will give you your money back, no questions asked. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, from all the compliments you get.

“World’s Lowest Prescription Medication Prices. No more shopping around at major drug stores.”

  1. Safety– Medications dispensed only by fully licensed pharmacists.
  2. Quality– Genuine brand/generic products shipped in original manufacturer’s packaging.
  3. Security– Secure SSL online ordering, and privacy assured.
  4. Delivery– Delivered within 30 days or we ship a free replacement. USA only.
  5. Accountability– Return the product within 30 days. No questions asked.

Web Hosting Start-Up Plans

  • Crafted for a Great Web Start
  • (60% OFF the regular $9.95/month)
  • $3.95/mo.
  • One Website
  • 10GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly

Republic Wireless
Cellphone Wireless Services

Why Consumers Love Republic Wireless:

  • Unlimited talk & text for $15 per month
  • Phones for every budget starting as low as $99
  • No contract
  • No overages fees
  • Get a new phone
  • Bring your own phone
  • Connect your home

Sir William Jackson Inc.
Donates a percentage of All Net Profits To;

P.O. Box 12345 Covina, CA 91722
(626) 915-1981
In Los Angeles County 13,000 People Fall
into Homelessness Every Month

Wigs, Hair Extensions,
Hair Accessories and More!

Charming Neat Bang Cap-less Vogue
Long Glossy Straight Human

Fashion Middle Part Black Shaggy
Curly Long Lace Front Indian

Sir William Jackson’s Hawaiian
Men’s Shirts & Women’s Dresses

These Hawaiian Creations have been manufactured, and wholesaled, in Hawaii since 1987. Their outstanding quality of material has won them many awards! The beautiful men’s tropical flower shirts give a perfect accent and elegant impression to any event. The aloha shirt feels soft and smooth, making it comfortable to wear. The lady’sdresses have tropical flower prints that gives the perfect impression. The aloha dresses are rayon poplin provided with a silky-smooth texture.

Men’s Shirts
Open collar
Matching left chest pocket
Coconut buttons

Lady’s Dresses
Zipper on the back
Slit on both sides
[Length of Slit] Size S-M: 14inch
[Length of Slit] Size XL-3XL: 15inch
[Materials] 100% Rayon

PAMP Suisse Fortuna
Veriscan Gold Bar

PAMP gold bars offers an extraordinary range of shapes and designs from which to choose, as well as elegant options for pendant-wear. Foremost is PAMP’s world-famous ‘Lady Fortuna,’ the first artistic design ever to decorate precious metals bars. PAMP quality is verified by independent sworn assayers accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau for the Control of Precious Metals (Assayer Fondeur).Bars are produced using the highest Swiss engineering skills at a modern, state-of-the-art refinery – the best assurance of consistent quality excellence.An exceptionally high-quality finish is an internationally recognized PAMP signature. Handsome designs add value to the fine precious metal content, making PAMP bars coveted and collectible.Each bar is individually registered and sealed in signed,protective CertiPAMP™ packaging that guarantees the assayed fine precious metals content, weight and quality.

Since its establishment, this state-of-the-art refinery produced precious metal bullion of the highest quality. PAMP Suisse was also the first to incorporate the newest holographic features against bullion counterfeiting. PAMP’s proprietary Veriscan technology uses the microscopic topography of each gold bar to help identify the bars during authentication.


and Pets

8 Hemp Oil Benefits

*Improves Mood
*Balanced Hormones
*Good for Heart Health
*Supports the Immune System
*Excellent Nutrition for Your Brain
*Assist with Pain, Anxiety, and Sleep
*Supports Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails Healing

Regal Wings
Private Jet Charter

Welcome to Regal Wings’ exclusive private aviation division. Fly on one of our private charters and experience the skies in unheard of luxury.

Before and After the Flight

Our personal advisors will ensure that all travel arrangements associated with the trip are completely taken care of, Such as:

  • International travel visa procurement
  • Security & passport control
  • Chauffeured limos & baggage handling
  • Premium concierge services

During the Flight

Luxury is redefined on each Regal Wings flight. We spare no effort to ensure that every detail is tended to, and your passengers experience a voyage like no other!

Services Include:

  • Catering
  • Onboard entertainment
  • VIP services

Lady Gloria Starr

Contact Ms. Gloria Starr, Global Authority in Executive Presence, Executive Presence, Image, Etiquette, Manners, Communication Skills and Leadership Excellence

Professional Athletes Finishing School by Gloria Starr

Polish your professional image Ace those media interviews Increase your sphere of influence Gain lucrative endorsement contracts Acquire the competitive advantage Increase your interpersonal skills

Professional Image

In the first thirty seconds people make judgments about us on a subconscious level, based on what they see, hear and sense. From business casual to the ultimate power look, tailor your presentation for success in today’s workplace. Learn to Project More Power, Confidence and Credibility through your image.

Bikini Luxe

Bi•ki•ni [bə-ˈkē-nē] Noun ; A piece of clothing in two parts that a woman wears for swimming, or for lying in the sun and that does not cover much of the body. Luxe [luhks] Noun ; Indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable, and sumptuous living. In 2014, our Founder Candice Galek saw a need for high quality swimwear, at competitive pricing. She wanted to do more than just sell luxury swimwear, so she combined philanthropy with fashion, and Bikini Luxe was born. We have expanded from local designers to brands from all over the world.



AMGOO is an innovative smartphone brand that designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of original, functional mobile phones at affordable prices with GSM, 3G, CDMA and 4G LTE Technology. The brand was born in 2005 in the city of Shenzhen, China, since than millions of AMGOO phones have been sold in more than 50 countries around the world.

Sophisticated Curves
Plus Size Fashion

Exude playfulness with fun prints. Our Flirty Flounce Wrap Dress is designed with gorgeous cascading ruffles along the skirt’s front panels and bottom hem. This fully functional wrap is fantastic for adjusting to your preferred coverage and the cinch feature at the waist helps accentuate your fabulous curves. Wear to work or for a night out! Available exclusively at Sophisticated Curves, Plus Size Fashion.

Medical Supplies

The following US Medical Supplies are available to sell to Government Approved Public and Private hospitals in Sub-Saharan African countries, plus Brazil, Jamaica and Haiti. The following list of medical supplies are available to be shipped in forty-foot (40’) containers only. Absolutely no medical supplies are available for ‘less-then-a-full-container-load.’ Some of the medical supplies listed are shipped as a single unit, and other items are shipped in a master-box, and all US medical supply purchases must be a full container load.

The total costs for a forty-foot container of medical supplies will be their U.S. wholesale costs to the African buyer, plus the truck transportation costs to the U.S. Port of departure, and the ocean freight to the African port of import, plus all import duties, taxes and fees. The Sir William Jackson Corporation can reserve and pay for the medical freight, and consolidate and pay for the products, but we need FULL PAYMENT UP FRONT FROM THE SUB-SAHARAN AFRICAN BUYER FIRST.

Certified Advanced Rolfer

Rolfing Structural Integration
Rolfing* is used by professional and Olympic athletes as well as classical and modern dancers to restore vitality and function to damaged tissue and as a method of injury prevention.

Rolfing for Better Posture and Balance
Rolfing is a system of deep-tissue bodywork that brings the body into a new alignment and better balance, greater flexibility and improved physical abilities. Rolfing works in a series of 10 sessions to release the fibrous and thickened connective tissue (myofascial system) that influences alignment of the skeletal structure.

Rolfing for Injury and Trauma
By working with the strain patterns formed in the connective tissue of the body (fascia or myofascial system), Rolfing directly addresses the issue of compensations the human structure makes to the adaptations required when compensating for injuries and trauma. These alterations form around areas of injury leaving deep impressions in the layers of fascial tissue influencing skeletal alignment, joint and muscle mobility. It is important to note, Rolfiing is a process that works by taking the most superficial layers of tissue first and then working deeper as the body surrenders and softens to the touch. By working in this manner, pain and discomfort is eliminated and the tissue of the client’s body is encouraged to change.

The Meta-Center Chicago
Over40 years of Metaphysical
Teaching& Understanding

Women’s Health
(click women’s health)

Men’s Health
(click men’s health)

Water Systems
(click water systems)

(click monatomics)

Magnetic Healing
(click magnetic healing)

Low Energy
(click low energy)

Immune Support
(click immune support)

Diode E.M.F. Protection
(click diode e.m.f. protection)

The Great Dr. Delbert Blair and the Meta-Center Chicago has awakened hundreds of thousands of people from around the world with their message. And because of Dr. Blair we can all raise to our highest vibration internally and continue to express our highest thoughts externally.

Green Man Gaming is an eCommerce store and community platform offering millions of gamers a single destination for all things gaming. With customers in 195 countries, the store stocks a wide catalogue of multi-platform digital games.


Top Drones for Beginners
Based on our 2013 sales, has once again been recognized by Internet Retailer as one of the Second 500. In this aggressive market we have gone from ranking 8th in the Merchandising Category (Toys/Hobbies) to ranking 6th. This is a direct reflection of our hard work and dedication to making the customer experience even more enjoyable and easy.

With e-commerce growing more rapidly each year and more and more competition in every market, we are very proud to announce that overall we ranked near the top of the Second 500 coming in at a prestigious 592.


GamersGate is the leading digital distribution platform for PC and Mac games creating easily accessible gaming experiences for gamers worldwide – anytime, anywhere.

Berkey Light
Water Filter System

Eliminate Fluoride From
Home Tap Water
Home Alkaline Water
Home Bottled Water

The Tickets You Want,
When You Want Them

All Live Event Tickets on Sale Now!
Huge selection of tickets for Concerts,
Sports, and Theater events available.
Safe, Secure and Easy Ordering.

TicketNetwork powers the secondary ticketing market, by hosting a leading online exchange for tickets to concerts, sports, and theater events around the globe. Our innovative technology solutions, including the TicketNetwork® Point-of-Sale (POS), empower both ticket buyers and sellers. With a comprehensive selection of more than $5.5 billion in real-time ticket inventory, TicketNetwork’s extensive marketplace provides much sought-after event tickets.

Our signature retail website, is both Payment Card Industry (PCI) and EVSSL-certified, ranking it among the top secure sites for event tickets in the secondary market.

BabyBrain Intelligence
Development Tools

*New Born Babies have 25% of Adult Brain Size.
*Babies Age 3 Develop 250,000 Brain Cell
Connections Every Second.
*Babies Age 5 Have 90% of Adult Brain Size.
*What Babies Experience by Age 5 Determines
Their Brain Intelligence.

Mall Directory


Auto (Car Rentals)
Holiday Autos

Auto Parts

Auto Protection


B2b (Small Business)
Baby (Stroller, Carrier, 360 position)
Ergo Baby

Beauty Products

Bed and Breakfast Hotels
Bed Sheets (Premium Quality)
Cosy House Collections

Bed & Bath
Bed (Baby Nursey Cribs)
Go Mama Go Designs
Project Nursery

Bed (Baby Nursey Modern)
Pokkadots & ModernNursery

Bicycles (sports/fitness)
Cambria Bicycle Outfitter

Body & Bath
Desert Essence

Bath & Body (Men)

Books (Audiobooks)

Books (Book Store)
Barnes & Noble

Books (eBooks)

Books (Fishing videos)
Striped Ostrich


Business Management Consultant
Gloria Starr


Cars Purchase (Online only)
Cellphone Accessories (All models)
Quality Cell Phone Cases

Cellphone Wireless Services
Republic Wireless

Chocolate and Candies
Chocolates and Candies
Ethel M Chocolates (Preservative-free Chocolate)

Children (Home Preschool Teaching)
Children (Games & Toys)

Computer Games (Gaming & Music Wireless Headphones)
Exeo Entertainment

Computer Training (Linux)
The Linux Foundation

Computer Training (Programming)
Computer (Electronics)
MediaMall Technologies Inc.
Mohu (Free HDTV)
Applian Technologies Inc.(Record Music/NFL/Movies)

Computer Software
MonsterInsights, LLC

Computer Software (Anti-Virus protection)

Cologne for Men
Jackson & Jackson Cologne Oils

Yves Rocher

Crystal Plus, Inc

Clothing & Apparel (Men/Women Winter Clothing)

Clothing (Baby Clothing)
Corner Stork Baby Gifts
Boba Inc

Clothing, Baby Clothing (6, 9 and 12 month)
Doodle Pants

Clothing (Children Shoes)

Clothing (Maternity & Baby Clothing)

Clothing (Work Apparel)
Calibre Apparel Inc.
Lydia’s Uniform

Clothing (Outdoor Apparel Men & Women)
Clothing (Men’s Luxury Fashion)
Gent Row LLC

Clothing (Men’s Luxury Ties)
Origin Ties

Clothing (Women Strapless Bra)
Montelle Intimates (Shapewear)

Clothing (Women)
Spanx (By Sara Blakely)
Bead & Reel

Clothing (Men’s Clothing)
Men’s USA

Clothing (Men’s Suits/Tuxedos)
Suits Outlets

Clothing (Men’s Tuxedos)
Tuxedo Closeouts

Clothing, Child & Mon (Matching Outfits)
Popreal, Inc.

Clothing (Men & Women)
Jamin’ Leather

Clothing (Urban Fashion)
Cyrca Originals



Dating Websites

Debt Relief (Taxes, Business, Personal)
CuraDebt Debt & Tax Counseling


Education Classes
Event Tickets (All Major Events)

Electronic Games
Voidu B. V.

Emergency Food Supplies
American Family Safety
DayOne Gear LLC


Fashion and Clothing
SWJ Hawaiian Gift Shop
Sophisticated Curves (Plus Size Fashion)
Bikini Luxe (Luxury Swimwear)
Avec Les Filles
Ultra Fashion & Beauty
GUNAS New York

Fashion (Women)

Fashion (Women’s Jumpsuits)

Fashion (Women’s Plus Size Fashion)
Poetic Justice Jeans

Fashion (Women’s Makeup)
Kiss and Makeup Online

Fashion (Women’s Fingernail Polish)

Fashion & Beauty
ULTRA Fashion & Beauty

Fashion (Baby & Kids)
Haus of Jr.

Fashion (Women’s Body Shapewear)
Virgo BodyShapers

Fashion (Women’s Chic Modern Clothing)

Florist (Flowers)
Kremp Florist

Gifting Inc
Flower Explosion

Oh Nuts
Vital Choice-The World’s Finest Wild Seafood & Organic Fare
Chicago Steak Company

Food (Vegan)

Food & Drink
Field to Cup

Food (Fresh Food Home Delivery)
Home Chef
Out of the Box Collective

Fruit (Gift Basket, Home Delivery)
Hale Groves


Furniture (Outdoor Furniture & Décor)
Cost Plus World Market

Furniture (100% Hardwood Furniture)
Oak Furniture Land


Game (Online Interactive)
Dispatch by Breakout
GamersGate (Largest Online PC & MAC Game)

Games (Online Video Games)
Green Man Gaming (Global Video Games)

Games & Toys
HobbyTron (Remote Control Drones)

Games & Toys (Stuffed Animals)
Adorable World, Inc.

Games & Toys (Plush Athlete Figures)
Pangea Brands LLC

Games (Chess, Backgammon, etc.)
Gammon Village Inc.

Gifts (Movie, TV & Music)
Hollywood Memorabilia

Go Green Products

Gold & Silver
South Bay Gold & Silver

Golf (Golf Equipment, Swing Analysis)
SwingShot, LLC

Gourmet Food
Best New York Bagel


Healthy & Organic Lifestyle Food
Corked, Inc.
The Green Life
Sunburst Superfood
Quantum Wellness Botanical Research
Full Circle Farms
Paleo Plan

Health (Dental Plans)

Health (The Ayurveda Experience)
Transformative Learning PTE LTD

Health (Allergen free food)
Tasterie, LLC

Health (Holistic Health) & Beauty
CLE Holistic Health LTD

Health (Reading and Sunglasses)
Boomer Eyeware

Health (Yoga Lifestyle)

HERBSPRO (Herbs Proven University)
Care Botanicals Corporation
Metaphysical Healthy Healing Products
Women’s Health
Men’s Health
Water Systems
Magnetic Healing
Low Energy
Immune Support
Diode E.M.F. Protection

Hemp Medical Oil

Home Rentals (Corporate Lease/Rental)
Corporate Housing by Owner

Hotels (Travel)
Millennium & Copthorne Hotels
Avani Hotels & Resorts
Blue Bay Resorts
Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts
Marco Polo Hotels
Playa Hotel & Resorts
Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

Home Security
Annke Security Technology Inc

Home & Garden
Luxor Linens
The Futon Shop
Freedom Display Cases
Buddha Groove
Antique Farm House
Java Sok

Home & Garden (Mattress)
Home & Garden (Memory Foam Mattress)
Nature’s Sleep

Home Automation Electronics

Home Improvement and Decor products


Inkjetsuperstore (Printer Supply Leader)

Insurance (Business Insurance)

Insurance (Travel Insurance)
First Allied limited

Insurance (Life Insurance)
Great Start Life Insurance


Jeep (Parts and Accessories)
Morris 4×4 Center

Fronay Collection
Zen Jewelz by Zen Jen
Pictures On Gold

Jewelry (Body Jewelry)

Jewelry (Luxury Watches)
James Free Jewelers
Authentic Watches
Brathwait Inc.




CorpNet, Incorporated
Self-Counsel Press

Loans & Money
Get started at

Luggage (Designer Luggage)



Mattress (eco-friendly)
Saatva Inc

Mattress (Hybrid Mattresses)
Solay Hybrid Mattress

Medical Supplies
Medical Supply Depot
SWJ Medical Supplies

Men’s Health (Online personal trainer)
Men’s Health (Memory Testing)
Mobile Running App
Movie Tickets (All Major Theaters)
Musical Instruments (Learn to play)
ArtistWorks, Inc

Music Fashion and Merchandise



Office Supplies
Bulk Office Supplies

Online Grocery Shopping & Delivery Service
Farm Fresh To You

Organic (Nuts)
Braga Organic Farms Inc

Organic (Raw, Organic foods)


Perfume for Women
Jackson & Jackson Perfume Oils

Pet (Dogs/Cats-Top Breeds, Care and Insurance)

Pet Health (Dogs)

Pet Supply (No Dog & Cat Urine Smell)

Pet Supply (Dogs) Anything & Everything
Pet Street Mall

Pet Training (Dogs, Housebreaking)

Pet Pharmacy (Dogs & Cats)
Total Pet Supply

Pet All-Natural Pet Supply (Dogs & Cats)
Wysong Pet Food

Pet All-Natural Pet Supply (Dog Health)
King Kanine, LLC

Pharmacy Medical Drugs (low costs products)
Canadian Prescription Drugs

Phone Cards (Domestic & International)
Plants – Buy Online (Lawns, Trees, Flowers)

Private Jet Charter
Regal Wings Private Jet Service



Rental Cars
Car Rental 8
Fox Rent A Car

Rolfing Services
Bob Alonzi (Advanced Rolfing Services)


School Supplies
Discount School Supply

Smart Phone & Cell Phone Services (U.S. & International)
Republic Wireless

Smartphone (cellphone)
SWJ AMGOO AM523+ Smartphone
Q Link Wireless

Shopping Deals (All Family Members)

Shoes (Girls and Boys)
Just Shoes for Kids

Shoes (Men & Women)

Solar (Recreational Solar Power)
Sports Clothing (Women’s Leggings & Tops)
Beneath The Bar
Red Daisy LLC

Sports Memorabilia

Sports (Fantasy Sports)
Pro Football Focus

Sporting Goods
Live Well Sports

Sports Equipment (Fishing Gear)


Art of Tea
California Tea House
JK Tea Shop
The Tea Spot
Adagio Teas

Tea Gifts

Tickets (Sporting Events, Concerts, Movies)
Ticket Network

California Beach Resorts
Golden Tours

Tires (low priced) Cars, Trucks, SUVs
Transportation (Leader in Luxury Transportation)


Jackson & Jackson Unisex Perfume and Cologne Oils



Vision (Eyeglasses & Sunglasses)


Water Filter (Fluoride Water Filter)
Berkey Water Filter

Water Purifier Systems
Zen Water Systems

Web Hosting

Wigs, Hair Extensions
TrendsGal (Wig & Hair Extensions)

Revel Wine
Gold Medal Wine Club
Cellars Wine Club

Women (Anti-aging, vegan)
Truth Aesthetics, LLC





Greetings from Sir William Jackson Website

Greetings, and please come in. I’d like to personally thank you for your support in choosing the ‘Sir William Jackson Mall’ the world’s first Online Neighborhood Shopping Mall. Your support is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to the opportunity of being of service to you, and remember to come back to our Mall, when you’re ready to reorder your purchase, or to shop online. We offer 100% Satisfaction or your Money Back. Thanks again, and I hope you have a profitable day.

Sir William DeWhite Jackson, II

This is a demo store for testing purposes – no orders shall be fulfilled until all upgrades, and new affiliate connections, are completed. Dismiss